GEONFINO Smart Door Lock Review: Best Smart Lock

GEONFINO Smart Door Lock Review Best Smart Lock

Traditional door locks are good enough to keep the trespassers at bay but the convenience that comes with a smart door lock is on another level. Not only do they add some extra security to your home, but also allow you to enter your house without any keys. That way you never have to worry about losing your keys again. Although there are several smart locks out there in the market, finding one that can maintain the balance between price and features is nearly impossible. Well nearly, not entirely impossible as we’ve found the perfect one.

Introducing the GEONFINO Smart Key Lock, an affordable smart key lock for your house that is packed with impressive features to make your life simple and secure. In this article, we are going to review it and try to find out if this is really worth your money or not.

GEONFINO Smart Door Lock


  • Lock Features: Bluetooth, Password, Physical Key, and 2 RFID Cards.
  • Control: Mobile App
  • Accuracy: 98%
  • Battery Requirement: 4x AA Batteries
  • Battery Life: 8,000 operations / 12 months
  • Weather Resistance: IP65 weatherproof rating

What’s Inside the Box

Opening the box, you will find a User Manual, Warranty Card, Installation Guide, and the product itself which is fitted inside a secure package. Then you have a couple of other boxes with necessary hardware, keys, and other accessories. As expected, a simple unboxing experience, nothing crazy, which we highly appreciate.


Before we jump into the design and build, let’s talk about the installation first. It’s fairly simple as it doesn’t require any kind of drilling. With just a screwdriver and following the installation guide, you can easily install the smart deadbolt lock. Just make sure your door size meets the installation specifications.

Design & Build

In terms of design, this smart lock looks sleek and elegant mostly because of its simple yet gorgeous matte black color design. On the front, you’ll find your traditional keyhole and just above it, there is an OLED display with sensitive touch screen controls which are visible in the dark because of the LED light.

For the build, this smart key lock is built out of Zinc Alloy Body and feels rock-solid. Besides, it has an IP65 weatherproof rating along with a working temperature range from -22° to 131° Fahrenheit (-22°F to 131°F) to withstand extreme weather. As a result, this smart key lock is suitable for daily outdoor use.


It is a feature-packed smart lock offering 4 ways to unlock your door including Bluetooth, Password, Physical Key, and 2 RFID Cards. With so many unlocking options, you can satisfy the unlocking preferences of the whole family. The sensitive keys take only 0.5 seconds to instantly unlock the door. For mobile unlocking, you have to download the TTLock app first.

With this app, you can generate permanent, one-time, or custom passwords and share them with your guests and friends whenever they need access. Not just that, you can also check the records about unlocking in real-time via APP using your mobile. This way you can create a secure, smart life for yourself.

Moving on to the battery life, it is equipped with four double-A batteries (4x AA Batteries) that can provide a total of 8000 unlocks and will last you about 12 Months.

Final Thoughts

The tagline of the GEONFINO Smart Key Lock is – Simple, Smart and Secure. From our usage, it’s pretty clear that it wasn’t only a marketing term. Sure there are lots of fancy smart key locks out there with more features like WiFi and Voice Command. But none of them offer so much value as this smart key lock does. It cracks the basics, is simple to use, and safeguards your property to protect your loved ones and have peace of mind. That’s exactly why it earns an easy recommendation from us.

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