K&F Concept X PRO Square Filter Holder System Kit Review

K&F Concept X PRO Square Filter Holder System Kit Review

When it comes to landscape photography and getting the correct exposers nothing is more useful than filters. While neutral density (ND) filters let photographers experiment with long exposures to blur the movement of water or clouds, polarizing filters can be used to regulate reflections, enrich colors, and deepen blue skies.

While it may seem more difficult at first glance, a square filter holder system can be much handier than you think. It lets you switch between different-sized lenses very easily and quickly. Different lenses have different filter threads, meaning if you’re using circular filters they won’t transfer between lenses. This is where Square filter holder systems get more advantages. A square holder allows one set of filters to be shared across multiple lenses with different threads. 

Moreover, instead of screwing in each filter, you can just stack them on top of each other. 

If you’re someone who loves seascapes and long exposures and wants to upgrade your filter set the K&F Concept X PRO Square Filter Holder System Kit could be everything you’re looking for. 

K&F Concept X PRO Square Filter Holder System Kit

If you’re looking for a square holder filter to use across a variety of camera lenses by

changing only the adaptor ring, K&F concept X Pro is the right one for you! This pro kit

includes 1 filter holder, 1 95mm CPL, 1 ND1000, a leather filter bag, and 4 adaptor rings to get the right size for your lens.


Series: X-PRO series

Recommended Scenes: Landscape Photography

Function: Light Reduction Effect/Remove Glare

Filter Material: Japanese AGC Glass

Multi-Coating: 28 layers

Photo Filter Thread Size: 95 Millimeters

Waterproof: Yes

Scratch-resistant: Yes

HD: Yes

Material and Durability

The material for the filter is made from Japanese AGC glass with 36 layers of Multi-coating. Both sides of the optic glasses come with nanometer coatings of a total of 36 layers. This makes the filter and holder highly durable and suitable for any adverse

weather condition, as the filters are waterproof, oil-proof, and scratch resistant too. The filter features a protective frame that prevents accidental fall damage. Moreover, it also comes with a nice leather pouch to protect the filters from impacts and Scratches.

K&F Concept X PRO Square Filter Holder System Kit

Ease of Use

The holder itself has a pretty easy CPL insert mechanism with full protection and the huge size of CPL makes it compatible with some ultra-wide-angle lenses. To mount the system, use the right ring adaptor and put on the holder, then level up and tighten the locking knob. After that, just insert the square filter and align it to cover the entire lens, it’s that easy. Both CPL and nd1000 filters can be put in the filter holder. And thanks to its 14mm focal length, you would find no dark corners while shooting.

K&F Concept X PRO Square Filter Holder System Kit


The circular polarizer allows you to remove unwanted reflections from the surfaces like glass, water, and even the camera itself. It also helps to enhance color and contrast, especially for the sky and clouds. You can even stack up the circular polarizing filter together with two 100-by-100-square filters to shoot extremely long exposure pictures, even with polarizing effects. Or you can mix different filters for other cool effects to shoot as you wish. You can use up to three different filters at the same time, one of them being the rotating polarizer filter. 

Extending the exposure period using an ND filter results in a light reduction of ND1000 (10 stops), ND64 (6 stops), and ND8 (3 stops) that allows for a slow shutter speed that may be utilized to capture movement in objects like waterfalls and give the water a silky smooth appearance.

K&F Concept X PRO Square Filter Holder System Kit

Wrapping Up

All in all, K&F concept X pro square filter holder kit system kit offers great value with the included items, and it’s the best one you can get for your camera if you’re into creative and cinematic shots.

Joe Pfeffer

Joe Pfeffer

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