Kieslect Ks Pro Smart Calling Watch – Reviewed (Almost Perfect!)

Kieslect Ks Pro Smart Calling Watch

Are you looking for an affordably priced smartwatch compatible with your Android phone? Look no further than the Kieslect Calling Watch Ks Pro! 

This beautifully designed wearable packs impressive style along with robust activity tracking, Bluetooth telephony, and smooth smartphone connectivity without costing you an arm and a leg.

We recently got our hands on the Ks Pro for in-depth testing and have come away mightily impressed by everything this sub-$100 smartwatch brings to the table. 

Keep reading for our full hands-on review!

Key Features

Standout features of the Calling Watch Ks Pro include:

2.01” Super Large AMOLED DisplayWith a spacious 2.01” AMOLED screen, visuals appear vibrant and crystal clear.
Powered by Kieslect OSRuns on a proprietary Kieslect operating system designed for seamless performance.
Abnormal Heart Rate AlertDetects abnormal spikes or drops in heart rate and sends alert notifications.
100+ Sports Modes & IP68 WaterproofTracks over 100 workout modes with 5ATM waterproofing to 50 meters depth.
Stable & Clear BT5.2 CallingBuilt-in Bluetooth 5.2 chipset enables direct calling through the watch.
AI Voice AssistantConnect to Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and more for hands-free voice controls.
Built-in GamesPlay classic mobile games like Flappy Bird and 2048 directly on your watch screen.
Convenient Split ScreenDual-screen layout displays two sets of information or stats simultaneously.
Efficient Message ReplyView notifications and respond to messages via voice dictation or smart reply.
Find My Phone/WatchLocate a lost connected phone or watch using proximity detection alerts.
Smart NotificationsCustomizable notifications from selected apps and contacts.

Eye-Catching, High-End Design

Right off the bat, the Ks Pro makes a terrific first impression with its premium construction blending a mixture of materials like hardened glass, brushed metal, and silicone bands. 

It exudes a bold, high-end yet understated look. The 1.8” square face hits a real sweet spot delivering compact portability without skimping on display real estate or usability. 

Constructed from aircraft-grade alloy, the slick rectangular watch case measures 44 x 41 x 10.5mm and weighs a feathery 44g making it supremely comfortable for all-day wear. 

It didn’t cause any skin irritation or sweating during our testing, even on extended 12+ hour days. The quick-release bands make swapping color options a cinch as well should you desire matching specific outfits.

Vibrant, Information-Packed Display

But it’s the excellent high-resolution display that truly brings the Ks Pro to life! Its crisp and colorful 2.01” AMOLED panel, protected by curved 2.5D glass, provides awesomely wide viewing angles free from distortion even at harsh side perspectives. 

You’ll have zero problems making out text and images regardless of wrist tilt. The generous 410 x 452 pixels resolution pumps out wonderfully sharp and vivid visuals. 

Colors absolutely pop thanks to inky blacks and searing 1000 nits max brightness levels that prove easily visible even under intense daylight. Everything looks wonderfully sharp and beautiful. 

Icons, app interfaces, photos, videos, and especially the wide gamut of customizable watch face backdrops all shine through extremely well. Outdoor visibility shines as well thanks to a built-in ambient light sensor automatically upping screen intensity when needed.

We also love the handy always-on display keeping critical date, time, and select notifications continuously available without chewing extra battery life. This allows checking essentials at a glance while the AMOLED screen technology only lights up active pixels as needed. 

Comprehensive Health, Wellness & Workout Tracking

Now to arguably the most important aspects of any true smartwatch – the fitness tracking, activity monitoring, and health/wellness capabilities. 

This is an area where the Ks Pro absolutely delivers in spades thanks to its cornucopia of built-in sensors and robust companion software app integration.

It provides detailed measurements, reporting, and analysis across a wide range of critical metrics like heart rate variability, irregular heartbeat alerts, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), sleep patterns, stress levels, respiration rates, standing hours, workout detection, and more. 

Over 100 specific sports modes help log specialized data for running, cycling, gym workouts, outdoor adventures, team play, cardio training, strength building, yoga, pilates, and many other popular activities.

During our testing, the watch automatically started recording session details like duration, calories burned, heart zone training, and personalized performance feedback whenever we began exercising. 

GPS connectivity through the paired smartphone allowed for reviewing route maps as well. And the accuracy proved mighty impressive based on cross-checks against dedicated Polar chest straps and fitness trackers.

Recurring automatic pulse rate spot checks, comprehensive sleep phase analysis distinguishing light, deep, and REM, plus proactive idle alerts urging activity after lengthy sedentary periods represent just a sampling of how this wrist-based personal assistant helps motivate building healthy long-term habits.

