Solarlol 60w Powerful 6-to-1 Parallel Solar Panel Charger Review

Solarlol 60w Powerful 6-to-1 Parallel Solar Panel Charger Review

Carrying a great solar panel that is made for camping and outdoor situations, can get you off the grid without having to give up your devices. With the proper arrangement and nothing more than a clear view of the sky on a bright day, you can power anything from a laptop to an electric chiller. Solar energy has become popular among campers, trekkers, and off-grid explorers for quite some time now as modern panels have advanced significantly.

But how does a solar panel work? Solar cells, the most fundamental component of solar panels, are what turn sunlight into energy. Although the energy absorbed by each solar cell is quite little, when they are connected to form a solar panel, the quantity of energy they can create is rather impressive. While different solar panels have different power ratings, a bigger solar panel will produce more electricity. Therefore, the solar panels that are made for camping are generally folded twice or more. It maximizes the amount of surface area they can cover when in use.

So, if you’re in need of a superpower bank of unlimited power wherever you go, here we are introducing Solarlol, the most powerful and efficient solar panel that can be charged wherever there is sunshine.

Solarlol 60w Solar Panel

Make sustainable energy from the sun with this Solarlol 60w solar panel. Let’s find out what other features and specifications it offers.


  • Solar Charging: 60W
  • Light Transmittance: 99%
  • Conversion Efficiency: 24%
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Quick Charging: QC3.0
  • Cell Type: Monocrystalline
  • Parallel Connection: Up to 6 Panels, 360W maximum power
  • Output Port: DC+Type C+USB+XT30+XT60
  • LED Display: Yes

Design and Construction

This Solarlol 60w solar panel is constructed with high-quality ETFE-coated material. It’s designed to achieve 99% optimal light transmittance. It comes with a unique handheld design with an LED display, so you can check the sunlight intensity in real time. As small as a briefcase, foldable and portable design, very easy to carry. Solarlol is IP65 waterproof, scratch-proof, and withstand blight and warping during prolonged exposure to sunlight. 

Since they are wired in parallel, each panel works independently. Thus even if shade covers one or two of your panels, the others still can generate power as expected. The output of the parallel connection is large enough to have excess energy to store during daylight for nighttime consumption.

Design and Construction

Features and Power

Equipped with an adjustable kickstand that achieves a high efficiency of up to 23.5%.

Unique handheld design with LED display, check the sunlight intensity in real-time. By using cutting-edge technology, the 60W Solarlol can be connected up to 6 units, increasing the original output to 360W.

The advance 2.5mm grid Line reduces power loss and improves power generation efficiency. 

The built-in intelligent chip offers multiple protections against overcharge, over-current, and overload. Solarlol charger combines with energy storage to provide a complete energy solution for your family.

Features and Power

Compatibility and Charge Time

Solarlol is compatible with all your devices, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc. With DC J10 adapter, well-suited for all electronic products input from different countries. You can fully charge your iPhone 14 Pro and MacBook Pro in just 1 hour.

It takes 1 hour to charge your phone and tablet, while it takes 8.5 to 25 hours to charge up a power station. However, these estimated values may vary according to your devices and different conditions, such as an overcast sky, shadows, equatorial direction, and short winter days.

Compatibility and Charge Time

Wrapping Up

Solarlol Solar Panel will be your savior when you want a superpower on the go. It takes all the shortcomings of traditional solar chargers and puts together a game-changing new solution to outperform.

Wherever there is sunlight, it transforms it into useable power, through its cutting-edge solar energy technologies. With today’s mobile lifestyle, it is the ideal charger for everyone.

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