Trello vs Asana: Which Project Management Software?

Trello vs Asana: Which Project Management Software Should You Choose?

As a business grows, the amount of projects and employees also expands. Project management and team collaboration then become a daunting process. Therefore, an effective project management platform is required for continuous development. Trello and Asana both can strengthen business by allowing companies to manage projects without missing any deadline.

However, as both are capable tools for organizing tasks and projects, people often get confused over which one’s better. Is it Trello, or is it Asana?

In this article, we will be comparing both of this software to find out which one’s better.

Trello vs Asana

Let’s start with Trello first. After successfully signing up, you will land on the main page. There you will have the option to create your first board for your workspace. You can give a title, choose a background for your board, and change your board’s visibility options. After that, you will be on your newly created kanban style board. Here you can edit the existing lists and add new ones if you want. And beneath them, you can create cards which will be basically the tasks you wanna do. Then, you can move these cards to other lists to indicate their status.

Now let’s go to Asana and create a project. Here, you can start a project from scratch, use a template, or import a spreadsheet from another tool. For now, let’s just create the Blank Project. Then you can give it a name, add members, set privacy and default view options, which is the main difference between Asana and Trello. In Asana, you will get a total of four types of views, and among them, you can use these three for free. But in Trello, you will only get board views for free. To use other views, you have to choose a paid plan.

Aside from these, the basic features are pretty much the same. For example, in both project management apps, you can add a member or assignee, a checklist similar to a subtask on Asana, due date, attachments, tags, and more. But what you can’t do in Trello is add a task like this and apply it to multiple projects.

Other than that, in Asana, you also have the My Tasks options, which show all of your tasks from all the projects. Then you have the Inbox option where you can message your teammates. There are also Reporting, Portfolios, and Goals options to better track your project. But that doesn’t mean Trello is limited in terms of functionalities. For example, as mentioned earlier, you can add different backgrounds to your different boards in Trello, which isn’t possible in Asana.

Trello also has lots of cool features hidden behind the Power-Ups that you can use to integrate different apps and features to your board. For example, search for Calendar Power-Up and click on add. By adding this, you can get a calendar view of your board. And the great thing about this power-up is you can add as many as you want, even in the free version. Besides that, you can also add Automations and set rules in the free version to handle all manual work for you. In contrast, Asana’s Automated workflows are only available in the paid plan.

Finally, let’s look at the plans and pricing of these two project management apps. Trello has a free plan with a maximum of 10 boards. The paid plans offer three options to choose from, including Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. Asana also comes with a free basic plan consisting of Unlimited Projects and two paid plans such as Premium and Business.    

Which One Should You Choose?

In Short – Taking everything into account, it’s safe to say that both are great at managing projects. However, we found that Trello is easier to use with a visual kanban-style board. In addition, it has unlimited members and more functions in the free plan. The paid plans also cost less. So it’s perfect for managing a small business. On the other hand, Asana is a little bit complex to use. But, it has unlimited projects, three types of views, tasks that can apply across the boards in the free plan. And more functionalities in the paid plan. So, overall, it’s better when it comes to managing a large team.

Hence, that was all about Trello vs. Asana for you. We hope you get a better idea of which project management software you should choose.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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