My Hands-On Review of the Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam

Dash cams have become essential car accessories for many drivers looking to add an extra layer of security and protection. I recently came across the Kingslim D4PRO dash cam which promises to deliver robust dual recording capabilities alongside smart connectivity in a compact form factor. 

As a long-time driver looking to enhance my on-road protection, I bought one and tested it thoroughly. This dual-channel camera touts impressive specs like 4K and 2K recording, but does it deliver where it counts?

After thorough hands-on testing and installation in my own SUV, I’m ready to share my full experience on whether the D4PRO dash cam is worth purchasing or not. Let’s dive in!

Why I Needed a New Dash Cam

My old dash cam was very basic – it recorded passable 1080p videos but really struggled in low light. I drive for Uber on weekends, so clear interior footage is crucial in case any incidents happen with passengers. 

My older cam also had zero connectivity options. I could only view and export videos by removing the microSD card.

So I set out to find an upgraded dual channel dash cam with:

  • Crisp 4K definition on the road
  • Clear interior recording
  • Strong night vision
  • Easy WiFi viewing on my phone
  • Automatic incident detection
  • GPS and driver assistance alerts

The Kingslim D4PRO ticked all these boxes and more in an affordable package.

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

Unboxing and First Impressions

When the Kingslim D4PRO first arrived at my doorstep, I was excited to crack it open and see the dash cam system and components firsthand.

Upon unboxing, it was securely packaged with custom foam inserts and protective lens covers to prevent any shipping damage.

Right away I took inventory of everything included in the box:

  • GPS Bracket
  • D4PRO front dash cam unit
  • Rear/reverse camera
  • Windshield mount
  • Car cigrate charger
  • Rear camera connection cables
  • Pry tool for hiding wires
  • Cable clips
  • Lens cloth
  • User manual

Having prior experience installing a couple of other dash cams in the past, I appreciated that Kingslim included all necessary mounting hardware and wiring in the box to get set up quickly.

The cameras themselves felt sturdy and well-built. The front cam has an integrated 3.1” LCD display and buttons, while the rear cam is more compact.

One pleasant surprise was the front cam’s ability to rotate a full 270 degrees. This allows you to angle the lens forward towards the road, or inward to face the cab and driver seat.

I initially assumed this dash cam would record both forward and inward at the same time, but the D4PRO requires choosing one direction or the other.

However, you can use the rear cam for an inward-facing view if needed. More on that later during my actual installation.

The video output resolutions were also impressive on paper – the front camera captures 4K, while the rear records in 2K. This gave me high hopes for top-notch video footage.

Overall, my first impressions of taking the D4PRO out of the box were very positive. The gear all looked and felt high quality with the potential for great performance.

Time to install it in my truck and see what this dash cam could do!

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

Simple Installation in Just 15 Minutes

The installation process went smoothly thanks to the detailed user manual and included components. I was able to get the entire dual cam system installed in my Toyota RAV4 in around 15 minutes from start to finish.

Here are the step-by-step installation actions I took and you can follow:

  1. Mount the main unit behind the rearview mirror using the suction cup. I positioned it slightly towards the driver’s side for the best angle.
  2. Run the rear camera wire along the top edge of the windshield and place the camera on the dash facing inwards.
  3. Tuck the power cable along the passenger side trim starting from the glove box. I used the included pry tool to neatly position the wire.
  4. Plug the power cable into the 12V lighter socket.
  5. Powered on the dash cams and formatted my SD card when prompted
  6. Adjusted dash cam settings in the menus for optimal video quality
  7. Tested both cameras to ensure good positioning

The whole installation really could not have been much easier thanks to the well-made components and handy wire pry tool included in the box.

If you drive a large vehicle like a van or truck, having enough cable length shouldn’t be an issue. Both power and rear camera cables had more than enough length to route cleanly around the windshield and reach the back seat of my crew cab truck.

One recommendation I have is to position the front camera as centrally on your windshield as possible. This will provide optimal forward video coverage. Higher mounting locations closer to your rearview mirror tend to capture better vantage points as well.

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

And don’t forget to insert your own SD card before powering on the D4PRO! An SD card is required for recording but was not included with my purchase. The D4PRO accepts SD cards up to 256GB.

Real-World Video Quality from the 4K and 2K Dual Lens Dash Cam

Now for the most important testing criteria – how well does the Kingslim D4PRO actually perform when it comes to video recording quality?

I put the dash cam through extensive testing during daytime and nighttime driving sessions in various conditions. Here’s an overview of my experience with the video and image quality:

Daytime Video Recording

  • Crisp, clear 4K (front cam) and 2K (rear cam) footage
  • Excellent colors and contrast
  • Easy license plate legibility in most scenarios
  • Responsive exposure adjustments when going in and out of shade
  • Distortion-free footage with no dropped frames

Night Time or Low Light Recording

  • Bright and vivid video thanks to night vision mode
  • License plates remain legible unless extremely far distance
  • Interior cab footage is darkened but occupants still discernible
  • Some pixelation and noise during low light capture – room for improvement

Overall, I was very pleased with the daytime and nighttime recording capabilities of the D4PRO considering the affordable price point.

Having the high-resolution 4K and 2K cameras with Sony sensors allowed me to capture fine details like license plate numbers, street signs, and vehicle makes/models even under challenging lighting scenarios.

The 6-layer glass lenses also seemed high quality and delivered distortion-free video.

My only critique would be that low light video performance could improve to reduce pixelation – but that’s a common challenge with most dash cams on the market.

