Top 7 Planner Apps to Organize Your Work Properly

5 Best Planner Apps

With the best planner app, you can keep and track all of your organizational activities in one place for days, weeks, and months. While using an old-school paper sheet to plan your tasks and schedule might be tempting, in reality, it will just collect dust from your drawer. Hence, upgrading to a planner app makes more sense! 

Therefore, today, we will introduce you to seven of the best planner apps that will keep all your organizational planning specifics in one place. 

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a must-have planner app for companies and individuals. You can use it for daily, weekly, and monthly overviews in terms of work, meetings, and more. Unlike most other calendar apps in the market, Google Calendar features a minimal and professional user interface to keep your Calendar free from clutter. The feature we like the most about Google Calendar is that you can get an agenda email in the morning to see your plans for that day.

Google Calendar

Moreover, you can also create events and tasks and stay updated on upcoming meetings and pending tasks. This app is available on various platforms, including Web, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS. Best of all, Google Calendar is a cloud-based app, meaning all your details are synced across all of your devices. 

2. Any. do

Your everyday tasks aren’t limited to your job only. From the moment you wake up, you need to finish various things, such as buying a birthday gift or following up with a client before you go to bed. Anydo can help you with that by being both a calendar and a to-do list in one to organize your life and improve productivity. This planner app features an exemplary user interface for viewing your month at a glance, along with the closer to-do lists of action items.

Any. do

In addition, it’s available on various platforms, including Web, iOS, and Android mobile apps. Also, you can try this app for completely free. Overall, Anydo can improve your time management and let you know which task you need to prioritize the most.     

3. Trello

Although Trello is a project management tool that helps to collaborate with teams seamlessly, it can also be used as a planner app. It features an easy-to-use Kanban Style Board where you can easily create tasks and to-do lists for your personal usage or for team collaboration. The visual board also helps you to quickly move the cards and see the progress of your tasks and projects. 


In addition, when working with teams, you can easily assign a task to your team members along with the due dates. Lastly, Trello is available online, on iOS, and on Play Store and has a great free plan that’s perfect for small business owners.

4. Fantastical 

Fantastical is Mac’s version of Google calendar, but with lots of features and functionalities to bring all the events, tasks, and meetings together in one place. This app allows you to instantly add an event, organize conference calls, create tasks and to-do lists, and check weather conditions for your days and weeks ahead. Besides, 14 Fantastical Widgets can be added directly to your home screen to see your upcoming events and tasks more quickly.


Fantastical also has a helpful scheduling feature to better schedule calls and meetings. You can share your availability so others can book meetings according to your schedule or propose multiple times for your invitees to vote on. With all of these features on board, Fantastical is definitely one of the best planner apps for Apple users. 

5. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has become a fantastic event and scheduling tool for many large organizations over the years. In addition to email, calendar and tasks, you also get access to Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many more for easy collaboration. Furthermore, it has an excellent Scheduling feature to preview scheduling conflicts and view suggestions for alternative time slots.

Microsoft Outlook

Lastly, Microsoft Outlook is available on various platforms, including Desktop, Web, iOS, and Android. Also, all of these apps are updated regularly and have all features regardless of which platform you’re using. Hence, it’s worth giving it a shot!

6. Friday

Share regular work updates and progress on goals while learning a little more about your colleagues with Friday, a planner app that can not only centralize your team but also track progress on company goals. With this planner app, you can easily plan your day and create a list of the tasks you need to do. Moreover, you can even create a focus time and block yourself from going to the distraction websites.


It also integrates seamlessly with all the apps you are already using, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar, Todoist, Notion, and plenty of others. In terms of pricing, Friday offers affordable plans along with a free option that you can use as long as you want. That’s why we highly recommend you try this one. 

7. Notion

Last but not least, we have Notion, which can be best described as a note-taking application. But you can also use it to manage your projects, tasks, plans, schedule, and many more. Here, you can start from scratch or choose a template to track tasks, habits, and plans. You can also collaborate with your entire team in one place. With Notion, app integration is also robust as it can connect over 200 apps, including Slack, Gmail, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and plenty of others.


Furthermore, Notion’s API allows developers to connect to other software through integrations. This app is available on all major platforms, including Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Plus, it comes with a free plan with unlimited pages and blocks for up to 5 users. To sum things up, Notion offers superior customization that’s hard to beat on any planner app!

Now it is your time to choose the best planner for yourself, your organization, or both. However, when deciding on a planner app, carefully check its features to determine if the app can meet your needs and best streamline your activities. As a planner app will be a part of your daily life, it is crucial to ensure that it boosts your and your team’s productivity. So, look around, take advantage of the free trials and versions, and pick the most compatible one.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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