What Can We Expect from Panasonic GH6

What We Expect from Panasonic GH6

The Panasonic Lumix GH6 was set to last year around December, however, due to it being delayed, it’s coming out on 22nd February. Its predecessor, the GH5, set new bars for mirrorless recording capabilities, so understandably, people look forward to the release of the GH6. So what can we expect from it? Let’s find out. 

Panasonic GH6 Leaks

Rumors suggest that the GH6 will be the latest addon to Panasonic’s lineup of hybrid mirrorless cameras, and according to the digital camera world, it will come with a micro four-thirds sensor. And it seems like the micro four-thrids format is far from dead. Since it will be the new flagship hybrid camera, we expect it to come with a new highspeed sensor paired with a new and improved Venus processor. Rumors speculate that it will come with a 41MP sensor developed by Sony.

As per photorumors, the camera might come equipped with cinema 4K and the recording capabilities in a 10-bit colorspace. We can expect it to come with High Frame Rate recording capabilities at 4K 120p and a Variable Frame rate recording. Thus it could be capable of shooting both slo-mo and quick motion shots. Having the 4k 120p recording capabilities will make the GH6 pack more powerful than the GH5. It’s also rumored to have 5.7K recording capabilities at 60fps, proving that it might raise the bar again for mirrorless recording.

From these, we speculate that while it might be a great 4K camera, it might not come with 6k or 8K recording capabilities. Another thing we can expect is the unlimited duration for recording. While getting no 6k or 8k can upset some, unlimited recording capabilities are more important. Since it’s utilizing a micro-four third, it’s like to have more space, and passive cooling might get the job done.

What about lenses? We might get a new Leica lens for the GH6, covering a focal range of 20mm to 100mm with f1.7. It’s highly probable that it will be made especially for this system.

While this information seems great, no rumors or new information suggests that we are getting any kind of internal raw. While we might get raw output, there’s no indication of an internal raw.

Overall, with the information we have, we can expect the GH6 to be more travel-friendly and packed with more capabilities for video recording. In addition, the images of the camera suggest that it might have a compact form factor. The usage of a micro-four third sensor further confirms that. Also, the new sensor and image processor suggest that the camera will have great image capturing and processing capabilities.

Final Verdict

That’s all about the upcoming Panasonic GH6. We look forward to seeing what the new image sensor and processor can do. What are your thoughts on this upcoming flagship from Panasonic? 

Joe Pfeffer

Joe Pfeffer

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