Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: Overall Features and Specifications


Samsung just launched their most premium wearable, the Galaxy Watch 4, and certainly, this has been a huge upgrade over its predecessor in every aspect. The new watch offers a stylish design, better health sensors with pinpoint accuracy, and a whole new operating system for the best user experience. From dusk till dawn, the Galaxy Watch 4 will be your best companion for keeping track of your fitness. With the latest health tracking sensors from Samsung, you will be able to create a better version of yourself every day. Wanna find out what makes the Galaxy Watch 4 the best wearable? Then read till the end of this article as we will be explaining all its features for your convenience.

Samsung has unveiled its premium watch with a whole new redesign and a wide range of swappable colored straps. The straps are incredibly durable and keep the watch in close proximity to your wrist so that the health sensors can work accurately. To make it look more gorgeous, a 1.4-inch circular super AMOLED display is nestled between the aluminum armor body for the 44mm version, whereas a 1.2-inch super AMOLED screen is used for the 40mm watch. Both the watches are extremely lightweight and built to fit perfectly on your wrist. The Galaxy Watch 4 comes with Military Standard-810 Grade protection for maximum durability and a 5ATM water-resistance rating ensures the watch remains functional even under heavy rainfall.

The Galaxy Watch 4 is more optimized than ever before with the all-new operating system called the Wear OS 3. This new operating system combines the best of Tizen OS and Wear OS for an immersive experience. The Watch 4 allows you to seamlessly access apps like Google Maps, Strava,, and many more. On top of that, connecting with Android smartphones feels more engaging and seamless than ever before with this new operating system.

Even if you don’t own a Galaxy smartphone, you can still get the most out of your watch. Powered by the all-new Exynos W920 Wearable Processor and 1.5GB of RAM, the Galaxy Watch 4 provides excellent performance throughout the day. Whether you are exercising, running, or swimming, this powerful processor makes sure all your data is stored within its 16GB of internal memory. And, you can enjoy all your favorite tracks streaming from Spotify as the watch supports LTE connectivity.

What makes the Galaxy Watch 4 stand out from the rest is its unique sensors. Equipped with Samsung’s BioActive sensor, the watch can measure your body composition and let you know your body fat percentage, water levels, and many more. You can easily check it at any time with just a touch from your finger. But do you really need the bioelectrical impedance sensor? Measuring your weight doesn’t accurately represent the amount of fat, muscle, and water in your body. So, even if you are very lightweight, you can never know how much fat your muscles have consumed, or the actual water level in your body. With this new BIA sensor, the watch sends electric currents 2400 times in just 15 seconds to accurately determine your body composition. And, the outcome is pretty impressive, having up to 98% accuracy with results similar to the trusted DEXA scans. So, once you have a complete idea of your body composition, you can work on those components and improve your overall fitness.

Moreover, the watch can keep full track of how you sleep, how much you work out, and what you eat. Plus, it lets you compete with others using the different fitness modes. You can also map out your routes and find out exactly where you are with the Galaxy Watch 4. The watch also has various gesture controls, for instance, you can answer calls by waving your forearms or dismiss alerts just by shaking your wrist. Combining powerful hardware, a rich display for vivid colors, and an advanced new processor, the Galaxy Watch 4 lets you use your smartwatch the way you want. With all these unique features, getting the Watch 4 makes it a worthy upgrade from the previous Galaxy watches.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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