What Does Rem Mean On an Amplifier? Understanding Rem on Amplifier

What Does Rem Mean On an Amplifier?

As you all know, amplifiers are essential in most audio signal flow paths as they’re capable of amplifying any signal channel in an audio system. When looking at power amplifiers to drive your loudspeakers, you must have come across the term Rem. Well, if you’re not a computer geek or a tech professional, this article should give you a clear notion of Rem on amplifiers is.

What is REM?

Rem refers to Remote or Remote Amp Turn-on. It turns on the amplifier when the stereo is powered up. You need to connect the Rem wire with the remote trigger of the Head Unit. When an amp is connected to a power source, it will not turn on until a signal is detected on the Rem wire. 

Rem refers to Remote or Remote Amp Turn-on
Rem On an Amplifier

What Does Rem Mean On an Amplifier?

To make things much simpler, consider an amplifier to be similar to your standard TV set. The power cord can be inserted into an electrical outlet, but it won’t turn on unless you press the power button.

The Rem wire on the amplifier functions as a switch or power trigger, and it instructs the gadget to start playing, similar to a command that informs the device when to turn on after being plugged in. Because of this, you don’t need to take the stress of manually turning the amplifier on and off every time you need to use it.

REM turns on the amplifier when the stereo is powered up.

To set up the Rem properly, you will need to splice the wire in the head unit into the remote trigger. There’s another method to set up the rem, you can connect the remote-on wire into the ACC or IGN fuse in the fuse box. 

But then another important question arises – what does Rem mean on a subwoofer?

“Well, the same goes for a subwoofer as well. It also works as a trigger that powers the amp when the ignition is turned on. The subwoofer is either directly or indirectly linked to the amplifier in a simple setup. Additionally, because the REM also activates the amplifier, it either directly or indirectly activates the subwoofer.”

How to Connect Rem?

How you connect the Rem on an amplifier depends on how the amp is designed, and there are two main ways to connect the Rem. Thus, the first thing to keep in mind when connecting REM to an amplifier is that the connection between an aftermarket amp and a stock amp will be different. Stock amplifiers don’t come with any cable, but aftermarket amplifiers do, including the remote-on wire. Let’s see how it’s done for each one of the amplifiers. 

REM on an amplifier connection

Stock Amplifier

Since it doesn’t come with a remote-on wire, you need to get a separate wire to connect the amplifier to either a fuse box or a 12V switch source. Connecting the Rem of your amplifier to your fuse box is the easiest way to turn on the amplifier. Here’s how you would do it:

  • First thing first, turn off the ignition button and connect the Rem of an amplifier and the fuse box for power via a Rem wire. 
  • Make sure the fuse box is in a suitable spot so it can supply power to the Rem when the ignition is turned on.
  • You can use a voltmeter to make sure your fuse box is in the right spot. If you get 12V when you turn the ignition on and 0V when you turn it off, that means you’re good to go. 

Aftermarket Amplifier

The remote-on wire on the majority of aftermarket amplifiers is typically blue with a white wire. Here you would need a regular wire harness to connect the Rem of an aftermarket radio. Simply connect the blue wire in the harness to another line of blue Rem wire. 

Finally, how would you confirm if the Rem is successfully connected? If the audio system comes on when the ignition is turned on, the Rem in the amp is active.

Can You Turn On an Amplifier Without a Remote Wire?

Yes, you can turn on an amplifier without a remote wire. You can activate an amplifier either via a remote control or the trigger/power button that is included with the device.

If your amplifier has a remote control, it is the most simple way to turn it on without a remote wire. The majority of modern amplifiers these days come with remote control, making it simple to use the amplifier.

Another approach is to utilize the amp’s power button, which you may use to turn it on and off with ease. However, since you will have to reach it each time to switch it on and off, this might be inconvenient.

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