Roomba S9 Plus Review: Why is It Still So Popular in 2022?

Roomba S9 Plus Review

If you’re looking for a robotic vacuum cleaner for the house, chances are you have heard the Name Roomba S9! It is one of the powerful robot vacuums from iRobot, that is smart enough to tell how dirty your floors are where it has been. Like every tech gadget, Roomba S9 also has some downsides, and the technology is a bit outdated too. But it still has a good impression among its users. But why is that?

Today, we will explore the answer to this question and figure out what is so great about Roomba S9 Plus. Let’s get started! 

Brand Value

From the very beginning, the brand has been a global pioneer in the robotics and consumer product industries. Even their products are widely spread worldwide and earn a good potential among consumers. That is why the brand value of iRobot is so high and admirable.

Customer Support

iRobot is also well-known for its customer support. No matter if it is online or offline, manufacturers try to provide good support to the customers. For example: if anyone has a question or is facing a problem with the Roomba S9, iRobot tries to give a solution ASAP or even replace the device!

Affordability and Availability

There are a lot of robot vacuums on the market that have the same features and performance similar to the Roomba S9 Plus, but the price is too damn high! For example, Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra has smart navigation, multiple mapping, a docking station, voice compatibility, and more with a price tag of 1400 dollars.

On the other hand, Roomba S9 plus also offers the same features as Roborock but with a more affordable price tag than its competitor. Good news for those looking for a more affordable robot vacuum from such a brand.

Excellent Performance

It’s really surprising that the Roomba s9 plus is still performing well. It has amazing cleaning efficiency with accuracy, and after every cleaning task, the robot can empty the dustbin automatically. So, your Roomba always stays ready for the next cleaning mission!

Mapping and Navigating

It is true that the Roomba S9 Plus is better at navigation and mapping. On our test, we found that it did a great job compared to the Roborock S7 Plus. The more surprising thing is that Roomba can accurately memorize whooping ten rooms and floors. Even more, no other robot vacuum can remember this amount of maps as Roomba.

Mapping and Navigating

Form Factor

Another thing is Roomba’s low profile and unique design. Yes, its form factor allows the robot to roam under furniture and appliances seamlessly. At the same time, the unique D shape design with a double brush accurately cleans corners and edges better than any robot vacuum.


Although Roomba S9 Plus was launched two years ago, it is still considered one of the best robot vacuums in existence. Because of its brand value, high performance, excellent navigation, and convenient design, users can easily rely on it.

In addition, its affordability and iRobot’s amazing customer service are also attracting more and more potential users. Therefore, unless something else rises up, offering the same or higher level of features and performance at a more reasonable price, Roomba S9 Plus will remain the best! 

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