Kingslim D4PRO Feature Performance and Functionality

A dash cam needs to provide more than just great video quality – the feature set and functionality should also be comprehensive.

The Kingslim D4PRO comes equipped with a robust set of features that I tested out extensively:

GPS Capabilities

The integrated GPS module automatically tracks and geo-tags your driving route, speed, and other location data.

I found it helpful for remembering specifics about trips I took or reviewing driving habits. Having the speed overlay on videos provides critical evidence in case of any traffic incidents.

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

Clear Night Vision Recording

As mentioned already, the night vision capabilities impressed me given the affordable price. The dash cam automatically activates night vision mode in low-light conditions.

While visibility is reduced compared to daylight, license plates, and vehicle details remained discernible in most nighttime scenarios.

Built-In WiFi for App Connectivity

Connecting the D4PRO to my iPhone via the Kingslim app was quick and easy thanks to the WiFi functionality. No need to fuss with taking out the SD card.

The app lets me view live footage, download saved videos, or change dash cam settings on the fly. Very handy!

Responsive G-Sensor Technology

The integrated G-sensor auto-detects sudden collisions and locks away the footage into a separate “Event” folder so the video isn’t overwritten.

I (very safely) simulated some hard braking and collision-like scenarios to test it out. Each time, the emergency event video was saved exactly as intended without me needing to press anything. Reassuring!

Parking Monitoring

When enabled, parking monitoring continues recording footage even when the vehicle is turned off and parked. This provides monitoring against vandals or hit-and-runs.

I was surprised to find this also required the optional hardwiring kit accessory for constant power.

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

Loop Recording and G-Sensor Auto-Protect

Loop RecordingAutomatically re-records over oldest footage when capacity reached
G-Sensor Auto-ProtectAutomatically saves important event footage to a protected folder

These dual features ensure you never lose critical driving footage – loop recording keeps recording indefinitely while G-sensor auto-protects any collision or sudden brake event videos from being overwritten. 

I never have to worry about missing an important driving event that needs to be saved permanently.

As you can see, the D4PRO comes loaded with advanced features that really elevate its functionality above a basic dash cam. I was able to validate that the core features I cared about most worked reliably to give me peace of mind.

Voice Control for Added Convenience

I don’t typically use voice control features very often, but the D4PRO’s worked better than expected. I could ask it to snap photos, switch views, and turn on/off the screen with decent accuracy.

Comes in handy to capture license plates or events without reaching for the buttons while driving.

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

Intuitive Controls and Connectivity

Another pain point with my old dash cam was having to physically remove the SD card to view or download footage. The Kingslim D4PRO solves that with its built-in WiFi and well-designed mobile app.

After installing the “Kingslim Dash Cam” app on my iPhone, connecting took just seconds:

  1. Enable WiFi on the dash cam from the settings menu. This creates a hotspot.
  2. On my phone, join the D4PRO’s wireless network.
  3. Open the Kingslim app and it will automatically connect to the dash cam.

From here, I could view a live feed, download clips and photos, adjust settings, and format the SD card. It’s a seamless experience that makes accessing your footage way more convenient.

The other benefit is the GPS module. This adds telemetry data like vehicle speed, hard turns, location, and route mapping to your recordings. It can really aid crash claims and insurance investigations.

In terms of controls, the unit’s buttons and menus are well-labeled and responsive. After tinkering around for 10 minutes, I found changing settings like resolution or parking mode very straightforward.

Voice control is also decent – it correctly understood my commands about 8/10 times when speaking loudly. I use this mostly to quickly save or take a photo mid-drive if needed.

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

Lasting Reliability Backed by Warranty

No dash cam will last forever, but Kingslim provides a 2-year manufacturer warranty which is above average. I drive almost every day so longevity is a priority for me.

So far, the D4PRO has held up very well through extreme weather conditions. The suction mount keeps it secured, and the rear camera adhesive is still stuck fast.

Given the IP67 weather resistance rating, I’m confident the D4PRO will last for years of daily driving. Should anything fail prematurely, Kingslim has responsive customer support by email or phone. But the unit feels very well built with quality components that took care of in the design.

For the price, you would be hard-pressed to find another dual cam that matches this build quality and durability.

Final Verdict – Should You Buy the Kingslim D4PRO?

After over 2 weeks of extensive testing and use, I’m ready to weigh in with my final verdict on the Kingslim D4PRO dash cam:

This dual-channel dash cam delivers great value and performance for an affordable price point.

The 4K and 2K video quality consistently impressed me with crisp details I could actually rely on for license plate identification or evidence. Daytime and nighttime footage were equally clear thanks to quality Sony sensors.

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

On top of the excellent video capture capabilities, the D4PRO really shines with its wide array of features that elevate the functionality beyond a basic dash cam:

  • GPS for speed and location tracking
  • G-sensor for auto-protecting critical event footage
  • Built-in WiFi for easy smartphone connectivity
  • Useful parking monitoring and loop recording
  • Voice control for convenient hands-free operation

All the most impactful features worked reliably to provide comprehensive evidence gathering and protection.

If you drive for a living or want total coverage from your dash cam, the D4PRO is an excellent choice. I would recommend it to any rideshare or commercial driver looking for a robust, yet affordable dual recording camera.

So if you’re looking for a top-tier dash cam that captures usable footage day or night, along with high-tech tracking and connectivity, the Kingslim D4PRO will meet your needs without breaking the bank. I’m impressed enough that it will remain the dash cam in my personal vehicle for years to come.

You can grab the Kingslim D4PRO dash cam on Amazon and drive safe out there!

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