Insta360 One X3 vs Insta360 One X2: Next Level 360 Upgrade

We are not sure what inst360 is feeding its team lately, but so far, the world leader in 360 cameras has somehow managed to release a new product almost every month since march. As things go, we have another 360 camera on the market from insta360, which is, of course, the successor of the popular one x2. And, the first change you would notice is there is no “One” branding this time, as it’s being called insta360 X3. 

Insta360 One X3 vs Insta360 One X2 

Apart from removing terms, what else did insta360 upgrade with the X3 compared to the One X2?

Let’s find out!

Bigger Touchscreen

What makes the X3 greater than ever is you get all the updated features in the same candy bar form factor as its predecessor. But this time you get a 2.29-inch rectangular touchscreen with tempered glass, which replaces the old circular display for easier viewing and control. It’s pretty smooth and lets you monitor what’s exactly being captured.

Anyone who has used the one x2 will surely be impressed with this bigger touchscreen upgrade. However, this also adds up some weight to the new camera, but for such a touchscreen, it’s worth it. And, yeah X3 is now waterproof for up to 33 feet right out of the box, which can be extended to quite some extent with the dedicated case.

Camera System

With the X3, you still get to shoot 5.7K resolution videos at 30 fps, with insta360’s very own flow state stabilization. However, the x3 benefits from its larger 1/2-inch 48-megapixel sensors and delivers superior image quality. Besides, the new X3 supports active HDR when shooting 360 videos.

This pops up the overall color, but you can also shoot raw footage so that you can have full-color control while doing post-production. Another great upgrade has been for the still photos. Now you can capture 72-megapixel images, with more details, whereas the one x2 could shoot only 18.4-megapixel photos.

New Shooting Mode

Insta360 also introduced a whole lot of shooting modes like its predecessor, but among them, the most notable one seems to be “me mode”. This will allow you to capture flat selfie videos keeping you in the center, without needing to be reframed for 360 videos.

You can also use deep track 2.0 for keeping the objects in focus or auto frame for capturing everything in 360. Not to mention, with the shotlab feature from the application, you can experiment with 30 cool transitions. And, the most requested feature, 8K 360 timelapse, is also available with the X3.


Among the notable upgrades, what we love the most is increased battery capacity. The One x2 used to come with a 1630mAh battery which would let you shoot for up to 80 minutes. The X3 on the other hand, comes with a 1800mAh battery that can capture videos for up to 90 minutes straight.

Final Say

Insta360 One X3 vs Insta360 One X2: Which one is better?

The Short answer is –  “With this larger screen, bigger sensors for photos and videos, and improved battery life surely make the new insta360 X3 a worthy upgrade compared to the One X2”

Joe Pfeffer

Joe Pfeffer

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