Top 5 Best Project Portfolio Management Software

Best Project Portfolio Management Software

Growing your business and enterprise through bigger projects is paramount in today’s vying market. Thus, the right project portfolio management applications are needed to collect and consolidate your projects’ data. By doing so, you can not only lower the risks but also manage resources, timelines, budgets, and much more. In this article, we will show you five of the best project portfolio management software that you can use to manage projects and resources as you scale effectively.

1. Bubble 

Manage your entire portfolio of projects with Bubble, which comes with a suite of reporting and delivery tools to provide real-time insights on all of your projects and portfolios. This portfolio management software is simple to use and easy to learn. You can easily hit the ground within an hour. Plus, you can master all of its advanced functionality within a day. It has a fully customizable and personalized overview panel which you can use to keep your eyes on your whole project portfolio or just a subset of projects.


Dashboard, on the other hand, shows intuitive graphical status indicators, so everyone in your team understands what needs to be done. Aside from that, you can also view and report on any portfolio variable, including Finances, Risk and Resources, in just one click. And if there are any Issues and Risks, you can quickly identify them and take action to stay in control and on budget. To conclude, Bubble is best for monitoring the overall progression of your project portfolios and identifying the areas of improvement.

2. Smartsheet

Next up, we have Smartsheet, another project portfolio management software that’s straightforward to use and has all the tools to help your organization move quickly and stay ahead. This PPM software offers today’s team actionable insights within a unified platform. You will find features like Project Management, Demand Management and intake, Integrated resource management to form the best team for the job. Other than that, it also includes Portfolio Reporting, Budget management to monitor budget across your projects in real-time.


Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with different apps, such as Microsoft Excel, Teams, Google Docs, Forms, Calendar and more. In terms of pricing, it offers three paid plans starting from $7 monthly. But you can also try a 30-day free trial to test the water. Overall, Smartshet can break your organization from the disconnected tools by offering a unified solution to your teams. 

3. Acuity PPM

Senior leaders cannot rely on hallway conversations to get project information in this changing world. Therefore, a “single source of truth” is needed. Introducing Acuity PPM, a project management software that can help leaders manage projects and portfolios at the speed of business! Unlike the traditional PPM software, which has a clunky, outdated user interface, Acuity PPM is different. It’s a lightweight software that’s tailored towards newer project management offices. Hence, it’s simple to use, and your teams will love it.

Acuity PPM

Plus, it has a great selection of tutorial videos on its website regarding project management to better manage your project and portfolios. Furthermore, this software delivers complete visibility across your projects in its Projects menu. Here you can track the state of your active, completed, canceled, on hold and pending projects. There are also multiple indicators like category, health, strategic objective and many more. In addition to that, it can also measure your project budget based on benefits, cost and count. In short, Acuity PPM provides high-quality project data for making better strategic decisions.

4. Celoxis

Following that, let’s take a look at Celoxis, an all-in-one comprehensive and collaborative solution to manage your projects and business processes productively. Thus it’s no wonder why brands like LG, Rolex, HBO, Tesla and many more have adopted this software. Despite being a feature-riched project portfolio management software, it has a pleasing user interface with unparalleled simplicity for teams of all sizes. Key features of this software include Project Request Tracking, Project Planning, Project Tracking and Project Accounting to get real-time visibility into budget spending across different projects and portfolios.


Not just that, you will also get a fully customizable Portfolio Dashboard to get aggregated information about your projects. This online software also seamlessly integrates with over 400 applications, including Google Drive, Email, Excel, Jira, QuickBooks and tons of others. Lastly, Celoxis is one of the few project portfolio management software offering Cloud and On-Premise deployment solutions at a fraction of the cost.


Simplify project portfolio management with ESPMI, an end-to-end tool designed to present visibility and accessibility to deliver data in one place. This portfolio management has features for managing daily projects and portfolios, including Benefits, People and Team members, RAID logs, Budget, Schedules, Governance and plenty of others. Financial admin features on this tool enable you to view and track organizational budgets, cash flows and benefits realization for measuring return on investment.


In addition, it has an intuitive dashboard that provides insight into risks and issues so you can quickly identify the pattern and trends in risk management. Aside from that, it also has detailed reporting capabilities combining health indicators and other metrics for projects and portfolios. Lastly, the pricing of the ESPMI starts at $188 yearly, and the good news is you can ask for a free trial. It’s an all-in-one tool that provides consistent health indicators and reporting throughout the software.

With the right project portfolio management software, you can collect the data of your projects to reduce the risks and manage resources, timelines, budgets, and much more. So, that was all about the best project portfolio management software that you can use to grow your business.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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