Surface Laptop Go 2 Review: Something Extra Epecial is Going

Surface Laptop Go 2 Review

In the past couple of years, Microsoft has been focusing more on affordable laptops, including the Surface Laptop Go, released back in 2020. But it wasn’t perfect. Many people thought that the 64GB eMMC Storage variant shouldn’t exist and that there were so much better options at that price point. 

So, it’s natural for Microsoft to update the device, and it’s finally here. And you know what? We think it’s really special. But before we tell you why, let’s look at the specs first.


The new Surface Laptop Go 2 is powered by an 11th gen Core i5 processor and Iris Xe graphics. So, running daily tasks like presentation and video conferencing, browsing through the web, and some light gaming won’t be an issue. 

It’s also nice to see that the base variant of the laptop is no longer stuck with 64GB eMMC storage. Instead, you are now getting a removable 128GB SSD which you can upgrade later down the line. The RAM remains the same, but you can configure it with 8GB of RAM

Another pro is the fingerprint sensor built into the power button, which previously was only exclusive to the higher models. As for the rated battery life, it’s now 13.5 hours instead of 13 hours. Microsoft also states that they have improved the 720 Webcam and the laptop’s thermals. Moreover, this time, it’s shipping with Windows 11. Other features remain the same, including the ports and 12.4-inch touch display.


It’s worth mentioning that the price has also gone up by $50 compared to the base variant of the last model. At this price, you can indeed find lots of better-configured laptops on Amazon. But still, we think the Surface Laptop Go 2 is an exceptional product. Because in this price category, how many other laptops can you think of that offer this type of experience? 

Surface Laptop Go 2
Surface Laptop Go 2


In addition, the build quality is super-premium. And we are well aware of how good the Keyboards and Trackpads are in Surface laptops. This one is also no exception. Another pro is the small form factor, making it super easy to carry in the bag. This alone makes it perfect for students and business persons who are always on the “Go.” 

Furthermore, despite the portable design, the screen feels just as big as the MacBook Air’s display. All thanks to Microsoft’s signature 3:2 aspect ratio. Plus, the battery life is also exceptional. You can easily get more than 10 hours on a single charge.

Why Surface Laptop Go 2 is Special?

So the bottom line is the Surface Laptop Go 2 is kind of its own in this 12-inch laptop category. We feel like nothing is out there that can compete in this class. And that’s what makes it so special. Hence if you have always admired Microsoft’s surface products but always felt short of money, this is the time to grab one. But if these things don’t matter to you and you only care about specs, performance, and expandability, you should skip this one.

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