GPD Win Max 2 vs An Actual Laptop: Did Laptops Just Become Irrelevant?

GPD Win Max 2 vs An Actual Laptop

The recently launched GPD Win Max 2 is a versatile handheld PC with a huge improvement in both design and performance. By the looks of it, it has been designed for regular, office, and gaming use, and it does work pretty well in all criteria. So does a laptop but in a much bigger form factor.

Today, we will compare the GPD Win Max 2 with an actual laptop to figure out whether you can adopt this handheld PC as your go-to portable device. Let’s get started, shall we?

Form Factor and Design

The first plus of having the Win Max 2 as your daily driver is the form factor. It is bigger compared to standard gaming handhelds but more compact than a typical laptop.

Users can effortlessly hold it in their hands for a longer period which is not as comfortable with a laptop. The QWERTY keyboard layout combined with joystick and D-Pad makes it versatile for gaming as well as normal use. However, Win Max 2 lacks the screen real estate that a laptop often has. A bigger screen does make a difference for almost any kind of use, whether it’s gaming, productivity, or content consumption. But we do have to admire the surround sound speakers, built-in camera, and a wide fleet of connectivity options on the GPD Win Max 2, which makes it no less than an actual laptop. 


Laptops these days are quite intensive on the performance side due to the specs that can be cramped inside of them. Take the ROG Zephyrus M16, for example. Powered by a 12th Gen i9 CPU and an RTX 3080Ti, this thing is a gaming beast. Surprisingly, similar sorts of specs are now available on the handheld side as well.

Under the hood, the GPD Win Max 2 packs powerful CPUs such as AMD 6800U and Intel 12th Gen 1260p which makes it compete against its powerful laptop counterparts. So you won’t be falling behind on the performance side that much with the Win Max 2.

However, there is a catch! Upgrading a handheld is not as easy as it is with a full-blown laptop. People can plug in an internal SSD or upgrade the RAM quite conveniently on a laptop.


As mentioned earlier, GPD Win Max 2 is designed for more than just gaming. It can be used for general browsing, working on documents, and even video calling. The touch screen also makes it simple to jot down notes with a stylus pen. The only thing holding it back is the limited screen size.

A laptop, on the other hand, is an ideal portable machine. Although they are not as compact as the GPD Win Max 2, they get the job done pretty well. They are also getting light and slim with every new release, which makes carrying hassle-free.

Final Verdict

To conclude, although the GPD Win Max 2 offers impressive performance and convenience as a handheld PC, it is still not enough to match laptops’ upgradability and screen size. However, if you do not plan to upgrade your device or care much about screen size but still want a powerful and highly portable device, the GPD Win Max 2 will be the perfect option for you.

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