Battle of the Jump Starters: JQP3750 vs. JQ3500 – Which One Powers Your Drive?

Battle of the Jump Starters JQP3750 vs. JQ3500 - Which One Powers Your Drive

A reliable jump starter is one of those must-have accessories we all keep in our car for those “Just in case” moments. For the past few months, we’ve been carrying these two jump starters from Jomgand called the JQP3750 and the JQ3500. So, after experiencing these two models for quite a while, we decided to share our hands-on experiences with these two dependable jump starters, how we’ve used them, and the invaluable features they bring to our journeys.

Unboxing Jump Starter

Unboxing was pretty straightforward. Inside the package, we got a bunch of accessories, including the main jump starter cable with an EC8 Plug, heavy-duty alligator clamps, both USB Type-C to Type-C and USB Type-A to Type-C cables, a DC Plug with a cigarette lighter adapter, an air compressor hose, and these nozzles for the air compressor hose. The user manual provided crucial insights into the device’s specifications, usage, and safety guidelines.


Battery26000 milliamp-hours24000 milliamp-hours
LED500 Lumens400 Lumens
Status IndicatorsBattery Voltage, Input/Output, Errors, Fast Charging, Battery Level, Input/Output, Fast Charging
Control ButtonsLED Lighting, Air Compressor, Tire Pressure Settings, PowerPower, Mode Control, LED Status Indicators

JOMGAND JQP3750 Jump Starter Review

JOMGAND JQP3750 Jump Starter Review

Robust Build and Design

Holding the JQP3750 in your hands, you’ll immediately notice its solid construction and robust design. This jump starter has been engineered to withstand tough conditions and provide long-lasting reliability. With a weight of approximately 3.5 pounds, it feels substantial and sturdy, ensuring it can handle demanding situations.

LED Display and Status Indicators

At the top side of the JQP3750, there’s a clear LED display that serves as your control center. This display is equipped with various status indicators, including battery voltage, input/output, errors, fast charging, and battery level. These indicators keep you informed about the jump starter’s performance and status at all times, providing essential feedback for your operations.

Powerful 500-lumen LED Light

The right side of the JQP3750 houses a powerful 500-lumen LED light array. This high-intensity LED light is ready to assist you in unexpected road incidents or situations where illumination is crucial. Whether you need to change a tire in the dark or signal for help, this LED light has you covered.

Powerful 500-lumen LED Light

Jump-Starting Capability

The primary role of the JQP3750 is jump-starting vehicles, and it excels in this regard. You can rely on this jump starter to revive a dead or discharged car battery with ease. Simply connect the clamps to the EC8 Port and attach the red and black clips to the corresponding terminals on the battery. The LED display provides valuable battery voltage information, allowing you to assess the battery’s status before jump-starting.

Forced Start Mode

In cases where you’re faced with a completely dead battery (even when removed from the vehicle), the JQP3750 offers a forced start mode. Engaging this mode is simple – just hold the tire pressure unit button for 5 seconds. The green light indicates that you’ve activated the forced start mode, and you can proceed to start the vehicle using only the JQP3750 jump starter.

Tire Inflator Function

Beyond jump-starting, the JQP3750 also serves as a tire inflator. This feature is incredibly useful for maintaining proper tire pressure, ensuring your vehicle’s safety and performance. The air pump integrated into this jump starter is powerful enough to inflate tires with a maximum PSI of 150, making it suitable for various vehicles, including trucks.

The air pump integrated into this jump starter is powerful enough to inflate tires with a maximum PSI of 150, making it suitable for various vehicles, including trucks.

USB-C Power Delivery

Charging the JQP3750 is straightforward through its USB-C port, which supports a 60-watt input and output. This USB-C power delivery ensures fast and efficient charging for the jump starter, minimizing downtime. The JQP3750 can be fully charged in just over an hour and a half, ensuring it’s ready for action when you need it.