We especially appreciated the guided breathing and stretching exercises incorporated to help unwind and destress when tension built up.

The companion Kieslect app provides tremendous detail scanning through daily, weekly, and monthly charts highlighting personal patterns and changes over time. If you’re serious about tracking and fine-tuning your personal health and fitness, this smartwatch undoubtedly has you covered.

With a water-resistance grade of IP68, the Ks Pro fearlessly faced raindrops, and splashes, and could even accompany us in water up to 1.5 meters deep – making it our ideal adventure partner.

Smooth Smartphone Connectivity for Calls and Alerts

The Ks Pro firmly establishes itself as so much more than the typical souped-up pedometer though thanks to its seamless Bluetooth pairing and integration with Android mobile devices. 

You can field and conduct phone calls directly through the watch thanks to the built-in microphone and loudspeaker very capable of delivering clear audio in both directions. 

Notification support encompasses the full gamut covering texts, emails, social media pings, calendar events, and practically any app alerts. You can customize which specific notifications get passed along for optimal personalization and curbing distractions. 

Granular control over individual app alert permissions prevents excess bombardment while still keeping you connected. Quick replies and responses further bolster productivity allowing you to handle messages and notifications without constantly whipping out your smartphone. 

Preset customizable canned replies make reacting a cinch while the voice input transcription does an admirable job capturing spoken words and translating to text for those times you need more custom messaging.

Additional Smart Features

Wrapping up the Ks Pro’s robust capabilities portfolio, a few extra smart features like onboard music storage, camera controls, weather updates, timers/stopwatch/alarms, a handy “find my phone” locator when your handset goes missing and a calculator app help round things out nicely. 

There are even some basic games onboard if you want to kill some time playing virtual Flappy Bird or Brick Breaker knockoffs against high-score leaderboards. The built-in 8GB storage lets you load MP3 music tracks and podcasts for phone-free listening when paired with wireless headphones. 

Controlling smartphone cameras for remotely snapping pics proves handy as well. The quick access to weather forecasts and various utility apps handle common day-to-day needs fittingly from the wrist. 

Ultimately, Kieslect did an excellent job packing useful functionality into its streamlined smartwatch OS without bogging things down.

Smooth OS and Interface

Transitioning to software, Kieslect crafted an intuitive streamlined interface perfect for navigating from the compact wrist-worn touch display:

  • Simple swipes, taps, and button presses make toggling between screens, menus, and apps straightforward with a minimal learning curve. Everything feels snappy and responsive.
  • Customizable watch face support lets you upload personal photos or choose from over 190 preloaded digital and analog designs to fit style preferences.
  • Notification center consolidates texts, emails, app alerts and call notifications in one view showing full message contents rather than just alerts. This allows efficient catching up on communications chronologically.
  • Health & fitness dashboard offers one-touch access to daily stat summaries and historical trends with deeper drill-downs into specific metric reporting available through menu toggles.
  • Smooth animations between screen changes coupled with an intuitive arrangement of apps, settings, and notifications make usage almost second nature allowing concentrating on health goals and communicating versus navigating interfaces.

Lengthy 5+ Day Battery Life

Let’s talk about battery performance, arguably one of the most important considerations for practical everyday usability. Kieslect fortunately nails it here as well delivering reliably robust longevity from its integrated rechargeable power pack. 

Despite heavy usage spanning continuous heartbeat recording, sleep tracking, one-hour outdoor GPS-connected workout sessions, hundreds of push notification alerts, maximum screen brightness levels, and occasional calls/voice assistant controls, we still coasted through nearly 5 and a half days of mixed usage before needing a charge.

That’s well above average versus most comparably equipped smartwatches requiring nightly top-ups. When power does eventually run low, the magnetic Pogo pin charger restores things back to 100% in as little as 60-70 minutes thanks to rapid charging circuitry. Forgetting your charger for overnight trips or extended long weekends should pose zero issues.

In a Nutshell

Taking the complete feature set, capabilities, and performance into account, Kieslect utterly nails the competitive sweet spot here from both functionality and pricing perspectives. 

Packed with advanced technology spanning crystal clear touch displays, marathon multi-day battery life, health/wellness sensors, smart notifications, and eye-catching elegant aesthetics, the Calling Watch Ks Pro punches well above its sub $100 cost level. 

So, if you seek a stylish accessory that also elevates your digital lifestyle, the Kieslect Calling Watch Ks Pro belongs on your wrist

Kieslect Ks Pro Smart Calling Watch - Review
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