Sony LinkBuds WFL900 Review: Unique Yet Effective

Sony LinkBuds WFL900

Just after seeing the leaked news of a whole new earbuds concept from Sony, there were many assumptions on whether it seems to be a logical concept. Striking out all the confusion, Sony finally introduced the LinkBuds with the same design, same form factor, and a design no one might have thought of. We have seen Sony introducing innovative designs and technologies before, creating a new height for audio devices. So, are the LinkBuds WFL900 going to be the next preferred earbuds?

Sony LinkBuds WFL900

In this article, we will be showing you how this unique earbud can withstand your conventional headphone while roaming outdoors. 


Sony has surprised everyone with their all-new earbuds design, and they are claiming it to be a perfect device for letting you stay connected to both the online and offline world. The Linkbuds WFL900 come with an open ring design that securely fits into your ears. But the main purpose of these buds is to make sure you stay aware of your surroundings. And, for that, Sony designed the buds with a hole, which is a bit of concern.

Sony LinkBuds WFL900


The earbuds are surprisingly lightweight, and each earbud weighs around four grams only. So, it’s certain sony has focused more on comfort so that you can wear the earbuds the whole day.

Music and Surroundings

Now let’s find out if it can deliver distortion and leakage-free music, as well as how much it lets you hear of your surroundings. The idea isn’t new, as we have previously seen companies using ambient or transparent mode in their earbuds that detect sounds around you via microphones. Even after all the processing, you might find the sound distorted. However, with this new design, you can have a more natural conversation with anyone, as it keeps the ear canals partially opened. Thus, even if the linkbuds concept is totally new, it can surely help you to focus both on your music and surroundings.

Audio Quality

However, while listening outdoors, awareness isn’t the only concern, as you would also want to enjoy good quality music as well. And, these new pair of earbuds are less likely to disappoint you.

Sony has packed the buds with all the latest audio technologies, except for the ANC. Powered by Sony’s Integrated Processor V1, the headphone can reproduce every detail of your music yet ensuring a balanced audio profile. Moreover, you can enhance your music more, thanks to its Digital Sound Enhancement Engine or DSEE technology. Well, you might not get fully immersed into music, as the buds don’t offer any sort of isolation. Thereby, the overall music quality is sure to impress you.

Noise Cancellation 

Moreover, the buds can ensure clear calls even in the noisiest environment with Precise Voice Pickup technology and advanced voice signal processing. This suppresses ambient noise and extracts your voice clearly from a wide range of environments. So, the earbuds won’t be an issue whether you are talking with someone on calls or in front.


The buds can offer up to 5.5 hours of playtime and a total of 17.5 hours of juice charging from the case. So you can listen to your favorite tracks the whole day along with ultimate comfort without needing to charge them too often. Moreover, the IPx4 waterproof rating can protect your buds from water splashes or sweats.

Other Features

Another unique feature is the earbuds come with a Wide Area Tap, meaning you can control your music by double or triple tapping in front of either ear. Sounds pretty cool, right? The earbuds offer voice assistance, adaptive volume control, speak to chat, and many more for more convenience.


Lastly comes the price. Sony has released the Linkbuds WFL900, which might seem a bit expensive. However, you can get the latest Airpods 3 at a similar price range, and many of us will prefer AirPods for sure. For those who really want earbuds with outstanding music quality as well as being fully aware of the surroundings, nothing can be a better option than the LinkBuds. So, what do you think of these new earbuds and designs?

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