BenQ DVY32 vs Dell Ultrasharp 4K: Which is the Best Conference Camera?

BenQ DVY32 vs Dell Ultrasharp 4K

While standard webcams that come with your laptop are good, they have less to offer when it comes to conferencing and team meetings. The field of view is restricted, and hearing everyone, regardless of distance, becomes challenging. DVY 32 from BenQ and Ultrasharp 4K from Dell are two of the most reliable conferencing cameras that we got to test in our studio. However, while they belong to the same criteria, there are some underlying differences between them. 

Today, we will compare BenQ DVY32 and Dell Ultrasharp 4K side by side to help you make a good purchasing decision. Let’s get started! 


Out of the box, DVY32 looks subtle and minimal. The gunmetal finish looks sleek, and the measurement also appears compact. The mount that comes along with this webcam is completely adjustable and is compatible with a wide range of TVs and displays. We get to see 2 Omnidirectional Mics on the front that surrounds the camera lens. There is 1 USB 3.0 port on the back for connectivity.

Ultrasharp 4K, on the other hand, maintains a unique tube-like appearance. Most of the accessories, including the mount and camera cover, are magnetic. The build quality undoubtedly feels premium and is likely to remain durable for a longer period. Same as the DVY32, it also uses a USB 3.0 port for connectivity.


The DVY32 has been equipped with a Sony Sensor that has a field of view of up to 120 degrees. Furthermore, it also incorporates a five times digital zoom and AI Auto Framing technology that is usually seen in advanced webcams these days. Recording-wise, it can record up to 4K in 30 frames per second where the H.265 Encoding is also present.

On the other side of the spectrum, Dell Ultrasharp has a huge Starvis CMOS sensor which is from Sony as well. Other similarities include five times digital zoom, 4K at 30FPS recording, and AI auto-framing technology. However, the field of view is restricted to only 90 degrees on this one.


As mentioned earlier, DVY32 has two omnidirectional mics on the front with noise-suppressing technology to cancel out background noise. In our testing, it could capture noise from as far as 26 feet away.

Dell Ultrasharp 4K, on the other hand, doesn’t even have one, to begin with. It would be a lot cooler if it did.

Final Verdict

While there are plenty of shortcomings on the Ultrasharp 4K, the capture quality is significantly higher. The Stravis sensor lived up to its potential in providing good quality capture even in lower lighting conditions.

DVY32, on the other hand, is also quite remarkable. Considering this too is a high-end conference camera, it did not disappoint in terms of quality. It has almost all the features of the Ultrasharp, with the inclusion of a microphone.

Also, keep in mind that the current price of Ultrasharp 4K is $188, while the DVY32 costs around $499.

If visual fidelity is your top priority, then you should go for the Dell Ultrasharp 4K. You will also be saving a lot with this. And if you can care less about the price and need an all-in-one package, then the BenQ DVY32 is the most viable option.

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