Manshur 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera Review

Manshur 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera Review

Going on vacation but not having someone watch over your house? Making a trip to a secluded cabin with no electricity or internet access? In these scenarios, a cellular security system is just what you need.

4G/LTE security cameras and systems are ideal for enhancing security in remote areas without Wi-Fi or electricity. The 4G/LTE cameras are frequently utilized in cabins, building sites, farms, and other areas with little access to Wi-Fi or electricity. 4G/LTE security cameras can use 4G or 5G mobile data to transmit footage. You will need to set up a SIM card for each 4G/LTE camera/system because they depend on cellular connections. Since cellular security cameras do not require a Wi-Fi connection to relay a live video to your phone, you can keep an eye on your most important locations day and night. They are wireless and extremely portable, and some even have solar power.

Get rid of WiFi disconnections hassle with the Manshur 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera. It comes with great resolution, two-way audio, and a wider and more flexible view angle. 

Manshur 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera

The 4G solar camera is powered by a solar panel, which means it can be placed anywhere without an electric cable in a remote area. It comes with a compatible sim card that can connect to the most stable signal anytime and anywhere, getting rid of the trouble of frequently dropped connections. Inside the box, you’ll also get, a camera body, solar panel, SIM Card, screw pack, Instruction book, and screw mount. Let’s see what else Manshur 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera has to offer.


Connectivity Technology: Wireless

Storage: 128 GB

Battery: 9600mAh 

Camera Resolution: 2K

Special Feature: Night Vision, Motion Sensor

Two-Way Audio: Yes

Camera and Audio Features 

You get a broader and more flexible vision thanks to the 90° vertical rotation and 360° horizontal head rotation. With this 2K high resolution with 4X digital zoom, you can see every detail clearly day or night. The alarm feature of the camera is maximized by light and siren alarms, which deter attackers quickly. The wireless 4G LTE cameras for home security are always guarding your property.

In contrast to other solar security cameras, the Manshur one possesses a two-way chat feature, that provides three separate voices to scare away trespassers. To watch the live broadcast together, you can share the outdoor security camera with other family members via the UBOX APP.

Camera and Audio Features 

Sim Card and Storage Method

Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T networks and comes with 100MB of free data that must be used within seven days. You can renew extra data plans through the app at a lesser cost if necessary. Both UBOX Cloud service and an SD card (not supplied) are options for storing videos. You are shielded from the threat of wireless outdoor security camera data breaches as it uses military-grade cloud storage.

This wireless security camera has no wifi and supports SD Card storage up to 128 GB (not included), allowing you to watch the recorded video on a tablet or smartphone using the Ubox App.

Sensors and Real-Time Alert

The no-wifi security camera will notify you as soon as it discovers a moving item. DIY sensitivity adjustment allows you to reduce the frequency of message notifications while still saving more battery. There will be fewer false alarms if you configure the wireless security camera system to only detect human shapes and to allow DIY adjustment of a low, medium, and high sensitivity. For outdoor security cameras, a sensitive PIR motion sensor and precise software pixel analysis technology give more accurate detection.

Sensors and Real-Time Alert

Battery and IP Rating

It comes with an upgraded 9600mAh rechargeable battery with a huge capacity. Moreover, it also features an eco-friendly solar panel with better efficiency to provide 24/7 protection. This 4G wireless security camera can be used anywhere that has 4G LTE service. And thanks to its IP66 weatherproof rating, this security camera can withstand sunny, rainy, or any harsh winter.

Battery and IP Rating

Wrapping Up

Here goes everything you need to know about the Manshur 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera. It’s a green-powered security camera that comes with max freedom. It comes with excellent design for rural homes, building sites, gardens, storage facilities, wildlife research, etc.

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