Is the Sarmert 4K Dash Cam Worth Buying? An In-Depth Review

Sarmert 4K Dash Cam Review

Driver safety is the first and foremost priority that needs a start-to-end recording. This ensures the driver’s safety is recorded throughout the whole ride, while any suspicious activities encountered by the driver are documented for future reference. To execute this, you need a solid in-car dash cam that records not only what you, as a driver, face but also can record number plates, road signs, and parking.

This leads to installing the right dash cam system in your car to glorify you with sheer yet innovative features with its high-resolution dual cameras located in both the rear and front. Sarmert – a prominent British Brand founded in 1999, is popularly known for designing and creating some of the smartest dashcams in the world, focusing particularly on the passengers’ and drivers’ safety and well-being.

Specializing in in-car security systems through its innovative and top-notch GPS-embedded camera system, Sarmert now captures almost 80% of the UK’s market for its cutting-edge security camera system specifically designed for in-car systems. This brand new Sarmert 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear with 64 GB SD card are not indifferent to that as it comes with a dual camera system with rear camera recording in 1080P and front camera in 4K mode.

As the name suggests, it is supported by a built-in 64 dedicated memory card that allows you to capture a vast number of recordings, including both photos and videos. Besides, parking for hours and hours in a deserted area will no longer be a threat to you as you can have peace of mind knowing that your dashcam is in operation that misses not a single frame.

With more interactive features and uncompromising security, the Sarmert’s dual dashcam has turned into our today’s agenda. Let’s reveal more, shall we?


  • Brand: Sarmert
  • Model Name: Ls07d 96670
  • Vehicle Service Type: Car, Truck
  • Connectivity technologies: Wi-Fi
  • Video Capture Resolution: 2160p
  • What in the box: Cable Clip
  • Mounting Type: Suction Mount
  • Color: Black- 4k
  • Control Method: App
  • Product Dimensions : 1.3″D x 4.1″W x 1.38″H

What’s in the Box? Unpacking and Looking at What’s Included

When you first get the Sarmert dash cam box, here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • The main dash cam unit
  • Two smaller cameras – one for the interior view and one for the rear view
  • A 32 gigabyte (GB) microSD card – provides storage space to save the video files
  • Various cables for power and connecting the cameras
  • Mounts and stickers to attach the cameras in your car
  • An instruction manual

The main unit feels well-built and durable, but not overly heavy. The screen is responsive when you touch it, but not as fast as a smartphone. It was easy for me to figure out the menu and change different settings on the screen.

Having two extra cameras for the interior and rear views is great to be able to see in all directions. But it does mean you’ll have more wires mounted in your car.

Overall, the unboxing experience was straightforward. You get everything you need, plus some handy accessories.

Sarmert 4K Dash Cam Design and Build Quality

Design and Build Quality

Design is an essential part of any in-car system as often manufacturers think they are just for the specific function. Therefore, the design no longer matters as long as the device works perfectly. But an aesthetic design of any device, particularly a dash cam that will turn its heads to the people the moment they get in the car, adds a soothing dimension.

The Sarmert 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear with 64GB SD card are designed to fit the most modern and advanced appearance with a matte black finish removing the conventional touch from this epic security system. Upon building, every attention to detail has been considered to give it a sleek, fascinating, and ultra-sophisticated appearance. This ensures your car’s interior doesn’t nibble away with the installation of this new compact device.

Now, it is often a drawback for the front seated passengers, especially drivers, to look straight due to the side of the dash cam protruding toward both directions. It blocks the view of the drivers, making it extremely uncomfortable for them to pay attention to driving, let alone how productive this device is.

Keeping that in mind, the size of this 4K Dash Cam has been kept minimal with a dimension confined to (1.3” D x 4.1” W x 1.38” H). This leaves an imprint of sensibility and extra comfort for the passengers sitting at the front with no discomfort ensuing.

How long a dash cam stands still in its selected location determines how standard its built quality is. Driving over a rugged surface or uneven road with rigor often makes the car tremor while hunching the passengers over. In this particular situation, you won’t want your favorite security accessories to cut themselves loose from the hinge it’s attached to and fall on your lap or surface to start malfunctioning.

Instead, you want to keep them in a steady place firmly and stably to increase their lifespan while driving across any road pattern. The Sarmert 4K Dash Cam is built on a heavy-duty material that comes with a secure suction mouth. Once connected to the mount as instructed, this adjustable mounting system takes care of the Dash Cam from any adverse road condition, no matter how bumpy rides it needs to sustain to remain firm in its place.

