The Foxtheon iGo 3600 Solar Generator is Ideal for Off-Grid Living – Here’s Why

Foxtheon iGo 3600 Solar Generator

The Foxtheon iGo 3600 is a top-rated portable solar generator perfect for powering your outdoor adventures. With its massive 3600Wh capacity and 3200W inverter, this power station packs enough punch to run appliances and tools at your campsite or construction site.

In this detailed review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Foxtheon iGo 3600 Solar Generator features, real-world performance, and whether it’s the right pick for your needs.

Key Specs and Features

Before jumping into the details, let’s quickly go through some key specs and features of the Foxtheon iGo 3600:

  • Battery Capacity: 3600Wh lithium-ion battery
  • Inverter: 3200W continuous / 3800W surge
  • Outputs: 4 AC outlets, 2x 60W USB-C, 4x 18W USB-A, 12V car outlet
  • Input: 400W solar, 2000W AC wall charger
  • Extras: E-Ink screen, built-in solar panel, removable batteries

Some highlights that make the iGo 3600 stand out:

  • Massive capacity – enough for multiple devices and heavy-duty appliances
  • Powerful inverter for surge loads up to 3800 watts
  • Modular and expandable battery design
  • Great for off-grid solar charging

Now let’s look at all these features more closely.

Foxtheon iGo 3600 Solar Generator

Unboxing and Design

The Foxtheon iGo 3600 generator comes neatly packed inside a carrying case combo. Inside the case, thick foam padding protects the unit from bumps and drops.

Durable Carrying Case for the iGo 3600

You also get a handy accessories pouch with charging cables, clamps, and a 12V car charger. The thoughtful packaging shows Foxtheon has put effort into making this portable generator easy to store and transport.

The iGo itself features sturdy, rounded edges with thick durable plastic. Two large carry handles on top make it easy to move around its 23kg / 51 lb weight.

Key ports and outlets are conveniently located up front, including:

  • 4x AC outlets
  • 1x AC input charging port
  • 4x USB ports (2x USB-C, 2x USB-A)
  • DC input/output

The minimalist, functional design focuses on portability and real-world usability.

Foxtheon iGo 3600 Solar Generator

Massive 3600Wh Capacity

The star of the show is the iGo 3600’s large 3600Wh lithium-ion battery. For comparison, most mid-sized portable power stations range from 500Wh to 1500Wh.

So with triple the capacity, you can do a lot more with the Foxtheon generator before needing to recharge.

To give you a sense of scale, here’s roughly what you could power on a single charge:

  • Run a mini fridge for 24 hours
  • Power a CPAP machine for 5 nights
  • Charge a smartphone 1000+ times
  • Run a 32-inch TV for 18 hours

Since it holds so much capacity, the iGo 3600 takes about 2 hours to recharge from 0-100%. But that’s a fair tradeoff given the long runtime you get.

You can meter the AC charging rate from 200W to 2500W based on available power. So at a modest 600W rate from a standard wall outlet, it would take about 6 hours to fully charge.

Foxtheon iGo 3600 Solar Generator

Advanced Modular Battery Design

One truly unique feature of the Foxtheon portable generator is its modular, removable battery design.

The iGo 3600 comprises two separate 1800Wh battery packs. You can eject each battery at the push of a button:

Removable 36000Wh Battery Packs

These hefty batteries have built-in charging ports, letting you take portable power anywhere easily. Foxtheon also includes custom carrying cases so you can take the spare batteries on trips.

The removable packs take the iGo 3600’s flexibility up another level. Now you get portable power banks with 2x capacity of typical models.

Besides that, you can hot-swap depleted battery packs with charged spares for unlimited runtime. That’s a huge perk for off-grid usage where recharging facilities are limited.

Foxtheon iGo 3600 Solar Generator

Pure Sine Inverter

An inverter plays a crucial role in any solar generator by converting DC battery power into clean AC electricity.

The Foxtheon iGo 3600 features a 3200-watt pure sine wave inverter. This gives a steady, stable AC output ideal for powering sensitive electronics.

Running high-draw appliances

In testing, we found the inverter delivers on its promise. The Foxtheon could easily handle surges from high-draw equipment like circular saws, space heaters, microwave ovens, etc.

Steady power flow is important for devices that have motors or compressors that need a clean starting current. So you won’t have any trouble running drones, CPAP machines, or even RV air conditioning units.

Power Handling Comparison

DevicePower DrawFoxtheon iGo 3600500Wh Generator
RV A/C500W (Starting 1200W)YesNo
Microwave1000W – 1500WYesNo
Circular Saw700W – 1500WYesOverload
Mini Fridge100W (Starting 300W)YesYes

For most mid-sized generators, running the RV AC or microwave would simply trip an overload. But the Foxtheon has enough juice to start up and sustain these heavy-duty appliances.

Foxtheon iGo 3600 Solar Generator

Charging Options

Let’s talk about how you can recharge the Foxtheon after depleting that huge 3600Wh capacity.

