HomePod Mini vs Echo Dot 5th Gen: Which One to Get?

HomePod Mini vs Echo Dot 5th Gen

The variety of smart speakers available today makes it difficult to compare all of their features and advantages. HomePod Mini and echo Dot 5th Gen is two of the newest smart speakers from Apple and Amazon. Both the HomePod Mini and the Echo Dot 5th Generation are great. But if you are planning to buy a smart mini home speaker, then which one should you get?

In this article, we have compared these two smart mini home speakers based on their design, features, compatibility, price, and more. Watch this article to find out which one would be the right choice for you: Apple’s HomePod Mini or Amazon’s Echo Dot 5th Generation.

HomePod Mini vs Echo Dot 5th Gen

Amazon just released the new Echo Dot 5th Gen smart speaker, which is a slight improvement over the 4th Gen. It includes new visible information and some other updated features, making it an ever smarter speaker than the previous model for the same price. While, on the other side, there is a competitor- Apple’s HomePod mini, one of the pricier mini smart speakers on the market but one that is also packed with features and has an aesthetically pleasing design.

Now, if you are stuck between the lines wondering which speaker is better of the two, then you should scroll down to the end.

SpecificationHomePod MiniEcho Dot 5th gen
ConnectivityWi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 5.0, Thread and ultra-wideband chip for nearby devicesDual band Wi-Fi, BLE
Audio TechnologyFull-range transducer and two passive radiators, 360º sound, computational audio for real-time sound adjustment, four microphones, multi-zone sound with AirPlay 2 and stereo pair compatibility44mm front speaker, custom full-range driver and higher-excursion speaker in its membrane, microphones, multi-zone sound, home theater system
ServicesApple Music, songs purchased from iTunes, iCloud Music Library, third-party music services, Apple Music live stations or on-demand shows, radio stations, Apple Podcasts, newsletters, and AirPlay streamingSpotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn and Bluetooth to send any content from smartphone, tablet or computer
Voice AssistantSiriAlexa
Touch controlsYesYes


Both the Echo Dot 5th Gen and the HomePod Mini are spherical smart speakers with sleek and modern designs. 

The HomePod Mini is a compact and lightweight smart speaker that comes in aesthetic white or space gray colors. HomePod mini is equipped with three microphones and a touch surface on top, which enables it to recognize your voice and commands automatically. On the side, you will also find the volume control buttons, enabling you with more accessible control. It also features a backlit touch surface on the top that provides quick and easy control.

Though the Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen has a similar design and compact shape as the 4th Gen, it has a still-solid design. It offers more color options than the HomePod mini, including charcoal, deep sea blue, glacier white, and an exclusive kid’s version with two different themes. The Echo Dot 5th Gen includes four rubber buttons protruding from the fabric along with the top of the sphere. It also features a hidden clock behind the fabric grille, which is lit up by a 5-by-24 array of white LEDs. Need more sleep? Simply tap on the top of this smart speaker to snooze or stop an alarm. Do the same to end a call, stop a timer, or pause a song.


The HomePod Mini’s compact speaker uses a full-range driver with dual passive radiators that delivers crisp and clear mid and high-range sounds without much compromise on bass. Additionally, the HomePod mini supports high-resolution audio tuning.

The Echo Dot 5th Gen delivers clearer vocals and deeper bass for a rich, vibrant sound. Its unique shape is the hero here. Because of its spherical design, the speaker offers a dynamic audio experience anywhere in your home. 

Both of these speakers deliver unexpectedly big sounds for speakers of their size.


The HomePod mini can be easily connected with your other Apple products, including iPhones and AirPods. It serves as a home hub that enables access to HomeKit devices while you’re away, allowing you to control HomeKit-compatible smart home accessories. It also includes Intercom technology, which allows messages to be sent from one device to another, ensuring clear communication among your family members. So, if you are an Apple user, adding the HomePod mini to your Apple ecosystem can be a smart move. 

But, if you are an Android user, consider getting Amazon’s, Echo Dot. The Echo Dot 5th Gen is designed to work with a variety of compatible devices, including Fire TV and Amazon Fire Sticks, as well as some other smart home devices. When paired with compatible light bulbs, thermostats, and other smart devices, you can control your smart home appliances using your voice. It also features new motion sensors that lead to additional ways to interact with the device beyond voice control and physical buttons. 

Which One to Get?

HomePod Mini vs Echo Dot 5th Gen: Which One is better?

“In short – Well, it’s a tie. Apple users will consider the HomePod Mini for its dedicated iOS functionalities and better niche sound features. Other than that, for non-apple users, it is an ideal option to go for Amazon’s latest Echo Dot 5th Gen, which is priced at half of the HomePod and offers almost the same convenient use.”

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