Turboant X7 Review: Best Electric Scooter for Commuting with Removable Battery


Electric scooters are a popular method of transport to cover short distances. They help you avoid crowded subway and busses while allowing you to beat traffic which other public or personal transport cannot offer you. With the advancement of the lithium-ion battery, electric scooters nowadays can cover a decent enough distance.

Perhaps, you have read a review we did earlier on the Tianrun R3S electric scooter. And in this article, we have the Turboant X7 electric scooter with us to help you know in detail about its specifications and how good it is for everyday traveling.

The Turboant X7 comes inside a cardboard box. Inside the box, there is the scooter itself, which comes with another box inside. The box has few tools inside to set up the scooter. The box has two handlebars, a little tube to help you inflate the tires, and the charging brick with the charging plug and an Allen Key.

The Turboant X7 is constructed with a robust aluminum alloy frame, while its design has a matt black color with red wiring. It provides this scooter a stealthier look and visually stunning appearance. At first glance, you will be amazed at how the scooter looks.

This scooter has a unique foldable design which allows you to conveniently carry it around on hand or in the trunk of your car. The e-scooter weighs around 30 Pounds, which in our opinion, is pretty standard and is not that hard to carry by yourself. You can take it anywhere you go. It even feels super comfortable and easy to carry.

The Turboant X7 packs a powerful and durable 350-watt motor which is powered by a revolutionary 36V lithium-ion battery that can be detached from the scooter and taken inside for convenient charging. The scooter can go up to 20 miles per hour. For an electric scooter, 20 miles is pretty decent speed.

However, the scooter can cover up to 15.5 miles only on a single charge, which is a decent range. But there are other scooters on the market at this price range that can go much further than the Turboant X7. For example, the Xiaomi M365 Electric scooter pro can go up to 28 miles on a single charge.

Besides, the scooter’s battery is swappable, and you can buy an extra battery for 199 dollars or less, which will support you for another 15.5 miles, doubling the range for you to cover. However, carrying another battery pack with you all day can be problematic for a lot.

Depending on charge level and power input, you can fully charge the battery within 4-6 hours. Compared to other electric scooters on the market, the charging time is relatively shorter, in my opinion.

Anyways, setting up the scoter was an easy task. Just slide over the bell and the brakes, and then just screw in the handlebars. Once the handlebars are fixed, you can also fix the brakes and the bell with its included Allen key.

On the right side, there is the throttle control which houses the power and options button. You have to hold the power button for a couple of seconds to turn on the scooter, and with the options button, you can change between different driving modes.

There is a screen on top of the scooter where you’d be able to see your current speed, battery status, and drive mode. There is also an LED light in the front, which lights up when the option button is pressed twice. The headlights are super bright, making this scooter exceptionally well-suited for nighttime rides.

The Scooter has a very sturdy foot stand which is textured to offer better grip. According to the official website, this scooter has a maximum carrying capacity of up to 275 pounds. Well, if you even weigh around 140 pounds, you won’t have any problems while riding this scooter.

There is also a kick stand, which will help you park the scooter safely. The scooter also features three different braking systems: engine breaking, mechanical disc brake, and by stepping on the fender. There is also a taillight that lights up, ensuring safety at night.

The Turboant X7 has an IPX4 rating, which ensures you can ride this scooter on wet roads without any worry. But our advice would be, just avoid riding it on rainy days as the rainwater can damage its internal components hence interfering with its performance.

Just above the front wheel, there is a locking mechanism to fold this scooter shaft; it helps you to fold and unfold the scooter within seconds for a convenient carrying experience. On the tip of the shaft, there is an IP54 cap that can be easily removed to get access to the swappable battery, which I’ll talk about later.

The scooter is equipped with 8.5-inches tubeless pneumatic tires on both front and back. These tires have the same thickness and strength as a car tire to ensure reliable traction on rough terrain. The tires are puncture-resistant, and the scooter comes with an air pump, allowing you to top off the tire pressure.

However, one thing about this scooter that disappoints me is that it doesn’t have any suspensions to cushion you while crossing bumps and potholes. Without suspension and a body close to the road, I felt every bump while riding, making my ride pretty uncomfortable. This scooter features electronic throttle control, disc brake, and foot brake.

These three brakes work together to provide instant braking power when needed. Because of this triple system braking system, I always felt secure and confident while riding.

Many electric scooter brands on the market, such as GoTrax, Swagtron, Segway, Nanrobot, and Xiaomi, offer better features and specs than just basic speed and mileage. Most of these scooters offer app support, which allows you to control your scooter and get more info about your scooter from the app.

The Turboant X7 does not have that support. It also doesn’t have any locking system for security, meaning that you always have to carry or keep it with you for peace of mind. But one thing I liked most about Turboant X7, that it has an LCD display that shows your scooter’s status in detail, which The Tian run R3s and Xioami M365 Pro lacks behind. Besides, Xiaomi has an app where you can learn all the aspects of your electric scooter.

However, in a market where The Tianrun R3S costs about 300 Dollars and The Xioami M365 pro costs about 530 Dollars, The Turboant X7 falls in between these two brands with a price tag of 470 dollars or less. While the extra battery will set you up for another 200 dollars. But at 530 dollars, Xiaomi M365 electric scooter pro is a much better option.

However, if you compare it to Tianrun and other cheaper scooters, this scooter holds its place against them pretty well. Considering all the pros and cons, the Turboant X7 is a pretty decent electric scooter as an ideal and cost-effective vehicle for commuting shorter distances.

Learning to ride this scooter is super easy and fun as well, which makes it perfect for any rider. And if you choose to buy this scooter, it won’t disappoint you, and you can use the scooter for your everyday commute without any hassle.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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