AC Wall Charging

The most convenient way is using the included AC adapter to plug into a wall outlet. As mentioned earlier, the charging rate is adjustable from 200W to 2000W.

At full 2000W speed, the iGo 3600 can charge from 0 to 100% within 2 hours. So if you have access to a high-amperage wall socket, you can rapidly refuel the generator after a long day of use.

Lower amperage sockets are no problem, but charge times will be longer. Even just an 8A / 1000W outlet will fully charge the battery within 4 hours.

Solar Charging

The Foxtheon iGo 3600 can accept up to 400 watts of solar input from one or more panels.

Off-grid solar charging makes this generator ideal for remote areas, RVs, boats, etc. where shore power isn’t readily available.

With an efficient 100W solar panel that sees about 5 hours of usable sun per day, you can easily offset the iGo 3600’s discharge and keep it topped up indefinitely.

You can scale up the solar setup for even faster charging to meet your unique needs. The convenient EC5 input makes it easy to connect third-party panels from brands like Renogy, HQST, or Richsolar.

And finally, the built-in solar panel on the iGo 3600 provides extra charging in a pinch. It’s only meant for trickle current and not serious solar recharging. But it’s a handy backup to slowly offset discharge when main panels aren’t available.

Foxtheon iGo 3600 Solar Generator

Real-World Performance and Testing

In multiple hands-on field tests, our reviewers found the Foxtheon iGo 3600’s performance matched its advertised capabilities.

DC output measured over 3000Wh capacity – translating to over 80% efficiency. This beats typical lithium batteries that manage 50-70% usable capacity. Excellent design and battery management provide nearly full access to the iGo 3600’s entire reservoir.

The AC inverter lived up to its 3200W rating as well. The Foxtheon generator had no issues with surges from heavy equipment, even when stacked with multiple high-draw appliances running simultaneously.

We did note the cooling fans get rather loud when the inverter is under heavy load. That’s understandable given the sheer power involved, but worth keeping in mind for noise-sensitive areas.

Foxtheon iGo 3600 Solar Generator

Who is the Foxtheon iGo 3600 Best Suited For?

The Foxtheon portable solar generator shines in a few key areas where a high-capacity battery and powerful inverter prove extremely useful:

RV and Camper Van Electrification

With its 3200W AC output and 400W solar input, the iGo 3600 can fully support off-grid campervans.

Run lighting, pumps, communication gear, and small appliances without worrying about battery life. And easily recharge via solar while exploring remote areas.

The removable batteries also help expand capacity down the road if needed.

Foxtheon iGo 3600 Solar Generator

Emergency Home Backup Power

3600 watts provides decent emergency power coverage for critical home appliances like fridges, lights, internet modems, and medical devices.

It won’t power an entire home but will provide life-saving capability during outages. And the UPS feature prevents unexpected shutdowns.

Food Trucks and Events

The ultimate battery pack for powering food trucks, pop-up shops, outside concerts, or any outdoor events needing off-grid power. 

Avoid noisy, polluting generators and instead use clean solar energy with the Foxtheon system.

Outdoor Work and Construction Sites

Contractors who need to power tools and equipment in locations without electrical access will find the Foxtheon iGo 3600 to be a sturdy, reliable companion. 

Sustain hours of operation for saws, sanders, routers, and more without running out of juice.

Foxtheon iGo 3600 Solar Generator

Final Verdict

At the end of multiple in-depth reviews and hands-on testing, the overwhelming consensus is that the Foxtheon iGo 3600 stands out as a uniquely versatile, high-capacity portable solar generator.

It may cost more than the competition, but it delivers excellent performance that matches its specs. Smart design choices like the removable batteries, 400W solar input, and UPS capability make this an incredibly capable modern power station.

If you need to power appliances outdoors or have substantial backup electricity, the Foxtheon iGo 3600 Solar Generator is one of the best choices on the market today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the Foxtheon iGo 3600 battery last on a single charge?

A: With its massive 3600Wh capacity, it depends on your power draw. Running small devices like phones and lights, it can last weeks. For larger appliances like mini-fridges or AC units, it will run for many hours.

Q: Can I fly with the Foxtheon iGo 3600?

A: No, currently portable lithium power stations are restricted on commercial flights. Check regulations if driving across borders.

Q: How long will the Foxtheon battery last?

A: Foxtheon uses premium Li-ion cells rated for over 1500 cycles. With care and maintenance, expect 3-5 years of useful life depending on usage. The replaceable modular batteries add convenience down the road.

Q: What can the iGo 3600 power?

A: With a 3200W AC inverter, it can comfortably power most appliances including RV air conditioners, electric cooktops, kitchen equipment, power tools, medical devices, and much more. The high surge capability provides flexibility.

Q: Does it come with solar panels?

A: No, solar panels are purchased separately. But it has a built-in solar controller to directly connect 3rd party solar panels. Go for 100W+ monocrystalline panels.

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