eufy Cam 3 vs eufy Cam 3C: What’s the Difference?

eufy Cam 3 vs eufy Cam 3C

There has been a remarkable advancement in security cameras. They have evolved from the bulky commercial security cameras of the early 2000s to smaller, smarter, and capable of capturing amazing detail. The top home security cameras provide you peace of mind by keeping an eye on your house day and night, inside and out, and alerting you if an intruder is present. These smart and compact security cameras can do so much now, including, distinguishing between people and other moving objects, detecting packages, and even recognizing faces. It goes without saying that the quick development of security camera technology has resulted in the creation of hundreds of different camera alternatives. 

Today we are going to talk about, Eufy, a brand that never fell behind in shaking up the security camera market with its product.

Eufy Cam 3 vs 3C

In the last week of September, eufy introduced two stunning cameras under the brand name, called eufy cam 3 and 3c. Both offer excellent video quality, jaw-dropping battery backup, weatherproof construction, and many more. Both these cameras have their fair share of similarities and differences. That’s exactly what we are going to explain in this article, so you can make an informed purchase decision.


 Both of these security cameras come with a flexible, wireless installation to make the setup process snap for all. Moreover, they both offer up to 4K video quality with such a compact form factor, making them more attractive for any home. They are both operated by a rechargeable battery and the runtime is pretty decent. Not only that, they are compatible with a 2.4Ghz wifi connection and can record events with a wide field of view. Besides, the two-way talk, smart home integration, pre-built siren, and Ai ability are the cherry on top.


Well, the similarities pretty much end here. They are both battery-operated, but only the eufy cam 3 has a built-in solar panel on the camera body, allowing the cam to work continuously. On the contrary, Eufy cam 3C may not come with a sizable solar panel, but that doesn’t mean that it is not compatible with solar energy. It also works with solar power, and for that, you have to use an adapter – micro USB to type-C from eufy and the solar panel itself! 

Apart from that, the eufy cam 3 has IP67 weatherproof rating; on the other hand, the eufy cam 3C has an IP65 rating. Moreover, the battery life of the eufy cam 3C is half of the eufy Cam 3, which means 6 months versus a year, respectively.

Apart from these overlapping specs, both cameras also offer some exceptional features. Like they can filter false alarms, allow you to manage the whole security system from one centralized location, and also provide daily security reports.

Last but not least, though the eufyCam 3c doesn’t cost much, a home base is a must for this camera to work. So altogether, the price gets a little bit high, but there is no additional monthly subscription fee for accessing the features. Even the premium eufy cam 3 also needs a home base, and it’s slightly more expensive than the cam 3C.

SpecificationEufy Cam 3Eufy Cam 3C
Battery Life1 Year / Forever Power6 Months
Integrated Solar PanelYesNo
Field of View135°135°
Expandable Storageup to 16TBup to 16TB

Final Verdict

Eufy Cam 3 vs 3C: Which Security Camera Best For You?

“The short answer is – Even Though both share almost the same features, in terms of overall judgment, EufyCam 3 has a slight advantage over EufyCam 3C. So, that was all about the Eufy Cam 3 Vs 3C just for you.”

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