5 Free Powerpoint Alternative Software That Are Actually Good

Free Powerpoint Alternatives That Are Actually Good!

Finding free PowerPoint alternatives that are actually good can be difficult. There’s no denying that Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation tool, and day by day, it’s just getting better and better. 

However, not everyone can afford it and use it daily. So, it’s common for you to look for a PowerPoint alternative that functions well and is available at no cost. But finding a presentation software that adds almost all the functionalities of PowerPoint for entirely free can be a daunting process. 

Therefore, after tons of research and trial usage, we have gathered up 5 free PowerPoint alternatives that are actually good.

  • Google Slides
  • LibreOffice
  • WPS Office
  • Keynote
  • Canva

1. Google Slides

Google Slides is the most popular PowerPoint alternative in the market. Part of that reason is its powerful collaboration feature, where multiple people can work simultaneously. This is further strengthened by its compatibility. It seamlessly connects to other Google apps to save you time. Not just that, it works perfectly on any desktop browser and has apps for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Google Slides
Google Slides

As for features, it isn’t lacking anything important. For example, you can easily insert videos, diagrams, and animations into your slides. There is also a Presenter View which gives you more control over how your presentation appears to your audience. 

Although the number of templates is somewhat limited compared to PowerPoint, it’s pretty easy to import thousands of additional templates completely free.

All in all, Google Slides is an excellent PowerPoint alternative to create, present, and collaborate on online presentations from any device.

2. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is open-source software that’s capable of doing everything Microsoft Office can do. It also includes a presentation tool called Impress, which is similar to PowerPoint. In terms of design, it looks almost identical to PowerPoint. But, it lacks some features like integration with OneDrive and a built-in collaboration tool.


However, it has a few strengths of its own. For example, it can import files from Keynote, and the available free templates are plenty. You can also use as many fonts as you want to change the presentation’s look. It has a complete range of drawing and diagramming tools that are easy to use and can add style to your presentation. Besides, you can bring your presentation to life with slide show animations and effects.

Finally, LibreOffice is available across Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. So, considering everything, it’s a great alternative to PowerPoint, which you can use completely free.

3. WPS Office

WPS Office is yet another office app that’s look-alike Microsoft Office. It has a presentation tool with lots of pre-built templates and animations. This presentation software has similar capabilities to PowerPoint, including slide transitions, content effects, video embedding, and lots more. Because of this, switching from PowerPoint to this software is relatively easy, as it feels a lot more familiar. 

WPS Office
WPS Office

Moreover, this presentation software fully supports PowerPoint files which means you can easily import a PPT file without any layout issues. Another great thing about this software is its ability to run on multiple platforms flawlessly. Supported by both desktop and mobile devices, it syncs data across all devices for real-time team collaboration.

Do keep in mind that this free app is supported by ads. But thankfully, they aren’t that intrusive and don’t get in the way. Plus, it’s absolutely free. Because of that, we highly recommend WPS Office as a PowerPoint alternative. 

4. Keynote

Keynote is Apple’s answer to Microsoft’s PowerPoint. It’s got everything you would ever want from Apple software. It’s sleek, modern, and highly intuitive. The user interface on this app is well laid out, and all the essential tools are put together in the front and center so that you and your team waste less time and work more. This presentation software is packed with powerful features like creating interactive and animated charts.


Additionally, there are lots of polished templates and designs that are prebuilt into the software. Besides that, you can easily access more than 30 cinematic transitions to add drama to your presentation.

After the release of the Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2, Keynotes has become even more intuitive. You can create diagrams or illustrations to create stunning and memorable presentations.

Lastly, all the presentations in Keynote are safely stored in your iCloud account, which means you and your team can work together whether it’s Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Because of this, it’s perfect for every Apple user.

5. Canva

Canva is perfect for making quick presentations online. One of the greatest strengths of this tool is the ease of use without any learning curve. As a result, even a complete beginner can easily navigate its minimal and straightforward browser interface to make a compelling presentation. This free software offers thousands of presentation templates that you can use to speed up your workflow. In addition to that, you can use the searchable library to add lots of fantastic elements and images to your presentation.


As an online platform, this makes it easier to collaborate with your friends and colleagues. For example, you can invite them to edit the slideshow or share the finished presentation seamlessly. However, keep in mind that this software can’t import or export presentations into PPT format.

So, it’s clear that although Canva is well known as a photo editor and design tool, it also offers a basic set of features to be a PowerPoint alternative.

“Although Microsoft PowerPoint is unbeatable in features, functionality, and convenience, it is not the only software you can use for preparing a quality presentation. The free and excellent alternatives of PowerPoint may lack some flexibility and creativity, but they are capable of catering to all your needs. So try all of them and choose one for your project!”

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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