Robot Vacuum Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Floor Clean

Tips for Robot Vacuums to Keep Floors Clean

Without lifting any finger, robot vacuum cleaners are one of the perfect solutions for maintaining a spotless home. Many models, including old ones such as Roomba s9, and Roborock S6 MaxV, feature a bevy of sensors for better navigation and smart control for the ultimate kick-back cleaning.

But in reality, sometimes robot vacuum cleaners need a little help from a human friend too. They can easily get tripped up or swallow wires, small shocks, and others lying on the floor. They can even lose their way on the path back to the charging dock. Luckily, some of these issues can be avoided easily by following some simple tips, and today we’re going to share those with you. So, sit back, relax, & enjoy.

Test Run

The first tip we like to share with you is to observe your robot vacuum cleaner on its first few test runs. Because the layout of every room and home is totally different from one another. This lets you see how well your robo vac travels around the entire space, including underneath your furniture and where it gets stuck. In this way, you will have an easier time configuring your living space according to your needs, so your robot vacuum doesn’t face any problems during the operation.

Clear Cord & Curtains

For the robot vacuum, cords and long curtains getting stuck on the main brush is a common game. It is also common for other vacuum cleaners that have a main rolling brush. However, for this, they remain dead in their tracks. And sometimes, full of joy, it takes cords along for the ride and roams the entire floor until you notice.

By cleaning your floors of cables, other cords, small items and, don’t forget to tie up long curtains inside your house before sending your robot off to clean. This same rule is also applicable to children and pet toys.

Tidy Up Tables

When our children finish breakfast or a meal, the bottom of the table becomes one of the dirtiest and messiest places. And for that, you have to put an extra effort in there to clean all the crumbs. Even your robotic vacuum can also face some difficulties with the tables and chairs. But by simply flipping up your chairs to the upside-down position on the table as restaurant staff does. If that is too much work or not suitable, you can simply pull them away to ensure your machine has some extended space to maneuver.

Build Barriers

Regardless of how well a robotic vacuum cleaner moves around inside your house, there are still some areas that you probably want to keep it away from. Well, depending on various models, there are many ways to create a virtual wall for particular rooms or areas.


Most advanced or modern robot vacuums offer scheduling features, allowing you to choose which days of the week and at what hour you want them to clean your house when you’re not in the present or taking a nap. In this way, your robot vacuum cleaner will be doing its whipping jobs silently. So, your floors and carpets are always clean when you get home, and they won’t disturb you when you’re there.

Manual Cleaning

Last but not least, be sure to clean your robotic vacuum regularly. From the dustbin, filter and cut away any tangled hair on the brushes. Plus, don’t forget to periodically wipe off sensors and charging contacts on the bottom of the robot to stay in tip-top shape. That way, your Robo vac effectively and efficiently does its job.

However, to cut down on maintenance duties, you can consider the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra as it can empty its own dustbin as well as clean its mop with no help from humans.

Final Thoughts

These are a few tips from us for your robot vacuums to keep the floor clean. Hope you have learnt a few new things from this article if you are still reading. Apply these tips and keep your home always neat and clean.

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