This rigid grandeur of the dash cam makes it perfectly durable and resistant to any collision, ensuring you stay safe and watched out all the way through your journey.

Examining the Video and Audio Quality of Sarmert 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear with 64GB SD Card

Two of the most important factors for any dashcam are the video and audio quality it can record. Here’s an in-depth look at how the Sarmert performs:

Video Quality from the 3 Cameras

Since video is the cornerstone for having one of these dash cams, the Sarmert 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear add a new milestone for capturing the video of its surroundings with intense clarity and accurate frames. Without compromising the video quality, this dash cam harnesses its advanced technology to keep the videos from turning on fading.

The vehicles and any objects on the road are always on the move, and taking videos of them often leads to inaccurate colorization of them, making them untraceable at the time of need for security purposes. Besides, there’s always a fear of losing the actual footage grid and the inability to track the outer surroundings in their right appearance.

Sarmert 4K Dash Cam Front Video Quality

With the Sarmert 4K Dash Cam comprising both front and rare cameras with high resolution, you cannot miss the slightest detail of anything. Capture the perfect essence of any object, be it a moving or still object like a vehicle or pedestrian. In fact, the dead of night, when the color seems to look different of the vehicle due to low light, can be captured perfectly with vividly fine-tuned WDR night vision.

Detecting the face of the vandal or perpetrators will not get missed from the instant footage-capturing high-quality cameras. One in the rear is capable of recording in 1080P, whereas the other in the front can record in 4K, reducing any unnecessary glare and exposure. Besides, the wide-angle lens ensures an expansive field of view, leaving no stone unturned in covering everything in its recording.

You may be wondering how such high-resolution footage allows you to constantly declutter old or unwanted videos in an emergency! This is where the beauty of this advanced dash cam sneaks in, thanks to its loop recording feature. This feature lets your cam instantly overwrite the old videos and replace them with new footage, helping you heave a sigh of not getting your security compromised.

Overall, the video quality is quite impressive for a dash cam in this price range. Having that high-res 4K forward camera is a huge benefit.

Audio Recording Quality

  • The built-in microphone clearly picks up audio in the car. Voices sound natural.
  • You can mute the touch feedback sounds if you want quieter recordings.

The microphone delivers very usable audio to go along with the video.

Between the great video resolution and clear audio, the Sarmert dash cam performs very well capturing footage inside and outside the car.

Connecting to Your Smartphone with the App

The dash cam uses WiFi to connect to your smartphone if you want to view or download footage on the go. You need to install the Camso app to take advantage of this feature.

Setting Up the App and Connecting to the Dash Cam

  • It was quick and easy to find the device’s WiFi network in my phone’s settings and enter the provided password.
  • In the app, you can see live feeds from the 3 cameras and access any recorded video files.

Downloading and Sharing Files from the App

  • Here’s where I ran into issues – downloading footage is really slow over WiFi. A standard 1-3 minute driving clip takes around 10 minutes to download to your phone.
  • The video files seem to be encrypted and can only be shared within the app at first. You have to open the share options in the app before you can upload them anywhere else.
  • To make accessing clips easier, I’d suggest changing the clip length in the settings to just 1 minute instead of the default 3 minutes. The shorter clips transfer faster.

The WiFi connectivity is handy if you need to quickly pull up footage on your phone. But the very slow download speeds could be frustrating if you’re trying to access longer videos.

Installation and Setup in Your Car

Properly installing the triple-channel Sarmert dash cam takes a bit more effort than a single camera. Here are some tips:

  • The main unit easily mounts to your windshield with the included suction cup. Just wet it slightly, stick it on the glass, and rotate the lock to secure it.
  • The small rear camera sticks directly to the rear windshield with an adhesive sticker.
  • Same for the interior camera – just clean a spot on the front windshield and stick it on facing inward.
  • The tricky part is dealing with all the wires. The rear and interior cameras connect to the main unit via cables. So you’ll have wiring running from the front, through the car interior, to the back.
  • Take your time routing the cables neatly and securing them so they don’t hang down and obstruct your view.

