5 Best Resource Management Software and Tools

Best Resource Management Software and Tools

According to PMI’s 2020 Pulse of the Profession survey, poor resource management can waste an average of 11.4 percent of the total investment. Therefore proper resource management software and tools are required to minimize this loss. Hence, we will show you five of the best resource management software and tools to eliminate all the hectic manual tasks of identifying and scheduling the right resources for various projects.

1. Monday.com

Let’s start this article with the highly popular monday.com. We placed this software on top of our list simply because it’s highly intuitive, and you can easily hit the ground without any learning curve. Also, things are just as straightforward on the mobile version of the app too, making it super easy to keep track of your teammates’ progress while on the move. Monday.com is highly customizable for full team collaboration. You can also see all the progress and status of your projects, available resources, and projected timelines at a glance. It offers various views such as Kanban board, Calendar, Timeline, Gantt chart, and more to visualize and plan your work more efficiently. In addition, its Workload View makes it easy to see who can take more workload and who can’t.

Other than that, it integrates seamlessly with different popular apps like Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Teams, Slack, Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, and the list continues. In terms of plan and pricing, Monday.com is quite affordable and scalable depending on your needs, making it perfect for both individual and enterprise-level businesses. That’s why it has made the top of our list today!

2. Mavenlink 

At number two, we will take a look at Maverlink. It’s a well-rounded tool designed to tackle all the resource management realities you face daily. With this resource management software, you can make continuous improvements to your projects. Its Dynamic Resource Optimization draws all the data you need to manage resources and stay ahead of ever-demanding expectations. Another stand-out feature is its powerful planning capabilities. With Master Planning, you can instantly respond to changes in demand and supply and get optimized resource recommendations to maximize utilization.

Despite the abundance of features, this resource management tool keeps its user interface pretty straightforward, and we love the minimalistic design too! Besides that, it also offers a unique and effective integration solution called M-Bridge that simplifies integration between apps like CRM and Financial software. Considering all, Mavenlink can be an ideal choice if you want to maximize your future readiness for every project.

3. Resource Management By Smartsheet

Unlock the true potential of all of your resources with Resource Management by Smartsheet. Another capable resource management software to make confident decisions in scheduling the right people for the right projects, managing and tracking time spent on projects, and predicting hiring needs in real-time. The People Page on this software provides a single view into all the people in your organization, including essential details like discipline, role, language, and more. With this, you can quickly find people and schedule the people you need. In the Schedule menu, you can see who’s available, what everyone’s working on, and who’s on vacation. You can also see future planned work to be staffed and assigned to the right people based on matching roles, skills, and availability.

The Projects menu, in contrast, gives you a quick look into the scheduled resources for an individual and shows you how you’re tracking against projects. Simply put, Resource Management by Smartsheet gives managers and executives the visibility to deliver projects on time and within budget.

4. Float

Next up, we have Float. We liked this app because it’s unfussy and straightforward to use. Despite that, it’s robust enough to plan, schedule, and track all of your projects in one place. So, it’s no wonder why big teams like BuzzFeed, Hulu, Intercom, and many more use this software. Everything is well laid out in this resource management software. You can quickly create new projects and assign them to your teams in a few seconds. We also loved how the schedule view gives you an accurate and high-level overview of your team’s capacity and availability. You can further drill down deeper with its inbuilt search and filter functionality.

5. Runn

This software can keep your employees’ information in one place so you can see everyone’s workload, holidays, availability, and utilization rates in real-time. With this valuable information, you can plan your future workflows and spot resource conflicts before they occur. You can even adapt to a plan that’s been changed. Besides, it shows detailed Analytics and Reports to compare your team’s capacity and utilization metrics by week, month, and quarter. Starting off the list with Runn, a real-time resource management tool with integrated time tracking and powerful forecasting capabilities for project planning, tracking, and scheduling.

Furthermore, this software has a full API available for building custom integrations. It also integrates with Harvest, WorkflowMax, and Clockify to sync your time with Runn automatically. Overall, it’s a helpful resource management software that you can use to get a bird’s-eye view of your projects and people to stay on top of your business. At the same time, Runn helps you collaborate with coworkers to remain up-to-date and on the same page with remote teams.

Time tracking, on the other hand, lets you compare your estimates with actual hours worked on projects. In addition to that, Float gives you detailed reports on project progress and resource utilization so you can eliminate the guesswork and make bold plans ahead. Aside from that, it also seamlessly integrates with all the popular project management software, calendar, and productivity apps. There’s also a mobile app to stay in sync no matter where you are. In short, Float’s simple user interface and rich features make it an excellent choice for teams of all sizes. 

Resource management is crucial for making the best use of your investment. However, the manual process of resource management is hectic and requires much time and money. Best resource management software and tools come in handy in such a scenario. Our list includes only the tested tools that will definitely give you a smooth experience. Hope you find this article insightful.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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