Ecop Automated and Silent Kitchen Waste Composter Review

Ecop Automated and Silent Waste Composting Review

Did you know the world waste approximately 1.3 billion tons of food each year? That’s almost one-third of food produced for human consumption. There’s no denying that this wastage of food makes an adverse impact on our planet. 

The best course of action that you can take to prevent food from ending up in a landfill is composting. Composting is becoming necessary as a means of producing a rich food source for the backyard garden while preventing the accumulation of carbon-emitting food waste in our landfills. Hence to make sure your food scraps are going to the plants, Ecop came up with a quiet and fully automatic composter that provides a sustainable solution for food waste. With this device, you can compost all year long. 

Ecop Automated and Silent Waste Composting

Food waste is a common problem in many households. But now, you lead an environment-friendly lifestyle and say goodbye to wasting food with Ecop. This is an automated and silent food composter that doesn’t have any complicated settings.


  • Processing Type: Heat & Abrasion
  • Rated Voltage: 120V / 60Hz
  • Processing Capacity: 4 L
  • Processing Time: 4 – 6 hours
  • Reduce Rate: 80 – 90 %
  • Filter: Activated charcoals
  • Power: 0.7kw
  • Weight: 30.9 lb


To maximize energy efficiency, Ecop does not work when food waste is less than 1.5-kilograms. Ecop boasts a 4-liter capacity, and this larger capacity allows for fewer composting cycles; this means less electricity used, less CO2 emissions, and more food waste storage space. Plus, it uses less electricity and consequently helps reduce carbon emissions. It can decompose fruits, fish, vegetables, meat, chicken bones, bread grains, coffee ground, and biodegradable materials.

Quieter and Odorless Operation

Since ecop maintains a noise level of 25-30db, it offers a whisper-quiet operation, so you won’t even notice the hard work it’s doing and continue your day-to-day activities interruption free. But what about the smell? You don’t want any kind of funky smell spread into your home. Its air refresh triple-layered filter system ensures that harmful and foul-smelling bacteria never get the chance to be released into your home.

Especially the quadruple filter blocks the rotting food odors perfectly, even in automatic storage mode. Compared to standard odor filters, ecop’s filter performs two times better than average. This means that ecop is perfect for individuals who are sensitive to smells and dislike traditional food waste storage methods. Changing the ecop filter is easy and simple, and it is recommended that the filter is changed every 3 months. So, unless you keep the lid open, you can be confident that foul smells will never be felt in your kitchen.

Smart Feature 

The system will keep you updated every step of the way through audio prompts. And the status of composting, or any errors will be reported in real-time. Ecop also has a mute button in case you need to turn the audio alerts off.

Ecop reduces the volume mass of waste by up to 90%. It features an indicator panel that lets the user know the exact percentage and final weight after each composting cycle. Cleaning this composter is pretty easy as it has cleaning mode. You can simply add water and press the ‘WASH’ button, and ecop will automatically begin its cleaning cycle.

Ease of Use

Ecop’s AI automation knows when to kick in. Just dump the waste and close the lid, the composting process will begin automatically once the 1.5-kilogram thresh-hold is reached. 

Through the LED screen, you can also keep track of the reduction in carbon emissions, the final weight after each composting cycle, and the reduction in overall waste volume.

Wrapping Up

Ecop, a new wave of smart, automated compost systems that help the user turn food waste into compost. So if you want an AI-enabled, smart food composter, you should definitely check out Ecop!

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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