Top 5 Best Screen Recorders for iPad

Best Screen Recorder for iPad

Whether you’re trying to make a tutorial video for youtube or simply capture your gameplay footage, screen recorders are perfect for both. Some of them also allow you to edit and add face cam and commentary to your videos. When looking for a screen recorder, you will find tons of available options on the App Store when looking for a screen recorder, but choosing the best one can be a daunting process. So let us take care of the hard part for you.

5 Screen Recorders for iPad

In this article, we have put together five of the best screen recorders that you can use on your iPad for completely free.  

1. Native Screen Recorder

First on our list is Apple’s native screen recorder, that comes pre-built with your ios devices. This is great as you don’t have to install it separately. Not just that, it’s fast, doesn’t show any ads, and works perfectly with your iPad. To access this screen recorder from your control center, first, go to settings and then to the control center. From there, press on the plus menus of the Screen Recording. Now go to the app which you want to record and pull down your control center. Then click on this button, and the recording will start after counting three. To stop recording again, hit the same button from the control center or just tap right here. A prompt will come that your recording is saved to photos.

Best Screen Recorder for iPad
Native Screen Recorder

You can also edit your recordings from the photos just by tapping on the edit menu. Here you can trim, add filters and rotate your videos easily. Compared to the other apps on this listing, the basic functionalities are somewhat limited in this native screen recorder. But considering the fact that it doesn’t show any ads, leaves no watermark in your videos, and is completely free we can definitely say that it’s the best screen recorder for your iPad.

2. Record iT!

Not every screen recorder for your iPad is built equal. Take the Record iT as an example. It’s an all-in-one recorder with a react to videos option that you won’t find in other apps. This screen recorder is a freemium app. You can capture your iPad’s screen at 480p resolution in the free version. But moving on to the premium version gives you access to the record in Full HD. Luckily, you can use the maximum settings on the bitrate and frame rate side without going to pro.

Best Screen Recorder for iPad
Record iT

The cool thing about this screen recorder is its React to videos option. Using this feature, you can react to popular videos from YouTube. Other than that, you’ll also have the commentary feature and a video editor to trim your recorded videos. All in all, Record iT is an excellent screen recorder app if you want to make reaction videos on YouTube with your iPad.

3. Go Record

Go Record is yet another screen recorder app for iPad that’s hugely popular among its users. Mostly because of its clean and easy-to-use interface. It has an excellent white background on its home screen, and, more importantly, it doesn’t show any ads throughout the app interface. After recording a video, you can make some changes to your recordings with the included video editor. Then you can use the share icon to save your clip to your camera roll or upload it directly to YouTube and other popular platforms.

Best Screen Recorder for iPad
Go Record

Besides that, it also has a commentary feature to add your voice to an existing video. The Face Cam feature, on the other hand, lets you add your face. But it’s only available in the premium version. So, if you are looking for a screen recorder for your iPad that doesn’t show any ads and has a minimal user interface, we highly recommend Go Record for you.

4. Screen Recorder +

Next up, we have the Screen Recorder + that records your iPad’s screen but also includes a video editor to trim and edit videos on the go quickly! This app is simple to use. Just open the app, hit Start recording, and then select Start Broadcast. You can also choose to leave your microphone on or off depending on your needs. To stop a recording, just tap on the red clock button on the top left corner of your screen. Or simply go to the app again and click on Stop Broadcast. When you’re done recording and looking to make some adjustments to your video, use the free editor tool. After that, hit done and choose your preferred export settings.

Best Screen Recorder for iPad
Screen Recorder +

The free version allows up to HD videos at 60 Frames per second. But you can always upgrade to the pro version to unlock exclusive features like 4K video quality, Remove ads, Watermark, and so on. With all these perky features onboard, the Screen Recorder + is an excellent app to try!  

5. Screen Recorder-Video recorde

Last on our list is the Screen Recorder-Video recorder, which allows you to capture sharp and clear videos of your favorite apps and games footage from your iPad. Opening this app, you will find a big button in the middle of the home screen, which you can use to start or stop recording a video. Just below it, you have the Face camera button to make reaction videos from both V Recorder albums or your iPad Photos. Next to it, you have the Dub button, allowing you to add commentary on your videos.

Best Screen Recorder for iPad
Screen Recorder-Video recorde

By default, it records your screen in HD Resolution at 60 Frames Per Second. Do keep in mind that, if you wish to record in Full HD resolution you have to be a VIP member for that. With a VIP account, you can also access all the premium tools like Trim, Video to audio, Compress, no watermark, and more.

Final Say

Overall, Screen Recorder-Video recorder is an excellent app that you can use to record and edit your action-packed gameplay footage right from your iPad. So that was all about the best screen recorder that you can use for your iPad.

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