Seasonic Prime TX vs PX vs GX: Which One Should You Pick?

Seasonic Prime TX vs PX vs GX

Seasonic is a very popular power supply unit (PSU) brand among PC builders, especially gamers. Its high-performing yet silent, which can make it a great addition to any computer, whether it is a low-budget or high-end gaming PC. After the success of the Seasonic PRIME and PRIME Ultra series, the brand has brought three new third-generation PRIME series PSUs – PRIME TX, PRIME PX, and PRIME GX.

Seasonic PRIME TX, PRIME PX, and PRIME GX are all fully modular PSUs with a multi-GPU setup. This means you can attach or detach cables based on your needs, allowing you to manage your cables better. However, the biggest difference between these three PSUs are their power supply efficiency rating and prices. TX is Titanium certified, PX is Platinum certified, and GX is Gold certified. When it comes to price, TX is the most expensive, and GX is the most affordable, whereas PX offers the best balance between price and efficiency.

But what does a PSU’s power supply efficiency rating actually mean? Which one should you pick for your PC? Well, in this article, we will talk about how these amazing PSUs stack up against each other. Let’s jump into the comparison!

Seasonic Prime TX vs PX vs GX

As we have already mentioned, the Seasonic PRIME TX, PX, and GX series differ in their power supply efficiency ratings. However, there are other factors to consider as well. So, let’s check out this head-to-head battle between the Seasonic Prime TX vs PX vs GX.

Power Supply Efficiency Rating

Simply put, the power supply efficiency rating indicates how much energy your PSU is converting from AC (Alternative Current) to DC (Direct Current). For example, an “80 PLUS” rating implies that the PSU can convert 80% AC into DC, and the rest 20% is discharged as heat. 

All three Seasonic PRIME TX, PX, and GX series have this 80% power to 20% heat ratio, which is stated by their “80 PLUS” rating. This rating indicates that these PSUs consume less energy than other energy-inefficient PSUs to power your computer. It does not only reduce your electricity bill, but also promotes a healthier environment.

Now, this 80% efficiency rating is further split into five different categories – bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and titanium. As you move up in these categories, the efficiency standard increases. Here, bronze indicates the lowest, and titanium indicates the highest efficiency standard. 

The PRIME TX series has the 80 PLUS Titanium certification, which is the highest level available on the market. It offers 94% efficiency with a 50% system load. While this PSU series is the most expensive and the highest-performing among all three, its efficiency level is unparalleled. These PSUs are manufactured with materials of the highest quality. If money is not an issue and your top priority is power efficiency and a better planet, pick a PSU from the PRIME TX series.

The PRIME PX series has the 80 PLUS Platinum certification. At 50% system load, these PSUs offer 92% efficiency. This Platinum rating indicates that the PX series has high-end PSUs to offer. Just like the TX series, the PX series also offers PSUs of reliable quality and performance while also cutting down on your electricity bill. The PX series is more affordable than the TX series as well. If you want a high-end PSU that is close to capabilities of the TX series but at a more affordable price, a PSU from PRIME PX will be the best option to go for. 

Lastly, the PRIME GX series has the 80 PLUS Gold Certification. The PSUs in this series offer 90% efficiency at a 50% system load. While the PX and TX offer the best power efficiency, the GX series is perfect for most mid-to high-tier systems. The reliability and performance level of the GX series is excellent compared to its comparatively low price. If you want the highest power efficiency at the most affordable price range, the PRIME GX series is for you.

Micro Tolerance Load Regulation

All the PSUs from the Seasonic PRIME TX, PX, and GX series proudly feature micro tolerance load regulation. This technology offers a stable power supply by keeping the output voltage within a tight range. The load regulation is under 0.5%. It means that load level changes have almost no effect on the output voltage, offering incredible electrical performance and stability.

Connection Design

All the PRIME TX, PX, and GX PSUs come with Seasonic’s new engineering feature- cable-free connection design. Instead of cables, a copper plate connects the PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and back panels of these PSUs. As a result, the probability of production errors during manual insertion is significantly lower than before. Moreover, this feature provides a better output power quality.

PRIME TX, PX, and GX connection design

Fan Control

Seasonic PSUs are known for their silent operation. The PRIME TX, PX, and GX series offer the same experience. The brand uses Hybrid Mode, which they developed in-house. This advanced fan control mechanism allows you to minimize your PSUs fan noise to the lowest possible level. 

Fan Bearing

Another factor that contributes to Seasonic PSUs’ silent operation is the Fluid Dynamic Fan Bearing, which is available in the PRIME TX, PX, and GX series. Unlike conventional ball bearings, these bearings have a reliable build quality, offer high performance, and produce the lowest level of operating noise and heat. They also consume significantly less power, thanks to the lubrication and reduced friction and vibration. Moreover, thanks to their construction, heat dissipation, and noise generation, these bearings increase the fan’s durability. 


The PRIME TX, PX, and GX come with gold-plated connectors. You won’t have to worry about corrosion as gold has high resistance against oxidation and rust. Gold is also the third most conductive metal in the world. Therefore, you get a constant high electrical conductivity even in corrosive environments. Furthermore, since gold is non-magnetic, you can rest assured that any interference created by an electromagnetic field will not affect your PSU’s connectors.


As we have mentioned, Seasonic ensured incredible durability with the PRIME TX, PX, and GX PSUs by using the best quality materials. Moreover, the company offers incredible levels of power efficiency while also ensuring excellent performance. This assurance from Seasonic is further expressed by the warranty it offers. All the PRIME TX, PX, and GX PSUs come with a whopping 12-year warranty.

Which One Should You Pick?

When you need to pick one from PRIME TX, PX, and GX, the decision will come down to your budget and preference for power efficiency. So, where do we stand on this battle between the Seasonic Prime TX vs PX vs GX? If you have the financial capability to invest in the highest level of power efficiency, then the PRIME TX PSUs are for you. If you want the next highest level of power efficiency within a more affordable range, choose a PRIME PX PSU. Finally, if you want a great level of power efficiency at the lowest price possible, go for the PRIME GX.

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