Swiftly Retrieve Deleted Photos on Android with These Tips

Swiftly Retrieve Deleted Photos on Android with These Tips

Photographs tend to play a significant role in everyone’s life. It helps to recall memories from the past by reminding us about the different feelings we have experienced when we look at the photos we took. With the help of smartphones, the capacity to capture unforgettable moments has become a lot more convenient. Hence, photos stored on our smartphones are immensely precious to us.

If by any chance, the photo gets deleted, enabling the backup option on an Android phone can be useful in restoring pictures without any complications. However, there are also times when photos disappear from a phone due to technical glitches or they might get deleted unintentionally.

If you are using an iPhone and have accidentally deleted important pictures, you can learn how to retrieve them via setapp.com. As for Android users, you can use this guide to know how to recover deleted pictures without a fuss.

Photo Recovery from Google Photos

According to iMobile, recovering deleted photos have become much simpler with the advancement of technology. A few Android-friendly apps, such as Google Photos, powered and developed by Google itself, can automatically backup and restore photos safely to the cloud. If someone unintentionally deletes a picture, they can recover photos simply by heading over to Google’s cloud storage folder, logging into it with the required mail ID, and exporting the pictures from the cloud back to the original file location. However, if a picture gets deleted from the cloud storage, don’t worry because it can be recovered too. Google Photos consists of an inbuilt recycle bin that allows recovering of pictures within a certain time frame.

Photo Recovery from a Memory Card

Sometimes photos don’t get backed up in the cloud due to technical issues or insufficient storage space. But the pictures can still be backed up into an external memory card. So, if you store the pictures directly into an external memory card rather than your phone’s internal storage, then you can get back your lost photos using recovery tools. By connecting the memory card to a computer and using a recovery software, it is possible to restore the deleted pictures. Hence, if a picture gets mistakenly deleted from your phone and you need to recover it, safely eject the memory card from the device immediately so that the deleted data does not get overwritten by any new data.

Recover Photos on a Rooted Phone

If you are unfortunate enough to not have a memory card or a cloud storage service, then restoring photos can be a lot more difficult. However, there is one other method that you can try which is rooting your phone. This method increases the chance of wiping away all the important data and gradually replacing the deleted photos with new additional data, which may cause you to permanently lose the old photos. On the other hand, this can be avoided if you already use a rooted device.

Restore Photos via Email and Social Networking Site

The methods mentioned above were some of the best ways to restore your photos quickly. But if all of them somehow fail, then you can try an alternative way to find the picture by running a quick check through your email inbox and social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Almost every email service provides unlimited space for data storage, enabling users to fit in as many attachments as they want. Check your inbox and search if the photo has been shared with someone before. If found, the image can be downloaded and restored to the device. Also, social media sites are popular for retrieving memorable pictures from the archive folder if not deleted within 24 hours. The picture can then be easily restored back to the device again.

Technology has made things much simpler when it comes to the recovery of lost pictures and important data. Therefore, it is advised to have a backup plan or a copy of your essential files. Enabling the daily auto backup option on supported software and apps will allow your phone to keep a copy of the photos on the cloud by default. Hopefully, these tips will save you some time and make you think twice before deleting a photo.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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