5 Intuitive Employee Scheduling Software for Any Business

5 Intuitive Employee Scheduling Software

No matter how large or small your business is, creating a perfect schedule for your employees and notifying them manually is time-consuming and exhausting. The finest employee scheduling software guarantees that your staff is rostered effectively, boosting productivity and earnings while also saving you hours. 

Therefore, many companies are now relying on scheduling software to save time, avoid miscommunication and create productive schedule shifts. So, this list of 5 Best employee scheduling software might come in handy while choosing the best scheduling software for your organization.

List of 5 Intuitive Employee Scheduling Software

  • Homebase
  • Humanity
  • Deputy
  • Sling
  • Ximble

1. Homebase

In our number one spot we have, homebase, a software used for scheduling, time tracking, payroll integration, and many more. It offers a feature-rich free plan along with scheduling and time tracking, the free plan offers attendance monitoring, job posting, applicant tracking, basic reports, payroll, and POS integration. Even though the free plan is limited to only one location, there is no limitation on employee numbers. This software comes with a library of schedule templates and also allows auto-rescheduling for creating duplicate schedules. One of its attractive features is that it can record employee clock-in and out hours, even in offline mode, and later sync it to the virtual clock. Apart from all these basic features, you can also unlock some premium features like Labor cost controls & budgeting, and PTO tracking by upgrading to

a paid plan.

2. Humanity

Humanity, a cloud-based fast and initiative employee scheduling software that comes with shift management, time clock, leave module, training module, and payroll module for both managers and employees. One of its main attractions is the dashboard where both managers and employees can access information like upcoming shifts, employees on board, on leave or late entry, and also the birthdays of employees. In addition, the notification tiles help the user to go to specific platforms. 

This comes with a 30 days free plan offering all the basic features, but you can customize paid plans according to your preference. The premium plan offers powerful features like advanced filtering options that provide managers with exact information to create error-free schedules. Moreover, it offers skills & certifications, custom leave types & policies, and also allows managers to specify every detail of a shift so that they can evenly distribute shifts without overworking.

3. Deputy

Coming up next, we have, Deputy, a US-based tool for scheduling multiple employee roles in multiple locations. This comes with a 31-day free trial plan which enables a multi-location schedule and allows you to publish up to 100 shifts per month. Deputy runs a five-point check ensuring training, stress profiles, leave, unavailability, and overlapping whenever you create a shift. 

Moreover, it tracks employee qualifications to let you know whether that person is qualified for the assigned task or not. Like other software, finding a replacement, auto-filling an empty shelf, and communicating with employees is easier. Even though the free plan has limited features, you can upgrade to its affordable paid plan for separate time and attendance and scheduling options, or you can choose a plan including complete solutions. 

4. Sling

Next, we have Sling, an employee scheduling and communication app that allows you to automate employee schedules, avoid overlapping shifts, and communicate with employees.

After completing the setup process, a schedule tab opens in front of you where you can create schedules add shifts, and also edit them if necessary. This app allows you to copy, drag or schedule recurring shifts more efficiently. 

Visibility of time off or unavailability of employees makes it easier to create shifts for employees. After the 14 days free trial, you can upgrade to a paid plan and get access to overtime alerts, labor cost management, mobile time tracking, and so on. After scheduling the shifts you need to publish it for the employees to get notified about their new shifts. Moreover, it allows you to save schedules as templates for future use.

5. Ximble

Last but not the least, Ximble, an easy-to-use employee scheduling, and time-tracking tool where you can easily create, edit and assign shifts to employees. Apart from the basic scheduling options, it allows employees to swap shifts or ask for time off directly from the app. 

Employees can add different tasks in the time clock option, and using that, you can review their shift activities and approve time stamps for payrolls. Moreover, It also allows you to filter data based on location, time frame, position, or department. It offers automatic payroll management and allows you to stay connected with your employees all the time with Ximberchat. In addition to the 14-day free trial, it is customizable and allows you to choose between different paid plans.

Ready To Make Perfect Schedule For Your Employees?

Scheduling employees manually can be a tedious and long process, along with the possibility of overlapping or unproductive schedules. Instead of paying an outside company.

You can figure out how to handle your employee scheduling with this above-mentioned list of 5 Intuitive Employee Scheduling Software.

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