Coolpo AI Huddle Mini Video Conference Camera Review

Coolpo AI Huddle Mini Video Conference Camera Review

During the pandemic, we have witnessed a surge in video conferences. Although the pandemic has faded, the popularity of video conferences is continuously rising with the globalization of businesses. Whereas you can join a video conference even through your phone camera, video conference cameras make it a hundred times more effective, formal, and easier, especially when you join as a team.

However, to have the best video conference experience and a more positive impact on your clients, you need to make sure that you are getting a high-quality camera with useful features. So today, we will introduce you to an excellent video conference camera, Coolpo AI Huddle MINI, which is worth your investment. Let’s dig in!


  • Camera Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Field of View: 110 degrees
  • Microphones Output: 6 Mic Arrays Line-out
  • Microphone Pick-up Range: 8m or about 26ft
  • Supported OS: Win7, Win8, Win10, Mac OS
  • Connection: USB 2.0, Type-C (maximum input current of 1.5A)
  • Dimensions: 62 x 254.5 x 73.65 mm
  • Weight: 310g


The design of Coolpo AI Huddle MINI is inspired by the “Ba” bird, a creature that exists in Egyptian mythology. The bird used to travel between the mortal realm and the spiritual realm, carrying powerful messages whenever needed. This symbol of communication and agility is translated successfully into Coolpo AI Huddle MINI’s simple and elegant yet compact design.

With a weight of only 310 grams, Coolpo AI Huddle MINI looks like a bird with extended wings watching you. On the top, you will find an adjustable flap that can cover and uncover the camera. The middle part, the wide “extended wings” like portion, features a camera in the middle and three microphones on each side. Behind this part, a button is located with which you can switch between the standard camera mode and AI mode. At the bottom, there is an extendable clasp to mount the device.


The tiny yet powerful Coolpo AI Huddle MINI is packed with useful and exciting features. All of these features are incorporated into the device so that you can comfortably hold any video conference, even a highly professional board meeting. 

The camera can capture a field of view of 110-degree. Such a wide view is capable of accommodating not only all the conference participants but also the surroundings. This feature allows the other party to see and communicate with everyone more effectively.

camera can capture a field of view of 110-degree

The camera also has a gesture recognition feature. By activating this feature with a particular gesture, you can easily switch to the presenter mode without leaving your seat. Once this gesture recognition is activated, the device will focus on the person showing the gesture. The best part is that once locked through this feature, the focus will keep following the person even when they are moving.

Another feature of Coolpo AI Huddle MINI is group framing. After the camera identifies all the participants within its range, another recognition function will be activated. This function will detect when a participant is entering or leaving. Here, the device’s algorithm adjusts the framing to display everyone perfectly. Moreover, with the AI function enabled, the camera will focus on the speaker, no matter if they are sitting or moving.

The Coolpo AI Huddle MINI has a Division Master Function as well. Using this function, you can display upto seven participants’ live headshots on individual frames beside the full view. You won’t have to take the headshots manually; the AI will take care of it. This feature allows the remote participants to see each participant’s facial expressions more clearly, offering a more immersive experience and effective communication.

Video Quality

The Coolpo AI Huddle MINI is able to capture videos of 4K quality. In our testing, the video quality was satisfying. With all the focusing and zooming, the quality does not deteriorate much. The input resolution is 3840*2160 at 30Hz. The output resolutions are 3840*2160, 1920*1080, and 1280*720, with both MJPEG and H264 at 30 Hz. 

With MJEPG, you get a series of compressed individual frames of images. Therefore you get consistently good image quality. But it consumes a significant amount of bandwidth and storage. However, H264 has “Gloden Frames,” producing 100% true images. It uses block-oriented compression to distinguish between frames. As a result, H264 produces better higher-resolution videos while saving bandwidth measures. You can choose any output option based on your needs and preferences.

Video Quality

Audio Quality

The six microphone array system of Coolpo AI Huddle MINI is designed with clarity in focus. To ensure clear sound delivery, it has background noise cancellation technology. It filters out distracting background noise and ensures that the remote participants can hear each of your team members clearly.

Furthermore, Coolpo AI Huddle MINI has beamforming and echo-cancellation features for enhancing audio quality. Beamforming technology in microphones allows them to capture sound from a specific direction, and the clarity is undoubtedly excellent. And the echo-cancellation feature enables the microphones to distinguish between the sound going into the mic and echoes, then it cancels the echo to ensure better audio quality.

The microphones can pick up anyone’s speech within a range of 8 meters or 26 feet. It uses the PCM 32 K method for decoding and encoding, where the signal is known to be of the highest quality. It also has a speaker lineout of 3.5mm.

Audio Quality

System and Connectivity

The Coolpo AI Huddle Mini is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 and all the versions of Mac OS. Therefore, you can use it even with a pretty dated computer. The conference camera is also compatible with a range of conference software, including Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, Webex, BlueJeans, and more.

The camera is easy to install. With the included Type-C USB cable, you can simply plug it into a USB2.0 port on your computer and start using it. The input current is 1.5A.


When the clasp at the bottom is folded, Coolpo AI Huddle Mini has a flat bottom. Therefore, you can place it on a table or any other flat surface. When you unfold the clasp, you can mount the camera at the top of any screen- laptop monitor, desktop monitor, TV, and such. Since the clasp is easily adjustable, you can use it to place the camera securely in place. Moreover, it can be installed on a tripod, and even a wall, using a ¼-inch bolt thread you will find at the bottom of the device.


Our Verdict

There’s no denying that Coolpo AI Huddle Mini is a premium quality video conference camera packed with tons of impressive features. The camera is specifically designed for corporate use, such as for board meetings, team collaborations, and important client meetings.

Coolpo AI Huddle Mini offers another level of immersive experience that allows for effective communication. Moreover, participants can control its features without leaving their spots. The selective focus functions, controlled by AI, also show remarkable accuracy. All in all, Coolpo AI Huddle Mini is sure to be one of your wisest investments.

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