The 5 Best Free Online PDF Editors

The 5 Best Free Online PDF Editors

When you are in a hurry or don’t have the budget to spend on a PDF editor, an online free PDF editor should be your go-to friend. They are simple to operate and come with many helpful features to add texts, images, annotations, signatures, and many more. Some even let you edit the existing texts without leaving any watermark. That’s why in this article, we will show you five of the best online PDF editors that are completely free.

1. Sejda

Now, it’s time to introduce you to our number one spot, which is Sejda. We kept it at the top of our list simply because it lets you edit the existing text on your PDF without leaving a watermark. We also love how their website looks; it’s simple, clean, minimal, and doesn’t show any annoying ads. That’s why it’s no wonder why they received 4.5 stars on Google. Now moving on to the editor. At the top, you will find all the tools like text, links, forms, images, and more to edit your PDF. Right below it, you will also see an option from where you can insert a page. Finally, on the left, you will get the Delete page, Zoom in, Zoom Out, and Rotate Page options.

After making all the changes, just hit the “Apply changes” button, and your PDF is now ready to download, share, and print. In terms of pricing, the free plan is available for both desktop and web, but with page and hourly limits. However, you can always upgrade to one of their paid plans to remove these limits. Considering everything, it’s safe to say that Sejda is overall the best free online PDF editor that has made it to the top of our list today.

2. PDFescape

Coming up next, we will take a peek at PDFescape. Though the user interface looks a bit old, it has quite a lot of features, and among those, the ability to add and delete pages stands out the most. This online editor lets you insert text, images, links, form fields, or whiteout something from the document. We also want to add that the text tool in this pdf editor is highly customizable. You can change the font, size, color, apply effects, and more. Aside from that, you can annotate your document with tools like sticky notes, caret annotation, underlining, highlighting, and others.

Page tools, on the other hand, let you rotate, delete, crop, and reorganize the order of pages inside your document. After you have made all the changes, you can then download the pdf to your computer without even creating a user account. But when you subscribe to a premium plan, you will have an ad-free workspace with more advanced features. To conclude, PDFescape lets you truly escape from all the hassles of downloading a desktop application by offering an efficient way to edit your PDFs.

3. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is yet another free online pdf editor that comes with a range of tools to edit your pdf documents quickly. Besides that, it’s available in 24 different languages, which sets it apart from the competition. The main focus of this online PDF editor is to make the user experience as simple as possible. You can easily upload a pdf to its website and start adding annotations, pictures, texts, and shapes. Once you have finished editing your document, you can then export it as Word, Excel, or as a PowerPoint file format and download it to your device or save it to Smallpdf, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

But if you want some advanced functionalities like Strong Compress, digital seal protection on signatures, desktop applications, and others, then you need to upgrade to their premium plans. All in all, Smallpdf is an excellent option when you want multilingual support and a range of tools to edit your pdf quickly. 

4. PDF Bob

Next up, we have PDF Bob. We love this online PDF editor for several reasons, but the standout feature for us was its ease of use. We also like the fact that it doesn’t show any ads, and saves documents without any watermark. To edit your pdf file, first, go to their website, click on start editing, and drag and drop your file. It will instantly open the file inside the editor. All the tools such as Text, Highlighting, Shape, and Strikeout works flawlessly without making any lag or delay. Even if that’s not enough, you will be happy to know that it can Rearrange PDF pages, Merge PDF files and add blank pages to your document.

And after you have finished your editing, you can export it to different file formats, and set a filename or password if you want. Then you can save it either to your local storage or online storage. You have both options available. So, PDF Bob is a must-try free online pdf editor which doesn’t do any non-sense and delivers what most people need.

5. PDF Candy

First on our list is PDF Candy, a free online PDF editor that offers extensive file conversion and creation features that you will find helpful. It features a clean user interface where you can easily add a PDF file and edit it to your liking. Inside the editor, you will find tools like highlighting and underlining texts, adding signatures, images, borders, lines, and many more. You also get the option to easily remove something from your PDF document with the eraser tool. Not just that, you can also download your file to your computer or other cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. 

In addition to the PDF editor, PDF Candy also boasts features like compressing and converting PDF files to other formats, adding watermarks, resizing and cropping, and tons of other options. But do keep in mind that the free version comes with a time limitation, and you can only perform one task in one hour. To remove this cap, you have to upgrade to one of its premium plans. Overall, PDF Candy is fully loaded with ample file conversion and creation features to make your online PDF editing a breeze.

So that was all about the five best free online PDF editors. Hope you have enjoyed the article and found it insightful. Use any of these free online editors whenever you need to make any changes to a PDF next time and save your time for other important staffs.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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