It takes a bit more time upfront to get set up. But once installed, the cameras are very discreet and out of the way.

built-in 5G WiFi and GPS

Performance and Functionality

The performance and functionality of Sarmert’s 4K Dash Cam are unbeatable given that it’s equipped with all sorts of latest technology, from built-in 5g Wi-Fi and GPS to double cameras. While capturing the videos with both cameras simultaneously with in-depth footage with no object fading, this dash cam allows you to track and capture the license plate and road signs to perfection.

You can also breeze through driving while using GPS to track and record your route and speed. If you are interested in showing the world what you are seeing that they must follow, you can easily connect with its built-in Wi-Fi to share across all your social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. You can screen mirror your GPS route using PC/MAC GPS player to seamlessly connect to your Google Maps to check on your driving route.

The video speaks like the photos, and the footage taken from this Sarmet’s 4K dash cam makes your entire footage look real and live, making the entire experience for your fans and followers across social channels feel like they are driving with you.

Whether you are driving on a motorway with a high focus beam on the road at night or the sun glares in the middle of noon at daytime, this innovative yet technologically advanced dash cam brings no tension to you as it can cope with any light modes it comes by with its WDR night vision.

Sarmert 4K Dash Cam in night

User-Friendly Features

Since driving with two hands on the steering wheel while focusing straight on the road with full attention to detail is a delicate job, this Sermert 4K dash cam’s interface is built with minimalist complexities. And that is seen with its intuitive placement of buttons to operate it without zeroing in on the button while driving.

It shows how cleverly Sermert has researched every detail from the driving perspective and thus prevented drivers from getting overwhelmed with too many buttons. The driver can easily activate the dash cam without getting lost in the complexities of the interface and operate instantly without taking eyes off the road for its interface simplicity. Also, the included cable clip keeps the wiring organized and prevents any unsightly tangles.

If you are an avid driver with a deep passion for driving or looking to make ends meet as a cab driver, you will be required to record a lot of footage. This makes any dash cam’s storage full that needs instant deletion of the previous footage. Don’t worry, as Sermert’s loop recording function enables the device to get rid of any excess footage for the need to record the new footage, freeing you from manually deleting them.

As the footage is used for future evidence, their protection becomes necessary to prove Sermert’s credibility and advanced security features. Its G sensor responds to any suspicious collision or vibration emanating from the accident or shaking of the device by automatically locking and protecting the videos. This is the quintessence of the advanced security system that lets no information fall into the wrong hands or go missing.

All these slews of user-friendly features make Sermert’s 4K dash cam a perfect choice for your car for a better driving experience and the well-being of yours and others with an adaptable recording function.

Using the Dash Cam and Recording Footage

Operating the Sarmert dash cam is simple once you get it up and running. Here are some usage tips:

  • There’s just one button to power it on and off. Everything else is controlled through the touchscreen.
  • The screen interface is intuitive. You can easily select different modes or change resolution and other settings.
  • It has different recording modes like continuous recording, loop recording, time-lapse, and a parking monitor.
  • You can customize what data gets embedded in your videos like speed, GPS coordinates, etc.
  • When you start driving, it automatically starts recording based on your settings. The video quality looks great.

The easiest thing to do is set it and forget it. But the responsive touchscreen makes it convenient to access all the modes and options if you need them.

The built-in G-sensor detects sudden shakes or collisions

The Pros and Cons – Should You Buy It?

So what’s the final verdict after testing this dash cam? Here are the main pros and cons:

Benefits of the Sarmert 4K Triple Channel Dash Cam

  • Excellent value for the money – packs a lot of features into an affordable price point
  • Amazing 4K video quality from the front camera
  • Having the rear and interior cameras allows you to see in all directions for full coverage
  • Lots of bonus features like GPS, parking monitoring, etc.
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface is easy to use

Downsides to Consider

  • Very slow transfer of footage from the cam to your phone over WiFi
  • No ability to expand storage beyond the included 64GB
  • It takes more time and effort to install 3 cameras compared to a single cam
  • More wires mounted in your car for the additional cameras

Final Verdict

Overall, if you want a dash cam system that captures high-quality interior and exterior video for security and documentation purposes, the Sarmert 4K is an excellent option for the price.

Just be prepared for slower WiFi footage transfers and a more involved installation compared to cheaper single-camera models. The enhanced video coverage and features are the trade-offs.

I hope this detailed and extensive Sarmert 4K Dash Cam review helps you determine if it fits your needs! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions.

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