TianRun R3S Full Review: Best Affordable Electric Scooter

TianRun R3S Full Review

With technological advancement and the development of lithium-ion batteries, everything in the world is becoming electric. As everything is transforming each day, vehicles like electric scooters, hoverboards, electric skateboards have become popular among people. This popularity has been promoted further when companies like Bird, Lime, Uber, and Lyft invested in electric scooter sharing services. Hence, after trying out the RS3 electric scooter from TianRun, I have discussed all the pros and cons, starting from unboxing to setting it up. Read on to know more.

The scooter comes in a heavy box with some unattached parts inside it. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard to attach it, and won’t take much time. There is an instruction manual in the box, and you will be able to assemble the scooter in no time.

Tianrun R3S is made of carbon steel and its design has a combination of black and red color, which makes this scooter visually stunning. I liked its design in an instant. The scooter has a foldable design and weighs around 26 pounds, which is not that hard to carry. The foldable design allows you to carry it in your hand or inside the trunk of your car. I took it with me almost everywhere, from my classes to my grocery store. So, carrying this scooter won’t be much of a problem. 

This scooter is equipped with a 250-watt motor and powered by a 24-volt, 8000 mAh battery. The battery takes around up to 4 hours to be fully recharged, depending on charge level and power input. So, in my experience, it’s not too much. In fact, in my opinion, I found the scooter charges pretty fast compared to others in the market.

The Tianrun R3S scooter has pneumatic tires. The wheel in the front has an 8-inch tire with two shock absorbers that make this scooter easy to operate and enhances comfort on a bumpy surface. Having an 8-inch or bigger wheel is good for this type of vehicle as it helps them to overcome obstacles very easily. However, the rear wheel is slightly smaller at 6.5-inch and does not have any shock absorbers.

It is disappointing that the rear wheel is slightly smaller, which is sometimes uncomfortable for me, as often I would go through a bump which was handled quite well by the front wheel, but the second wheel made things worse. In fact, all the other competitors in the market, Like Xiaomi, Segway, GoTrax, Mac wheel, and even Boosted are making electric scooters with an 8.5-inch wheel both in the front and back. Tires more than 8-inches can handle bumps well, giving the rider a comfortable riding experience. So, maybe Tianrun can take this thing seriously in their next scooter versions.

This electric scooter has an electronic brake in the front wheel, and the rear wheel has a traditional mechanical brake. I found the electronic brake to be quite responsive, and it worked well for me. The scooter can also be stopped by stepping on the rear pedal as well if you want to stop it in promptly.

According to the Official website, this scooter has a maximum load capacity of up to 220 pounds. Well, I weigh around 140 pounds, and I did not have any problems while riding this scooter. If you weigh even a bit more than that, this scooter will be able to carry you without a hitch. But make sure to check the holding capacity of your scooter with the retailer for safety purposes. And since it is made out of carbon steel, I think this scooter can handle 200 pounds quite easily.

The official website claims that this scooter can hit a maximum speed of up to 12 miles per hour and can cover a distance of up to 15.5 miles on a single charge. But however, when you use the scooter, its mileage and speed will vary depending on its load and road condition. I was able to get around 10 miles per hour speed on average. Although while climbing upwards, the motors struggled very hard and the speed was much slower.

So, that goes the performance, let’s talk about other features. On the front, there is a display that shows the battery percentage, which is helpful, but disappointing as well, since the screen does not show any other information. The screen is big enough to show speed and other information. An LED light makes the road ahead visible, which is pretty helpful for any commuter at night. There is rear LED reflector light as well, making it safer on the road to ride.

This scooter also has a built-in speaker at the bottom that can be connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The speaker is not that good; however, pretty cool to have and made my ride more enjoyable. 

Tianrun R3S has an IP54 rating, which means it won’t be a problem to ride if the road is wet. However, I would suggest you avoid riding on it in the rain.

This scooter has a few cons such as, both the power switch and the LED light switches are placed in a slightly odd location. Also, as I’ve mentioned earlier, the display shows limited information.

There are a lot of scooters available from brands like, GoTrax, Swagtron, Segway, Nanrobot, Xiaomi, and even boosted has joined this lucrative market with their Boosted Rev electric scooter. All the scooters from these brands offer a lot of different features other than basic speed and mileage.

Most of these scooters also offer app support, which allows you to control your scooter and get more info about your scooter from the app. The Tianrun R3S does not have that support. I’ve already mentioned how Tianrun’s rear wheel is problematic and others in the industry have addressed that situation and made proper adjustments for a comfortable riding experience. Anyways, scooters from other brands also cost a lot. 

Anyways, putting aside the cons, Tianrun R3S is still a great electric scooter that is an ideal and cost-effective vehicle for commuting shorter distances. Riding on this electric scooter is more manageable and fun as well. Electric scooters are attracting more users every day because of their cost-effectiveness.

I liked this scooter as it is lightweight, practical, easy to ride, and can get you to a place even faster than your car in some cases. I was able to avoid traffic jams and reach my destination faster. Although the mileage wasn’t much, since the device gets charged within a few hours, I could get more mileage from it. 

The cost of commuting via electric scooter is much lesser than a car or motorcycle, and it’s also fun. The most important feature of an electric scooter is that it is powered by a rechargeable battery, making it eco-friendly and fuel-saving. With a car, you’ll also have the problem of finding a parking spot, and with the Tianrun electric scooter, you’ll never have that problem. Let us know if you agree with us by leaving a reply below. 

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