What Makes the Eufy SoloCam S340 a Great Choice for Outdoor Security?

Eufy Solo Cam S340 Review

Home security cameras have exploded in popularity in recent years. As technology advances, the latest models offer improved performance, convenience, and clever features. One of the newest outdoor security cameras that caught our attention is the Eufy SoloCam S340.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at the S340’s design, features, installation process, video and image quality, AI smarts, solar charging capabilities, and more. We’ll also see how it compares to other popular outdoor cameras like the SoloCam S230 and Ring Spotlight Cam.   

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Key Specs

CameraDual-cam 3K/2K
Battery life3 months standalone, unlimited with solar
Local storage8GB onboard
Night visionColor with spotlight
Connectivity2.4 GHz WiFi only
Smart featuresOn-device detection, voice assistant integration
Dimensions4.6 x 2.5 x 4.6 in

Unboxing and What’s Included

Inside the S340 box, you’ll find the camera itself along with several handy accessories:

  • Solar panel – This panel attaches to the top of the solar camera to continuously recharge the built-in battery using sunlight. The solar panel is removable so you can install it in an optimal sun-facing position.
  • Solar panel mount – Used to securely install the solar panel.
  • Camera mount – A sturdy metal bracket for attaching the S340 to walls or ceilings.
  • Screw pack – Includes all screws and anchors needed for installation.
  • 10 ft USB-C cable – Connects the removable solar panel to the camera.
  • Quick start guide – A helpful visual reference for getting set up quickly.

The inclusion of both the camera and solar panel right in the box means the S340 comes ready for simple installation out of the box. The generous cable length also allows flexibility in solar panel positioning.

Design and Build Quality

The S340 sports a slick dual-lens camera design with a large solar panel mounted on top. The rugged weatherproof construction and durable aluminum alloy shell ensure it can withstand harsh outdoor environments and changing seasons.

Eufy Solo Cam S340 Review

On the front are the two camera lenses, neatly arranged in a horizontal orientation. The upper lens is a 2K resolution telephoto lens with 8x hybrid zoom, while the larger bottom lens is a 135° wide-angle 3K lens. This dual-lens system provides both zoomed-in and expansive views.

Another useful design feature is the built-in motion-activated LED spotlight. It illuminates up to 100 lumens brightness when the camera detects movement. This provides color night imaging rather than traditional black-and-white infrared.

Eufy Solo Cam S340 Review

Overall, the S340’s durable design and strategic placement of components make it well-suited for outdoor installation.

Installation and Setup

Mounting and setting up the S340 camera is a straightforward process. There are two installation methods to choose from – ceiling mounting or side wall mounting.

The key steps are:

  1. Select the desired mounting position and use the included template to mark holes. Only two screw holes are needed to mount the camera body.
  2. Drill the holes and insert wall anchors if installing in masonry.
  3. Affix the camera mount using the screws, then attach the S340 to the mount.
  4. Position the solar panel for optimal sun exposure and secure it in place with the solar panel mount.
  5. Connect the solar panel cable to the camera.
  6. Download the Eufy app and follow the on-screen pairing and configuration instructions.
Eufy Solo Cam S340 Review

Helpful installation tips:

  • When ceiling mounting, install the solar panel below the camera. For wall mounting, install the solar panel above.
  • Extend the solar panel cable and position the panel in a spot with the most sunlight throughout the day.
  • Refer to the Eufy app and product manual for step-by-step guidance. Live chat support is also available.

The entire process takes around 5-10 minutes. With the expandable solar panel, you can find the perfect sun-drenched location to maximize solar recharging.

Eufy Solo Cam S340 Review

Video and Image Quality

Now onto the camera’s imaging performance – where the S340 really shines thanks to its dual high-resolution lenses.

The default view is the wide 135° angle 3K lens. It captures video at a crisp 2160p resolution with excellent clarity and detail from edge to edge. The large f/1.6 aperture allows over 20% more light capture compared to standard security cameras. This results in brighter, sharper imaging day and night.

Eufy Solo Cam S340 Review

With digital zoom, you can punch in up to 8x closer. But the S340 takes it a step further with its 2K resolution telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom. Tap the zoom button in the app and the view seamlessly switches to the 2K lens for pristine quality at 3x magnification. This hybrid optical + digital zoom allows the identification of faces and license plates up to 50 feet away.

Eufy Solo Cam S340 Review

To compare the image quality side-by-side, we set up a S340 along with a 1080p SoloCam S230. Viewing text on a page from 10 meters away, the difference was clear. The S340 maintained legibility with significantly sharper text, while the 1080p camera blurred text to illegibility. For discerning buyers prioritizing image quality, the jump to 3K resolution is worthwhile.

Night imaging is also excellent thanks to the dual lighting modes. Infrared night vision is available for zero-light scenarios with decent monochromatic video. But the S340 truly shines with its built-in spotlights. When motion is detected, two bright LEDs automatically illuminate the camera’s field of view with 100 lumens of vibrant light. This enables color night video to capture critical details like clothing colors and vehicles that infrared misses.

Eufy Solo Cam S340 Review

Smart Motion Tracking

Beyond its great IQ, the S340 camera packs clever built-in motion tracking powered by AI technology.

