ILIFE W100 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review

ILIFE W100 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review

Technologies have made daily chores easier with innovative machines, and vacuum cleaners are one of a kind. While cleaning with conventional tools like broom and dustpan takes up a significant portion of your day, a vacuum cleaner can do the task in no time. And nothing can beat the convenience of a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the dust from your carpet. Of course, you will also require a high-quality mop to remove stains or dirt from your floor. However, cleaning and storing these tools is a big hassle when you are finally done with the task. But what if your vacuum cleaner can do all the cleaning chores and doesn’t even require you to clean it? Well, that is possible with the W100, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner by ILIFE. It can clean the dust and fur from carpets, make the wooden or tiled floors shine, and clean itself afterward by self-cleaning functionalities. Moreover, it does not limit your range and flexibility with wires.

This cleaner reached our hand a few days ago, and we have been using it for all our household cleaning chores. As we have enough experience with this vacuum cleaner by now, we will review it in this article and let you know if this product is worth it. So, let’s get started.

Box Containings

Inside the box, you will find several components that, when assembled, will enhance your cleaning experience. W100 main body and handle, HEPA filter, docking station, power adapter, cleaning tool, and cleaning solution are all included in this kit.


  • Dimensions: 46.06X11.02X9.84 inches
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs.
  • Clean water tank capacity: 600 mL
  • Dirty water tank capacity: 500 mL
  • Power source: Rechargeable battery 
  • Battery capacity: 3000 mAh 
  • Run time: Around 30 mins.
  • Charge time: Around 4 hours
  • Suction power: 5000-6000 pa

Appearance and Constructions

Like most upright vacuums, the ILIFE W100 Smart Wet-Dry Mop & Vacuum Cleaner has a vertical design. The primary housing is constructed of matte black plastic, which is easy to clean. The handle is mounted on an aluminum rod at the top of the housing. It is slightly angled toward the rear, allowing for a comfortable hold. The front of the handle contains two buttons that activate and deactivate the vacuum and controls the two suction levels. The benefit of this design is that you do not need to keep any triggers pushed while cleaning. Instead, simply press the button, and the W100 will begin working.

There is an LED display on the top of the housing that is easily visible while using the vacuum. This display indicates the current status of the vacuum. The bottom of the main housing has a pivoting and swiveling joint with the carpet roller. This allows for better maneuverability and excellent performance when moving under and around furniture. The transparent cover on the roller helps to determine the brush’s condition and position. You can also determine when the brush is dirty and requires cleaning.

ILIFE W100 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review


Among special features, the LED display provides vital information to consumers, such as battery status, error codes, a countdown timer for the self-cleaning cycle, power modes, and so on. Moreover, the display shows two zeros, and when you activate the self-cleaning process, it functions as a timer counting down from sixty to zero.

Voice prompt is another helpful feature, but it is not enabled by default. To give the vacuum voice commands, you have to press a button on the back of it. This feature, once activated, serves as a reminder for tasks such as emptying the dirty water tank and refilling the clean water tank.

The W100 is a cordless vacuum, so there is no cord in the way. It is powered by a 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery with a 30-minute runtime. So all you have to do is recharge the battery and take it to wherever you need it without worrying about pugs or sockets.


Cleaning with the W100 is very effective and handy. It can perform all types of cleaning chores perfectly which makes it an all-in-one solution for the cleanliness of your house or office. Moreover, shifting between modes is also possible with just a fleak of a switch. This section will discuss the cleaning performance of this wireless vacuum cleaner as we have been using this for quite a few days now. The roller brush on the vacuum is multipurpose and may be used on many surfaces. For cleaning carpets, some of the bristles are strong; others are softer for use on floors. The soft bristles are more of a fabric pile like a dry mop. So when you’re mopping or cleaning up damp spills, this absorbent material comes in handy. In addition, the roller’s shape ensures a good grip on the floor. So all you have to do is point it in the right direction, and it will do the rest.

Dry Cleaning

ILIFE W100 Cordless Dry Cleaning

A broom and dustpan are nothing compared to the W100 when you require a quick sweep of a hard surface area. It’s common for dust and hair to get caught in the bristles of the sweeper or blow away from the pile as you sweep. This vacuum/mop combo has a maximum suction level of 6000 Pascals (Pa); that’s more than your average robot vac. This power figure assists in gaining super cleaning performance. With the W100, most of the scattered trash was sucked up, which is a big plus. This was the vacuum’s best feature, in my opinion. 

If you are a dog or cat owner and having tough times cleaning your carpet and floor, you can rest unworried if you have this vacuum cleaner. Litter dust and cat fur are no challenge for the W100. In addition to the microfiber surface, there are a few dozen clusters of firm bristles on the roller itself, which aid in the removal of bigger debris from the floor.

Wet Cleaning

ILIFE W100 Cordless Wet Cleaning

The W100 is excellent in terms of wet cleaning or mopping, and it includes two water tanks for that. The clean water tank can hold 0.6 liters of water for the mopping function. How far you can go with that depends on the surface and how dirty it is. On a smooth, clean floor, you’ll get a lot more coverage than on a rough, dirty floor. With a single tank, you can easily clean more than 1,000 square feet of hardwood or tile every day. The dirty water tank holds 0.5 liters, which is a little less than the clean water tank. This is because you will leave behind some water that will evaporate. But keep in mind that you’ll need to make two passes if the mess is wet. First, make a pass with the clean water tank empty to clean up the mess. Then after emptying the dirty water tank and filling the clean water tank, make a second pass for the best result.

Self-Cleaning Mode

The charging station of the W100 features a quick self-cleaning mode. You have to push the dedicated button for cleaning after placing the vacuum upright. A timer of 60 seconds will start, and the system will be clean by this timer reaches 0.  After this, you must flush the dirty tank and remove the wet roller. For drying, the roller can be placed on a convenient stand.

Bottom Line

With that, we have reached the bottom line of this discussion. So far, the ILIFE W100 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner has been a great package of multiple functionalities. It is a perfect balance between advanced features and ease of use. If you need a smart all-in-one system for all the cleaning chores, W100 can be your ideal choice. So, you can consider this vacuum cleaner for a hassle-free cleaning at home or office without any doubt. 

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