Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra vs Roborock S7 Plus

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra VS Roborock S7 Plus

Although the most demandable Roborock S7 is already one of the best robot vacuum cleaners with a smart mopping function and exclusive cleaning technology, the Brand has just launched several upgrades to the S7 lineup, including the MaxV Ultra, at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, these siblings have tons of similarities that can easily confuse anyone when they are about to buy a robot vacuum cleaner for their home or office. Therefore, we will share a side-by-side feature comparison between the Roborock S7 Plus and S7 MaxV Ultra to make the decision easier. So relax and go through this article till the end.

Form Factor

First thing first, let’s start with the design. Both look very identical, like twin siblings, except for a few minor changes. They have the same dimension with a height of 9.65-centimeter and a width of 35-centimeter. The S7 comes in two color options, including Glossy Black and Shiny White, while the S7 MaxV is available in black color only. At the top, both have a Lidar scanner, and in front of it, there are three buttons and an LED light indicator. This indicator gives you the current status of the robot. Such as, when it’s charging or returning to the dock, the light turns green, and while cleaning, it will be pure white.

But the similarities end here. We’re predicting the S7 MaxV will be bulkier than the S7 and also houses a front camera at the front for better navigation.


Talking about navigation, both of these cleaning companions utilize a bevy of sensors to track location and draw maps inside your house. The Lidar Sensor works extremely well to avoid obstacles during cleaning, even in dark rooms. Not only that, the MaxV has an RGB Camera and a 3D Structured light for better scanning obstacles. And in this case, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra performs better as it can recognize objects independently and avoid them without pushing forward.


Coming to the cleaning performance, which you have been waiting for. Sadly the S7 Plus has 2500 pascal suction power, and the ultimate S7 MaxV ultra has 5100-pascal powerful suction. That will surely deep clean your carpets and wipe out stubborn messes without leaving anything behind. If we try to dig out a little bit more, the S7 MaxV ultra slightly does the cleaning better as it has an updated floating brush and housing system than the S7 Plus. It allows for multiple levels of movement while cleaning. And as a result, its brush and housing will create a better seal with the surface.


Done with cleaning, now let’s talk about the mopping. Until maxV ultra, S7 Plus offers better mopping, but our SuperStar MaxV Ultra has implemented more than better mopping construction. Its dock can automatically clean the mop when the robot returns to the dock. Even its dedicated water reservoir for both clean and wastewater makes the mopping technically more hygienic.

However, both of these robots can automatically lift up the mop to vacuum when they sense a carpet to avoid dampening it.

Auto Empty Dock

Focusing on the auto empty dock, well it is something that can change your mood if you’re about to buy the S7 Plus. Because the S7 MaxV Ultra comes with a huge mess collecting bin and has separate compartments for water and dust. Though they both can dump all the mess into the dock while cleaning is done, with the auto mop cleaning feature maxV ultra can clean the mop without your presence. It makes sure less visiting the dock station to clean the mop.

Auto Empty Dock

Mobile Control

Both robots share the same roborock smartphone app, which is available for iOS and Android as well. And with a bevy of settings and features, you will get full control over your robot, and it can be controlled remotely from anywhere. S7 MaxV ultra, on the contrary, has some exciting features such as Obstacle detection and voice control. Even more, using your Amazon Alexa or Siri Shortcut, you can also control your MaxV ultra while enjoying the comfort of the couch. Plus, this Ultra can act as a surveillance camera to stop home pillow fights!

Battery Life

As for the battery life, the Roborock S7 and S7 MaxV Ultra feature a large 5200 milliampere-hour (5200 mAh) Lithium-Ion battery with a runtime of 180 Minutes. In addition, both have a maximum cleaning area of up to 300 meters square (250 m²) and a maximum charging time of 180 minutes. Win-win for all.

Final Words

After the side-by-side feature comparison between the Roborock S7 Plus and S7 MaxV Ultra, we can definitely say that both these robots are excellent household companions that can clean your house reliably and satisfactorily. But which model is better for you?

“It actually depends on what features you would like to add to your smart home. So, if you live in a chaotic place with children and pets, the S7 MaxV is an ideal candidate for you with a better navigation system. However, if you want a smart robot vacuum that gets the cleaning tasks done decently, then you’re better served with the greatest Roborock S7 Plus.

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