Logitech MX Master 3S Wireless Mouse Review

MX Master 3S Review

The MX Master 3S from Logitech outshines its predecessor. MX Master 3S is an awesome upgrade of the OG Master 3. With a significantly higher DPI and quieter clicking noise, this mouse is as tranquil as an accessory can get. Today, we will review this remarkably quiet and zen mouse and discuss our findings. Let’s get started.

When it comes to productivity in communal space, the noise generated by devices and accessories matters a lot. This is specifically true for open space work environments where people don’t realize how annoying loud clicking noise can be. Such commotion can distract others from their work and negatively impact everyone’s productivity.

Design and Specs

Naturally, the MX Master 3S boasts the identical design to the OG Master 3 with some performance tweaks. It comes in three color variants and the one we have right here is the Graphite model. 3S has a thumb rest on the left and a total of eight buttons. three on the thumb, two click, and one on the scroll wheel.

The two additional buttons include a Mode Shift button on the upper middle of the mouse and an Easy-Switch button on the bottom of the mouse. It also has the iconic scroll wheel on the thumb for horizontal scrolling. When it comes to specifications, you get up to 8000 DPI on this mouse and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity. The operating distance stretches as far as 10 meters and a 500 milliampere battery is used to power it up.

User Experience

After using it for a couple of weeks, we gotta say that the 3S is noticeably quieter than the previous MX Master 3. It can operate silently without sacrificing tactility as we felt the exact point when a click was being registered. With double the DPI range from the previous one, the mouse felt quite responsive. But we had to adjust the DPI setting from the software as the mouse defaults to 1000 DPI out of the box.

As mentioned earlier, the Mode-Shift button for the scroll wheel works wonderfully. We were able to precisely go through line by line in the Ratchet mode, while the free-spin mode let us fly through larger vertical documents, such as an excel sheet like a breeze! In either of these modes, the scroll wheel felt super satisfying to use.

The horizontal scroll wheel was always on the reach and quite practical while scrolling horizontally through the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline. We were also able to seamlessly adjust the brush size in Adobe Photoshop using it.

Using The Logitech MX Master 3S Wireless Mouse

The most amazing thing about the MX Master 3S is its device switching mode that lets you juggle between three different devices. As we often work with multiple devices with varying platforms such as Windows and Mac, this feature worked like a charm. We were also able to drag a file from one system and drop it down to another which made file transferring real simple.

All these features can also be fine-tuned manually via the dedicated software. From here, we could adjust the scroll sensitivity, customize each button and set macro commands to make productive sessions more efficient. And lastly, the battery backup on this thing is superb! Logitech promises about 70 days of use with just a single charge, but in our one-week testing, it still had about 80% juice left. So you can expect more from it.


However, there are some limitations. With a weight of about 141 Grams, the mouse feels quite heavy. It also has a slightly lower polling rate, so you might feel the latency. Due to the large size of the mouse, people with smaller hands might face difficulty using it in a palm or claw grip style.

Final Verdict

MX Master 3S is undoubtedly an awesome mouse for productivity at this price range. The scroll wheel is satisfying as ever, and the low-noise operation will also appeal to most users’ preferences. With an amazing battery life and tons of interesting features, the MX Master 3S will satisfy most of the users. Although we directed some limitations, but they will not be an issue once you get the hang of it.

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