SMONET Fingerprint Smart Deadbolt Door Lock with Keypad Review

SMONET Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock review

A smart lock not only makes it simple for you to unlock and lock your door, but it also keeps track of who comes and goes from your home while you’re gone. Some devices just allow you to open and lock doors with your phone no matter where you are. 

You can just get rid of your keys, and get a smart lock which is a safe, simple-to-install, and practical wal to control access to your home.

So, if you’re Looking for a budget fingerprint-reading deadbolt, meet the SMONET Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock with Keypad. This credible Bluetooth smart lock provides the most essential features without breaking the bank.

SMONET Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock

With the SMONET Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock with Keypad, take an extra step in making your home safer. Let’s go over its design, feature and other details to figure out whether its worth it or not.


Material: ‎Zinc

Style: ‎Silver Bluetooth Lock

Controller Type: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Lock Type: ‎Keyless Entry Fingerprint Door Lock

Item Weight: 2.31 pounds

Product Dimensions: 6.54 x 2.56 x 1.57 inches


Let’s emphasize how slick and fashionable the design of this smart lock is. The OLED touchscreen keypad is nearly unbelievably responsive. Just simply touch the keypad’s surface and it will light up. The light’s brightness is fantastic for both daytime and nighttime use and it has two escutcheons, each of which is attached to a mounting plate on the inside of the door.

There is a circular cover below the keypad. It hides the keyhole, so when you remove this cover by removing the screws, you can access to keyhole. Moreover, it’s designed to automatically lock for 5 minutes when entering the password incorrectly more than 5 times.

SMONET Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock review

Smart Unlocking Option

This Deadbolt Door Lock gives you five ways to unlock your door – APP, Keypad, Fingerprint, IC Fob, and Mechanical Keys. With its strong Bluetooth connection, you can control the lock within the Bluetooth range by using the TTLock app. When you get out of the Bluetooth range, it will not work. Wi-Fi Gateway not only gives you remote access but also gives you the ability to control the smart lock with popular smart speakers.

SMONET Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock review

Customizable Security Feature

Signing into the Bluetooth Locks for Front Door APP will allow you to view real-time logs of unlocking and incorrect passcode usage. Moreover, for guests, friends, housekeepers, or staff, Code Door Lock allows the setting to produce a Timed, Permanent, One-time, or Customized passcode.

It supports 4–9 digital passwords. To prevent someone watching you from memorizing the right password, enter the random passcode either before or after it. SMONET Smart Lock stores your fingerprint data locally rather than on the cloud to keep your personal information safe and private.

Ease of Use

SMONET Smart Lock can recognize your fingerprint in just 0.5 seconds, and unlock your door in 1 second. So there’s no denying that, this smart is way faster than fumbling for your keys. Moreover, it comes with 4pcs AA batteries that can provide 5000 openings and even if the batteries are depleted, you can charge the smart lock with your power bank and get inside the house. It also supports Ekey and passcode sharing, so your friends and housekeeper don’t have to wait outside the house.

SMONET Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock review


This lock is compatible with smart speakers as well. You can manage the smart lock with famous voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant thanks to Wi-Fi Gateway, which also gives you remote access.

You can pair the lock very easily with Alexa. Just turn on the “Remote Unlock” setting of the lock in the TTLock app and just add the ScienerSmart skill to your Alexa app. Finally, log in with the required information about your TTLock account, and you will be ready to use Alexa. SMONET Keypad Smart Lock can be integrated with an Alexa-controlled automation system. Moreover, you can also ask Alexa to check if your door is locked or not. On the other hand, if you want to use Google Assistant then you have to have access on the Google Home app.

Final Verdict

Having to carry house keys everywhere is a burden and no longer a necessity in our new electronic world. The SMONET Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock with Keypad is a great lock not just for renters but for homeowners’ convenience and security. 

Additionally, when purchasing this lock, please look out for the Transparency logo and code when you get your package. You can scan this using the Transparency app to check its legitimacy.

SMONET Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock
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