EngageBay Review: Best CRM Software for Marketing, Sales and Customer Support

EngageBay Review: Best CRM Software for Marketing, Sales and Customer Support

EngageBay is one of the most affordable all-in-one CRM software for marketing, sales, and customer support. It provides great support in turning leads into deals and growing any business. In this article, we are going to break down all the features and facilities of Engagebay to see if it’s actually worth replacing all the CRM software we use or not.

What Is Engagebay?

CRM software is a versatile and multi-purpose platform that helps to manage all interactions and relationships with customers and prospects easily in one place. Engagebay is one of the best all-in-one CRM tools that provides marketing, sales, and customer support solutions, all in one place. Having this complete CRM system saves you from the hassle of going through different databases and spreadsheets.

Engagebay Work

How Does Engagebay Work?

First, you need to sign up which will lead you to the dashboard. This dashboard is divided into four modules: marketing, sales, service, and live chat. Each of these modules comes with different features and allows you to switch between modules based on your needed features accordingly.

Module Features

Let’s discuss the features of these four modules that Engagebay is offering.

Marketing Module

The first module is Marketing which is one of the most needed modules for any business. It offers features like contacts, forms, landing pages, and more. With the contact feature, you can import contacts from your CSV files or create them on your own. The list option allows you to merge those contacts into smaller groups based on their common field. It also allows you to create two types of forms- incline and popup forms to capture the visitors, grow the email list, and convert visitors into leads. You can create your popup and inline forms by choosing one of the pre-designed themes, or you can design your inline layout.

All in One Free CRM Solution for Small Business - EngageBay CRM marketing dashboard

Both of the forms allow you to change text, background image, font, color, style, and so on based on your preference. Furthermore, you can choose a position for your popup form to appear. One of the important elements is its landing page. Every time a user clicks on an email or URL, it directly sends them to that dedicated page. With Engagebay, you can create a unique and modern landing page using pre-designed templates, or you can code it on your own. You can customize the templates based on your liking by changing or adding icons, videos, images, forms, and more from the content button. You can even add blocks to those templates. It also allows you to create video and email templates along with different marketing campaigns. 

Sales Module

With the Sales module, you can keep real-time updates on your tasks and deals. The contact section is the same for both sales and marketing. But in this case, you can also add contacts based on companies. In this module, you can add your deals and edit their milestones, prices on different currencies, tags, close dates, and more. Apart from this, you can add all the notes associated notes, contacts, companies, tasks, events, and almost everything related to the deal.

All in One Free CRM Solution for Small Business - EngageBay CRM contacts dashboard

Apart from this, it allows you to add different tasks like calls, to-do, and emails to keep track and reminders. You can edit tasks’ priority and status. To conclude in one sentence, using the deals and tasks feature, you can track, stay updated and plan the next steps all in one place. You can also create events on the calendar, and you can add your google calendar as well. Moreover, you can share your calendar with others from your workplace as well. 

Service Module

The service module is a mailbox that collects all of your client inquiries and requests from any number of sources and helps you to manage them all from one place. This module collects all the customer inquiries, and messages from across any source and shows them to you as tickets. Opening each ticket, you can see their queries; all you need to do is answer and submit them. You can also edit the ticket information, such as type, priority, tag, and more. With the view option, you can create different viewing groups like pending, unsolved, solved or anything you want. This helps you to easily find out which tickets are not attended, which are top priorities, and more.

All in One Free CRM Solution for Small Business - EngageBay CRM Service Module

Apart from that, you can choose automated triggers to complete your service process and add canned responses for frequently asked questions. Using a macro, you can also create prepared responses to answer support requests with a single, standard response.

Live Chat Module

Lastly, in the live chat module, you can add a chat wizard to your website to provide real-time assistance to your visitors. For that, all you need to do is go to the chat widget section and enable it. Moreover, the chat form requires the visitors to add their name and email to ask their queries which is a good source for collecting emails of potential leads.

Pricing Plans

This CRM software comes with different pricing plans, you can choose an all-in-one plan or an individual plan for marketing, sales, CRM, and more. Every plan comes with a free and paid scheme. All the free plan offers almost the same features like contact management, 250 contacts, a 360-degree contact view, landing pages, and more. For upgraded and additional features you can choose among the monthly or yearly paid plans. 

Ready To Market Better With Engagebay?

Despite having plenty of options such as HubSpot and more, Engagebay is the most affordable CRM software you can get. So, if you are an owner of a small business and looking for the best CRM software, then Engagebay can be your savior. As this will help you manage everything related to customer support, along with all aspects of sales and marketing, from one place. So that was all about Engagebay.

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