Why Apple Made 16-inch MacBook

Why Apple Made 16-inch MacBook

 When Apple surprised everyone with a 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2019 everyone was a bit skeptical about the device. While Apple tried to make the form factor slimmer, there were no significant improvements in its size or design. The 2018 MacBook Pro was the worst year MacBook Pro as the laptop got negative reception from almost everyone. That laptop had problems with its keyboard, performance and suffered severe thermal throttling issue, even though it was packed with powerful components. Nonetheless, Apple was successful to solve most of those issues with the new 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro. Laptop manufacturers usually make laptops in 13, 15, and 17 inches. Apple wasn’t far away from that trend with their 13 and 15 MacBook devices. But, the failure of the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018 sent Apple back to the drawing board; and this time Apple listened to the consumers. They not only went for a new form factor for the Apple MacBook Pro but also fixed a few of the problems that MacBook users have been reporting for so long.

Over the years Apple didn’t change much in the design and size of their MacBook. The laptops were getting slimmer form factor and more powerful, yet they couldn’t perform much due to their poor design. With their 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018 disaster, they had no choice but to make some changes to the 2019 MacBook Pro. The 2018 MacBook Pro 15-inch could have been a very powerful laptop from the components it was equipped with. Yet the laptop severely underperformed as it suffered from thermal issues which resulted in thermal throttling. To solve the thermal issue Apple designers thought it would be better if they upped the size a little bit. This allowed them to put a more advanced thermal management system inside the MacBook Pro 2019. The exhaust holes are now bigger than the 15-inch model while the new fans with bigger blades allow better performance. Apple also increased the thickness of the device a little bit which allows better airflow inside so that the device can perform to its fullest potential. These changes solved the issue of thermal throttling that hindered the 2018 15-inch model to perform to its best ability.

MacBook Pro 16 Inch

Apple also changed the keyboard in the 16-inch MacBook Pro. They have introduced a new and improved scissor-switch keyboard. This Keyboard is a significant improvement from the butterfly keyboard. They have a pretty satisfying level of travel and very comfortable while typing for a longer period of time. They have improved the layout of the keyboard by shortening the touch bar and separating the fingerprint scanner. They have also added a physical ‘escape’ key and the arrow keys are now way easier to hit as they have an inverted T-shape. The keys feel firm and the backlit doesn’t bleed all over the places, and iFixit says the keycaps are easily replaceable. The 16-inch 2019 MacBook Pro is a pro-grade device that has been made especially for content creators. A single monitor setup may not be much of help while video editing, however, you’ll surely appreciate the 16-inch display of the 2019 MacBook Pro. Although, it’s not a 4K display, the LED-backlit Retina IPS display panel offers 3072 by 1920 native resolution with 226 pixels per inch and 500 nits of brightness. The IPS panel also supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut which makes the laptop a great choice for video editing and color reproduction work. The MacBook Pro 2019 also came with macOS Catalina which comes with a Sidecar feature that allows you to use your iPad as a second display. With this feature, you can use your Apple Pencil to interact with creative software like Adobe Photoshop. So, overall the 16-inch 2019 MacBook Pro is a great device for video editing, color reproduction, and creative purposes. Although the device is pretty expensive, it is still a great device, nevertheless. And, I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind the price.

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