Roborck Q Revo vs. Roborck S7+ || Worth Upgrading?

Roborck Q Revo vs. Roborck S7+

The new Q Revo robot mop from Roborock just showed up on the market, and it’s already looking pretty great compared to other robot vacuums we have seen so far. Let’s take the S7+ model for example. 

Well, the Roborock Q Revo is better for those seeking higher suction power, a larger cleaning range, and a more substantial water tank capacity, making it ideal for larger spaces and longer cleaning sessions. However, the Roborock S7+ might be suitable for those with smaller areas and a preference for sonic-mopping technology. 

SpecificationRoborck Q Revo Roborck S7+
Suction Power5000Pa2500Pa
Cleaning RangeUp to 4305 sq. ft.Up to 1000 sq. ft.
Water Tank Capacity5 liters300 milliliters
Navigation SystemPreciSense LidarAutomatic carpet detection
Lift Capability7 millimeters5 millimeters

How better does it perform against it, and is it actually worth the upgrade? Let’s find out. 


Starting with the design, there isn’t much to talk about, since aesthetically they both look pretty similar. However, all the dissimilarities can be found internally and in overall build quality. And yeah, you will find the traditional black and white color variants for both of these robot mops. 

Suction Power

As we check out the suction power, the difference is highly noticeable. The Roborock Q Revo has a suction power of up to 5000Pa, which ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning experience. On the other hand, the S7+ features only 2500Pa suction speed. While it may not be as powerful as the Q Revo, it still is effective in many ways for everyday cleaning needs. It can handle common household debris and maintain a clean environment. 

However, it’s worth noting that both models have sufficient suction power to clean different surfaces, including hard floors, carpets, and rugs. However, the higher suction power of the Q Revo gives it an edge in terms of tackling stubborn dirt and debris more effectively.

Roborck Q Revo
Roborck Q Revo

Range & Capacity 

As for the maximum cleaning range, the Roborock offers a significantly more extensive cleaning range, spanning up to 4305 square feet. This makes it suitable for larger homes or areas that require comprehensive cleaning coverage. With its expansive reach, the Q Revo can efficiently clean multiple rooms or even an entire floor without manual intervention. 

In comparison, the Roborock S7+ has a more modest cleaning range of up to 1,000 square feet. While it may be more suitable for smaller living spaces or specific areas requiring regular cleaning, it might require repositioning or manual intervention if the area exceeds its coverage.

Also, Internal dirt and water tank capacity is another major factor that needs to be considered before getting a robot mop. In this case, The Roborock Q Revo stands out with its substantial 5-liter water tank capacity. This large capacity enables longer cleaning sessions without the need for frequent refills. Additionally, the Q Revo’s ability to operate for up to 7 weeks without emptying adds to its convenience, reducing the maintenance required. 

In contrast, the Roborock S7+ features a smaller 300-milliliter water tank, which may require more frequent refills, especially for larger cleaning areas. Although it can also go up to 8 weeks without emptying, this claim is specifically stated for smaller spaces, indicating that the S7+ is optimized for more compact environments.

If you have a larger cleaning area or prefer longer, uninterrupted cleaning sessions, the Q Revo is definitely a great choice. However, if you have a smaller space or require a robot mop for more limited cleaning needs, the S7+’s smaller water tank may suffice. 

Roborck S7+
Roborck S7+

Mopping Navigation and Sensor

Regarding sensor and advanced navigation, the Roborock Q Revo stands out with its PreciSense Lidar navigation system, which brings several benefits to the table. This system allows for faster mopping, enabling the robot to cover more ground efficiently. The 3D Display provides a visual representation of the cleaning area, aiding in monitoring and optimizing cleaning routes. Additionally, the Multi-Level mapping system allows the Q Revo to create and store maps of different levels in a multi-story home to ensure accurate and efficient cleaning across multiple floors. And its impressive 7-millimeter lift capability allows it to handle uneven surfaces.

In contrast, operating with a different system, the Roborock S7+ lacks these specific sensor and navigation features. It incorporates automatic carpet detection, preventing the mopping function from activating when it detects carpets to avoid any potential damage. Additionally, the S7+ offers a 5-millimeter VibraRise lift, allowing the mop to lift slightly to avoid mopping carpets or other delicate surfaces.

If you prioritize advanced obstacle avoidance, precise navigation, and a higher lift capability, the Q Revo’s Dual Spinning Mops provides distinct advantages. However, if you value the power of sonic-mopping technology, automatic carpet detection, and a more modest lift capability, the S7+’s features may better suit your requirements

Final Verdict

So it seems that, with a comparatively lower price tag and featuring more advanced mopping technology, Roborock Q Revo is definitely a better option here. It ensures the best value and also delivers precise cleaning for large areas. It is definitely worth the upgrade. So that was all about today’s comparison between Roborock Q Revo and Roborock S7+. 

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