COCOCAM Solar Security Camera Review

COCOCAM Solar Security Camera Review

Security cameras are a dime a dozen, but not every security camera offers excellent value. It’s either get a mediocre camera with a live feed that looks like 240p or spend an absurd amount to get a good camera, not a great one. So what if we told you, you could get a great security camera without breaking your bank? Meet the COCOCAM Solar Security Camera; yes, it comes with a solar panel. For the price, it has a lot to offer, like panning and tilting, cloud saves, smart humanoid sensors, and IP66 waterproofing. Want to know more? Read this article to find out about the COCOCAM Solar Security Camera. 

What’s in the Box?

Before we talk about all the good stuff, let’s see what we get in the box. Opening the box, you will be greeted with a wall-mount assist sticker, user manual, separate mounting guide for the solar panel, and ample protective foams and films. Just beneath those lies the powerhouse for this camera, the solar panel. Attached with the solar panel is a fairly long USB cable; unfortunately, it’s micro-USB. 

Moving the Solar Panel, you will find the COCOCAM security camera, mounting accessories for the panel and the camera, and another micro-USB cable for the camera. Removing the protective film, you will be greeted with a gorgeous security camera featuring a dual-antenna design. Overall, you’re getting everything to mount the camera and get it up to speed. 


Before we talk about the camera, let’s look at the solar panel. The panel is relatively lightweight and compact. Turning it around, you will find a quarter-inch thread behind for mounting purposes. 


Speaking of mounting, the accessories you’re getting are a base plate, a locking cap, and a ball head mount or universal joint. After securing the base plate on the wall, put on the locking cap on the ball mount and screw it with the base. Thanks to the ball head mount, you can tilt it to get the most sunlight. 

Build Quality

The camera, solar panel, and mounting gears are constructed with ABS plastic. But, despite ABS, the camera and all the equipment are very rugged. Plus, the camera is rated at IP66 waterproof and can work in freezing -20 degrees and scorching 50 degrees Celsius. 


You can control the COCOCAM with the dedicated CloudEdge app. Through it, you can change various settings and have it set up to your liking. Moreover, if you have more products from COCOCAM, you can add those to one account. Not only that, but you can also share the live feed with a family member.

Camera Quality

It uses a PTZ or Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera, with 355 degrees panning and 90 degrees tilting capabilities. While the panning and tilting are appreciated, what about its resolution? Well, you’re getting full HD or 1080p live feed through it. But that’s not all; it also features a built-in spotlight. The spotlight works in conjunction with the PIR feature, which stands for Passive Infrared Sensor. Thanks to this tech, the camera successfully detects only human movements in the dark, lowering the chances of a false alarm. Also, using the spotlight, you will get a colored live feed from the camera; say goodbye to that black and white footage. But will the spotlight turn on after the sun goes down? No! it only turns on when it detects any human movement, saving battery life. 


Speaking of battery, this camera packs a whopping 15000mAh battery. Besides changing it through the solar panel, you can also charge it via a USB adapter. 

Surveillance Features

Now let’s talk about its surveillance features. There’s no doubt that pan and tilt will help with surveillance; along with that, it can also detect movements up to 33 feet, thanks to intelligent humanoid sensors. It also comes with three alarm systems that utilize the spotlight and audio functionalities to warn you and scare intruders promptly. For day-to-day operations, the camera works perfectly both indoors and outdoors. So, keeping an eye on your loved ones will be easier. Also, the mics on this security camera come with noise-canceling features, so your voice will be crisp and easy to understand, making communication seamless.

Storage Backups

Beneath the camera, there’s a TF Card slot supporting SD cards up to 128 GB. You can choose to save the recordings on an SD card if you prefer. Now, you can have backups both in the cloud or on an SD card.

Final Verdict

Overall, for a security camera under 200 dollars, you get many features with the COCOCAM Solar Security Camera. Since it comes with a solar panel, you don’t have to break a sweat about wiring, and the IP66 rating means it can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. It also doubles as a great indoor camera. So with this camera, you’re getting the best of both worlds. So, if you’re trying to enhance the security of your house without burning a hole in your pocket, then the COCOCAM Solar Security Camera is the best purchase you will make.

Joe Pfeffer

Joe Pfeffer

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