ChatGPT vs Stockfish

ChatGPT vs Stockfish: Can Artificial Intelligence Outsmart the Chess Master?

Chess has long been viewed as the ultimate test of human intelligence and strategic thinking. But with advancements in artificial ...

Has OpenAi's GPT-4 Model Been Getting Worse?

Has GPT-4 Really Gotten Worse? Evaluating the Performance of OpenAI’s Latest AI Model

The anecdotal evidence suggests GPT-4’s quality has declined recently. But empirical analysis shows a mixed picture, with abilities fluctuating across ...

Why Can't AI Draw Hands

Why Can’t AI Draw Hands? The Complex Challenge of Depicting Human Anatomy

Artificial intelligence struggles to create realistic images of hands because of the intricate complexity and variability of human hands, insufficient ...

AI Voiceover in Museum Exhibits For Engaged Visitors 

AI Voiceover in Museum Exhibits For Engaged Visitors 

Museums have always been esteemed as establishments that breathe life into history, art, and education. They offer an environment where ...

Artificial Intelligence is already affecting the workforce in a big way. Learn about the benefits of AI and decide if it's right for your career!

Work-Related Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

There is a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence these days, and for good reason: AI is an amazing tool ...

How Does the AI Camera Work
AI Camera

How AI is Changing Mobile Photography and How It Works?

The modern age has seen many technological breakthroughs and Artificial intelligence is the most exciting of all. Like many other ...

Samsung X AMD Mobile GPU
AI Gaming News

Samsung X AMD Mobile GPU | Future of Mobile Gaming

It’s been almost a year when Samsung and AMD announced a strategic partnership to produce ultra-low power, high-performance mobile graphics ...