Safety Features

Safety is a paramount concern when dealing with jump starters, and the JQP3750 addresses this comprehensively. It features reverse polarity protection and spark-proof technology, guaranteeing secure connections and preventing accidents. Additionally, the jump starter incorporates ten safety protection technologies to ensure your safety throughout the jump-starting process.

Power Bank Functionality

The JQP3750 goes even further by functioning as a reliable power bank. With its generous 26000 milliamp-hour capacity, it can power a range of electronic devices, including laptops, mobile phones, and other USB-C devices. This versatile capability ensures that you stay connected and powered up even when you’re on the go.

Control Buttons for Versatility

Below the LED display, you’ll find a set of control buttons that empower you with versatile functionality:

  • LED Lighting: This button allows you to control the built-in LED lighting, which comes in handy in various situations, especially in the dark.
  • Air Compressor Operation: The JQP3750 boasts an air compressor, and this button lets you operate it efficiently for tire inflation.
  • Tire Pressure Settings: You can adjust tire pressure settings as needed, ensuring your vehicle’s tires are properly inflated.
  • Power: The power button enables you to turn the jump starter on and off, providing control over its operations.

JOMGAND JQ3500 Jump Starter Review

Sturdy and Compact Design

The JQ3500 jump starter combines reliability with a slim and compact design. While it’s not as hefty as the JQP3750, it still exudes sturdiness and durability, assuring you of its ability to perform reliably when needed.

Clear LED Display

At the front side of the JQ3500, you’ll find a substantial LED display that provides essential information at a glance. This display includes indicators for battery level, input/output status, and fast charging, ensuring you stay well-informed about the jump starter’s condition.

Control Buttons for Ease of Use

Adjacent to the LED display are control buttons that make operating the JQ3500 straightforward:

  • Power Button: This button allows you to turn the jump starter on and off, providing control over its operations.
  • Mode Control: The mode control button lets you switch between different modes and settings, customizing the jump starter’s behavior to your needs.
  • LED Status Indicators: These indicators help you monitor various aspects of the jump starter’s performance and functionality.

Jump-Starting Ability

The JQ3500 excels in its primary role as a jump starter. With a powerful 3500 Amps peak current and a 24000 milliamp-hour lithium battery, it’s well-equipped to jump-start a variety of vehicles, from cars to larger engines. Its robust build and reliable performance ensure that you can count on it in emergency situations.

Forced Start Mode

Engaging the forced start mode with the JQ3500 is slightly different from the JQP3750. To activate it, simply press and hold the power button and the flashlight button together for 3-4 seconds. This mode empowers you to start a vehicle even when faced with a completely dead battery.

Tire Inflation Capability

While the JQ3500 focuses primarily on jump-starting, it doesn’t compromise on tire inflation capability. This feature can be invaluable for maintaining proper tire pressure, enhancing vehicle safety, and optimizing performance.

LED Illumination

The JQ3500 includes a 400 Lumen LED light, providing ample illumination when you need it. Whether you’re jump-starting a vehicle in low-light conditions or handling tasks during nighttime, this LED light ensures you have sufficient visibility.

Safety First

Just like the JQP3750, safety is a top priority for the JQ3500. It features reverse polarity protection and spark-proof technology to prevent accidents during connections. These safety measures ensure that your jump-starting experience is secure and hassle-free. Designed to withstand tough conditions, the JQ3500 is IP65 water and dust-resistant.

Designed to withstand tough conditions, the JQ3500 is IP65 water and dust-resistant.

Wrapping Up

Both the JQP3750 and JQ3500 jump starters are reliable assets for your automotive needs. The JQP3750 impresses with its multifunctionality, safety features, and robust design, making it suitable for a range of applications beyond jump-starting. On the other hand, the JQ3500 excels in its primary role as a dedicated jump starter, offering powerful peak current and dependable performance for starting vehicles. Choose the one that best aligns with your specific requirements and enjoy peace of mind on the road.

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