TRANYA T1 Pro TWS Earbuds Review: Budget Earbuds Under $50 Dollars

TRANYA T1 Pro TWS Earbuds Review

Phone manufacturers are getting rid of the headphone jack to fit into more features and technology. And the future is wireless earbuds. As phone manufacturers are pushing the headphone jack out, wireless Bluetooth earbuds are taking over the market. Amazon and other e-commerce platforms are also swarmed with branded and non-branded Chinese earbuds. These earbuds come at a different price point and with various features. Even smartphone manufacturers offer their own branded earbuds like the Galaxy Buds from Samsung and Air Pods from Apple. So, this is a growing market with many competitors and lots of products priced at a varied range. In this article, we have reviewed the Tranya T1 Pro earbuds that can help you decide if you need an upgrade or purchase new earbuds for a wholesome experience.

Tranya T1 Pro is an upgraded version of the company’s first-ever earbuds produced, the Tranya T1 true wireless earbuds. The earbuds come in a sleek black box which kind of gives out a premium feel. Inside the box, there is a User Manual, a micro-USB cable for charging the case, and three pairs of ear tips. Then the charging case and the earbuds are sitting inside the charging case. The charging case is also an 800 mAh power bank for the earbuds.

The lid of the charging case is magnetic; so are the earbuds. The earbud sits perfectly on charging points and won’t fall even if the case is upside down. T1 Pro has a curved shape, ergonomic design and two tone black and dark grayish color. And the buttons have mirror type reflective finishing. Both earbuds have 50 mAh batteries earbuds inside. Ear indicators are edged in the case. There are LED light indicators for charging in the front and a micro-USB port for charging at the case’s back. So that goes the unboxing and now let’s get down to its features.

The T1 Pro connects via Bluetooth 5.0, which is the current industry standard. Connecting the earbuds is fairly simple. Once you pair the right earbud, the left one also gets paired up, and you will barely find any latency between them. Even when I watched videos on YouTube or played videos from my device, there was no noticeable latency. Now, most earbuds’ manufacturers integrate the apt-X support, enabling the earbuds to offer better sound quality and clarity. So you experience a better sound quality.

However, the T1 Pro earbuds are powered by the Realtek headphone chip and a high-definition speaker. So, they too offer wider frequency, intense bass, crystal treble, and offers more detail. I was extremely surprised by how good the bass was and also by its crispy clear sound. However, the higher the volume, the more distorted the sound gets. But if you’re not planning to impair yourself, I don’t recommend listening to music at the highest volume.

Its microphone also gave out good clarity audio; however, microphones also picked up ambient noise, which would be a problem when you’re outside. So, I would not recommend receiving calls when you’re outside. The earbuds are also rated IPX5 waterproof, which means they can handle sweat from exercise. However, I would highly recommend not to submerge them in water or protect the earbuds from getting splashed.

Both earbuds have two buttons, and they have different functionality. Pressing the left earbuds once will play, pause music, and answer or end the call. Pressing twice will turn down the volume, and pressing 3-times will activate the voice assistant, whereas holding down the button for 2 seconds will take you back to the previous song. Right earbuds have similar functionalities as well, but in its case, holding 2 seconds will change to the next track, and pressing the button twice will turn up the volume.

The earbuds have an ergonomic design, and they hold into my ear quite well. Both earbuds only weigh about 9 grams and fit perfectly with the help of the ear tips. Thus, the noise cancellation of the earbuds is pretty good. Its lightweight and ergonomic design make them feel comfortable, and they don’t fall off while running. So, they’re perfect earbuds while exercising. There is not much to complain about when it comes to its build quality and design. However, I’m not particularly fond of the charging case. It’s too big and bulky. When carried inside pocket, it stands out.

The T1 Pro earbuds are capable of giving up to 6 hours of playback time. I am particularly happy with these earbuds as I was able to get three days’ worth of playback time from charging the whole case once and the earbuds in between. Also, the charging case only took 2 hours to full charge, which kept me worry-free about charging them every day. Although, in my opinion, a drawback about these earbuds was that the case charges through a micro-USB port, and I would like it if they had supported USB-C. It would have made charging the case faster.

As for sound quality, I’ve mentioned how surprised I was by its great base, crispy clear sound, and a good amount of treble. I’ve tried several songs from different genres, and my listening experience was more or less the same, and I’ve no complaints here. The earbuds also work seamlessly well with an Android smartphone, iPhone and laptop as well. Connecting to those devices was no hassle for me as well.

First thing first, I have tried out several earbuds from different brands. The earbuds from the smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, and audio device manufacturers like JBL, Sennheiser, Sony, are made with the highest of quality. But they come at a very high price range. So, comparing with them would not be fair in my opinion, and I am not comparing the Tranya T1 Pro with them in any way. Other than those, I have also tried out BW-FYE5 from Blitzwolf, and earbuds from Daiso.

Now the Blitzwolf was quite nice and very compact and fitted my ear quite nicely. Compared to the Tranya T1 Pro, Blitzwolf earbuds were very comfortable. However, when it came to sound quality, Tranya is the winner here. Tranya T1 Pro gave wider frequency in contrast to the Blitzwolf. Tranya also had better bass, treble, and balanced sound even at high volume compared to the Blitzwolf BW-FYE5. While the Daiso earbuds were no match to either one of these earbuds.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are many earbuds from renowned brands available in the market. Earbuds from Samsung and Apple offer good quality and comes with several features. But they also come at a very high price point. While Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 will cost you around 50 dollars and Diso earbuds will cost you around 40 dollars. The Tranya T1 Pro earbuds will cost you less than 50 dollars on Amazon, which in my opinion, falls within the range of affordable price point. However, at this price range, there are a lot of other earbuds on the market.

Although not all of them offer a good sound experience, in the case of Tranya T1 Pro, they offer surprisingly good quality sound even at this price point. If you’re looking for earbuds under 50 dollars for regular usage and while exercising, I suggest you go for the Tranya T1 Pro. At this price point, the earbuds really hold up its place against its competitors and give a great value in terms of performance and price. These are most definitely the best budget wireless earbuds.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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