Difference Between Headphones vs Headset: Which One Should You Get?

Headphones or Headset Which One to Get

Have you ever thought about what’s the difference between a headphone and a headset? Well, some of you probably feel like these are the same, but they’re not! And to find out what are the differences between headphones and headsets, we’ve prepared this article to answer one simple question: Headphones or Headsets?- Which one to get?

One of the most noticeable differences between the two is the microphone. To be more precise, a headset consists of a built-in external microphone. On the other hand, a headphone does not have an external microphone, rather the mic is integrated inside the device in order to give you a hassle-free portable experience. And it’s true that the voice quality of a headset will be better compared to a regular headphone because it was built for that purpose. While considering the purpose of a headphone, it’s manufactured to deliver great sound, portability, and utility. We’re not saying that the mic of a headphone doesn’t work well, but it’s not up to the standard of a headset.

Now, about the build quality. As e-sports tournaments are getting more popular each day, professional gamers all around the globe demand a great gaming headset. They want the best possible sound, the best possible microphone, the most comfort, and the least latency if the headset is wireless. So, manufacturers have been dealing with this challenge of producing amazing gaming headsets to quench the thirst of gamers. They try their best to blend portability and performance to make the perfect gaming headset. 

You’ve already known that a headphone, rather an over-ear headphone, has to be portable, comfortable, and is expected to have the best sound quality as it’s the main reason to buy one. And headphones like the WH-1000XM4 from Sony is considered to be the best headphone so far, even though there are people who seem to have a better affiliation with the Airpods max, but in reality, it’s not that portable at all. However, if your concern is gaming, then do get a good pair of gaming headsets. Brands like HyperX, Razer or, Logitech have manufactured some of the most iconic gaming headsets so far. But if your purpose is to just listen to music, then it’s not recommended to get a headset. Instead, get a pair of headphones from Sony, or Sennheiser as they produce amazing headphones for audiophiles.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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