Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Gen vs Wyze Cam v3: Which is the Best Indoor Camera?

Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Gen vs Wyze Cam v3

Ring Indoor Cam 2nd gen has just been announced, it does seem to have the potential to become a great indoor home security camera. But can it be as good as the Wyze Cam v3? Let’s find out in this comparison article.

There are some key factors that you definitely need to consider before buying an indoor camera. Among them, a few notable ones are the resolution, coverage area, and motion detection. Although modern indoor cams offer much more advanced features, these are the primary ones that every good indoor cam must have. But which one is better?

In short – “The Wyze Cam v3 appears to be a better option compared to the 2nd Gen Ring Indoor Camera. The Wyze Cam v3 offers several advantages. The Wyze Cam v3 would be better suited for someone who values versatility, durability, and advanced features, especially if they’re looking for an indoor camera that can also handle outdoor monitoring. The Ring Indoor Camera Gen 2 seems more suitable for those who primarily need indoor monitoring and prioritize the privacy cover feature.”

In this article, we will be comparing two of the best indoor home cams in detail, Ring Indoor 2nd Gen and Wyze Cam V3. Let’s find out, which one has the potential to become the best home security camera.

SpecificationRing Indoor Cam 2nd Gen Wyze Cam v3
Viewing Angle (Horizontal)115 degrees
Mounting OptionsWall, Table, FlatAdjustable Mounts, Magnetic Base
WiFi Connection2.4 GHz
Smartphone ControlYesYes


Starting with design, both of them look quite different from one another. Let us start with the 2nd Gen Ring Indoor Camera first. 

If you are familiar with the original Ring indoor cam, then you should know it followed the exact same design as its predecessor. It can be mounted anywhere around the house, whether on a wall, table, or any flat surface. But, it is not suitable for outside usage, since it is solely made for indoor use. Besides, it does have a swivel mount, enabling effortless tilting and adjusting to achieve the desired viewing angle. And no, it’s not a battery-powered indoor camera. It employs a wired connection similar to its predecessor. But, you do have access to manage your camera via smartphone remotely regardless of your location. 

Ring Indoor Cam Gen 2
Ring Indoor Cam Gen 2

On the other hand, the Wyze Cam V3 seems compact and looks perfect as it is. With square shape box design with three adjustable mount settings, this cam can be used both indoors and outdoors. On top of that, it comes with a magnetic base as well, for easy mounting on any metal surface. Just like the previous cam, this one also comes with a wired connection and yes Wyze V3 does have a dedicated app that lets you control the camera via smartphone just like any other modern home cam nowadays. 

So, while the 2nd Gen of Ring camera is only for indoor usage, the Wye Cam V3 on the other hand is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. In this case, you could say Wyze Cam v3 definitely comes with better-built quality. But what makes the Ring Indoor Cam stand out is its built-in privacy cover, which has been added to ensure extra security measures, just in if you are concerned about your privacy. 

Specs & Features 

Moving on to the specs, the Gen2 Ring Indoor Cam is equipped with a 1080p camera with live view color vision, including 115 degrees of horizontal and 59-degree vertical field of view. Apart from that, it also supports a 2.4 gigahertz wifi connection, and it is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Other than that, it got a premium subscription package, which gives access to premium features such as cloud storage, rich notification, and person or package alert. And lastly, the built-in siren feature seems pretty useful, adding more convenience to your safety.

Now if we look at the Wyze Cam V3, this one is also equipped with a 1080p camera including a Starlight CMOS sensor. As a result, it is capable of proving clear vision, even in darker environments. But what makes it truly stand out, is its IP65 resistance. This means it is fully dust and waterproof, allowing the camera to function even in harsh weather conditions. Unlike the latest Ring indoor Cam, this one supports 32 gigabytes of local microSD card, to keep your necessary footage saved. Along with motion detection, it also includes sound detection. And not only that, Wyze Cam V3 also alerts you when it sees smoke, which is a pretty impressive feature to have on a home security camera such as this. 

Wyze Cam V3
Wyze Cam V3

In terms of performance, the Wyze Cam v3 is definitely a way ahead compared to the 2nd Gen Ring Indoor Cam, which is understandable. Because one is for only indoor usage and the other one is for outdoor usage as well.

Final Verdict

So considering everything, Wyze Cam V3 does seem like a better option when it comes to the best indoor camera, as it is also capable of offering outdoor flexibility as well. So that was all about our today’s comparison between Ring Indoor Camera Gen2 and Wyze Cam v3. 

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