UPERFECT 2K 1440P Gaming Portable Monitor Review

UPERFECT 2K 1440P Gaming Portable Monitor

Over the past few years, 1440p monitors have gained immense popularity among gamers. Their lower resolution allows for good performance even without an expensive gaming computer, while their high resolution enhances the visibility of finer details in your favorite games. Moreover, these monitors are no longer limited to PC gaming and are now supported by the Xbox Series X and PS5, making them an appealing option for those with limited space who cannot accommodate a full-sized TV.

Meet the UPERFECT 2K 1440P Gaming Portable Monitor, a cutting-edge device designed to enhance your gaming experience. This high-quality monitor boasts a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, providing crisp and detailed images that bring your games to life.

UPERFECT 2K 1440P Gaming Portable Monitor

UPERFECT 2K 1440P Gaming Portable Monitor has a compact size and lightweight design making it easy to carry around. And not to forget its compatibility with multiple devices including laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles make it a versatile accessory. With a refresh rate of up to 60Hz, this monitor ensures smooth gameplay and minimal lag. It also includes built-in FreeSync and HDR features, eliminating stuttering and flickering when playing games. And you’ll also get one HDMI to HDMI Cable, two Type C to Type C cables, Smart Cover, Power Adapter, and a manual with this portable monitor.


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Screen Size: 17.3 inch

Resolution: 2560 × 1440

Display Ratio: 16:9

Viewing Angle: 178°

Panel Type: IPS

Response Time: 3-5ms


Gamers can enjoy an exceptional 2K QHD image quality and seamless gaming experience with this UPERFECT 2K 1440P Gaming Portable Monitor. The generously sized 17.3-inch screen fully enlarges the game picture, making every detail more visible, enhancing accuracy during game operation, and ultimately improving the chances of winning. This device is an optimal choice for gaming enthusiasts.

This 1440p gaming monitor includes a scratch-resistant smart protective cover that is crafted from durable PU leather. The cover serves as a sturdy stand that not only provides excellent protection for the entire 2K monitor but also helps to reduce the wear of the display surface.

UPERFECT 2K 1440P Gaming Portable Monitor Review

Color Expression and Image Quality

It promotes super high and accurate color reproduction in a wide gamut. The 1440P gaming monitor boasts a 100% sRGB color gamut, which gives it excellent color rendering ability. As a result, it provides clearer, smoother, and perfectly displayed colorful screen content, making it an excellent performer in gaming and multimedia. The monitor’s 1000:1 contrast ratio makes the picture even more vivid.

This display boasts a resolution of 2560*1440, which significantly enhances the clarity of images on the screen. The increased resolution provides sharper and more defined details, making the picture quality exceptional.

UPERFECT 2K 1440P Gaming Portable Monitor Review

Visual Experience

The display’s wide viewing angle and high-quality panel allow for an immersive visual experience, regardless of where you are seated. The 2K portable display features an ultra-wide-angle IPS panel with a 178° viewing angle and a 16:9 screen ratio. The display offers bright and natural colors, along with real and vivid picture quality, making it the perfect choice for viewing at any angle. The IPS panel technology used in this display provides exceptional color accuracy, ensuring that images are true to life and vibrant. 


The UPERFECT 2K 1440P Gaming Portable Monitor is equipped with an extensive range of interfaces, including full-featured Type C and HDMI ports. These interfaces enable fast transmission of various audio and video signals, making it easy to connect the monitor to different devices. Thanks to its versatile interface options, this gaming monitor can seamlessly adapt to various game consoles, such as PS4, PS5, Steam Deck, Switch, Xbox, and more. This adaptability ensures that the monitor can accommodate different gaming setups and preferences. Moreover, the fast transmission of audio and video signals ensures that there is no lag or interruption during gameplay, allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves in the gaming world.

UPERFECT 2K 1440P Gaming Portable Monitor Review

Stereo Output

The built-in dual speakers of the monitor offer an exceptional stereo output, eliminating the need for external speakers. This feature provides users with a high-quality hearing experience while watching movies or playing games. Furthermore, the monitor’s side buttons allow for easy volume adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune the sound output to your preferences without having to navigate through complex settings.

With this feature, you can enjoy the convenience of having all your entertainment needs catered for in one device, without compromising on the quality of the audio output.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are a professional gamer or a casual player, UPERFECT 2K 1440P Gaming Portable Monitor is an excellent choice for those seeking a portable and high-quality display. With its stunning display, fast response time, and portable design, it’s sure to enhance your gaming experience wherever you go.

The 2K monitor is already very fantastic, if you need a more advanced and clear resolution portable monitor, you can check UPERFECT 4k gaming monitor and OLED monitor.

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