When a person or vehicle is detected, the camera will automatically pan, tilt, and zoom to follow the object and keep it centered in the frame. This tracking utilizes the S340’s full range of motion – 360° panning and 70° tilt.

Eufy Solo Cam S340 Review

The continuous tracking allows you to always have a close-up view of any activity happening on your property. You won’t miss a thing thanks to the camera’s ability to intelligently follow subjects.

You can toggle the auto-tracking on or off anytime in the app. There are also four customizable preset positions that instantly point the camera to common areas you define, like your front door or driveway.

Solar Charging and Battery Life

Now for the game-changing feature that sets the S340 apart – its integrated solar power system.

The removable solar panel feeds power into a built-in 10,000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery to outdoor security camera keep the solar-powered security camera running 24/7. This eliminates the need for any electrical wiring or manual battery swaps.

Eufy’s proprietary SolarPlus technology enables impressive solar efficiency even in low-light conditions. The solar cells can operate down to just 2500 lux brightness (75% less light than typical panels).

Obstructed by trees? No problem – the optimized solar cells can charge at 60% power even when 50% shaded. Leaving the solar panel in a spot with just 2 hours of direct daily sunlight is enough for the continuous operation of the S340 security camera.

In backup situations when the sun is limited, the internal battery stores up to 3 months of power as a reserve. But with the solar panel topped up each day, the solar-powered security camera essentially runs indefinitely without relying on an outlet. 

This is a complete game changer compared to security cameras requiring frequent battery changes or charging.

Eufy Solo Cam S340 Review

Smart Integration

Out of the box, the S340 comes packed with onboard smart features:

  • Human detection – Identifies people and triggers automatic tracking + recording
  • Vehicle detection – Recognizes cars, trucks, and bikes
  • Face detection – Can determine human faces to enable facial recognition when linked with HomeBase
  • Voice control – Hands-free operation using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa commands
Eufy Solo Cam S340 Review

Connecting your S340 to the optional Eufy HomeBase 3 hub opens up even more capabilities:

  • Family detection – Recognizes specific family members
  • Pet detection – Identifies dogs and cats (beta feature)
  • Automations – Custom reactions like light triggering based on detection
  • Local storage – View and download video clips to the SoloCam S340’s 8GB on-device storage. Connecting to HomeBase S380 increases the storage capacity up to 1TB
Eufy Solo Cam S340 Review

So the S340 offers helpful AI right off the bat, with the option to expand features down the road via HomeBase 3 integration. All processing runs locally with no monthly fees.

Spec Comparison

FeatureSoloCam S340SoloCam S230Ring Spotlight Cam
Resolution3K + 2K dual lens2K wide angle1080p
Lens aperturef/1.6f/2.0f/2.0
Zoom8x hybrid3x digitaldigital
Spotlight100 lumens600 lumens300 lumens
Night visionColor + infraredColor + infraredColor + infrared
Battery life3 months on battery3 months on battery6 weeks
Solar chargingRemovable 2.2W panelIntegrated 1.2W panelOptional solar panel addon
Smart featuresOn-device detection, voice assistantOn-device detection, voice assistantMotion detection, voice assistant

As the chart shows, the S340 boasts upgrades across the board from extra zoom power and clearer 3K video to more efficient solar charging. It comes at a similar price point as 1080p cameras but delivers significantly enhanced performance.

Pricing and Black Friday Deal

The regular retail price of the SoloCam S340 is $199.99. However, Eufy is currently offering a special discounted price for Black Friday through November 28th.

The Black Friday deal takes $60 off the usual price, bringing it down to only $139.99 (plus tax). This represents a 30% savings versus the regular $199.99 cost.

To take advantage of the time-limited promotion, use coupon code WS24BFT8170 at checkout while buying from the official website. While buying this wireless security camera from Amazon, this will automatically apply the $60 discount to your order.

At only $139.99, the feature-packed S340 becomes an even more compelling value compared to competitor cameras. Considering its dual lens, solar charging, pan/tilt mechanics, and onboard AI smarts, it packs quite a punch at this holiday sale price point.

This Black Friday deal ends November 28th!

Our Verdict

After extensive testing, the Eufy SoloCam S340 has won us over with its versatile imaging, continuous solar power, and intelligent tracking features. The upgrades over past SoloCam models are substantial, making this a formidable smart security camera.

Most Impressive Features of Eufy SoloCam S340

  • Dual lens provides 3K clarity & 8x zoom
  • Impressive solar charging efficiency
  • Auto motion tracking works great
  • Local AI processing without subscriptions
  • Rugged weatherproof design

Room for Improvement

  • Large camera may seem bulky for some
  • No Google Home integration (Alexa only)
Eufy Solo Cam S340 Review

For homeowners seeking a feature-packed wireless security camera for outdoors, the S340 hits all the right marks. From crystal clear video to automated motion tracking and unlimited solar-powered runtime, it’s a compelling complete package. Installation is simple, image quality exceeds expectations, and advanced functionality comes built right in.

In the growing outdoor security camera market, Eufy SoloCam S340 stands out as one of the most capable and technologically advanced options available today.

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