Azeyou T10 Pro Type-C Tablet Review: A Budget Android 11 Tablet

Azeyou T10 Pro Type-C Tablet Review

When it comes to portable computing, Android tablets often have outstanding value for every budget category. Azeyou T10 Pro is a remarkable Type-C tablet that comes at a reasonable price, and in this article, test, and review it to see whether it’s worth the investment or not.

Azeyou T10 Pro Type-C Tablet


Inside the box, we’ll get the tablet itself along with a charging adapter, a Type-C cable, an Ejector Pin along with the user manual. And that’s pretty much it.


As a first impression, Azeyou T10 Pro looks minimal. It boasts a gunmetal grey color scheme with subtle Azeyou branding on the back. It also houses a single-camera setup with an LED flash right beside it. On the left, we have the Power Switch, a Reset Hole, Volume Rockers, a SIM Card slot that doubles as a MicroSD slot, and a Type-C Port. We get to see a dual-speaker setup on the bottom, while the top has an Earphone Jack alongside a Microphone hole.


Display-wise, this 10.1-inch tablet has been equipped with an IPS HD panel that has a native resolution of 1280 by 800p. The bezels are relatively narrow so there is plenty of screen real estate to work with. The capacitive touch screen with 5 Point capture capability is quite responsive too.


Talking about responsiveness, this device is packing a 2.0 Gigahertz Quad-Core chip that works with 3 Gigabytes of system memory and 32 Gigabytes of internal storage. Combined with the Android 11 operating system, the device is fairly optimized.

Wireless connectivity includes Dual-Band Wifi with 2.4G as well as 5G and Bluetooth for pairing up your accessories such as earbuds.

The entire thing is powered by a 6000 milliampere battery which we will put to the test in the next section.

User Experience

So after using this device for about a week, we gotta appreciate how capable this tablet is for its price. The weight of the tablet felt relatively light and didn’t exert too much pressure on the wrist while holding it for long hours. Moreover, the display was bright enough to be seen in broad daylight, and the vibrancy and color quality appeared decent when watching videos and playing games.

As for the overall responsiveness, we were quite satisfied with the performance of the T10 Pro. Switching between apps was relatively easier while browsing the web also felt smooth. The 32GB of internal storage was plentiful, and we always had the choice of putting in a microSD card for additional storage.

While consuming content and browsing in general, the battery lasted for quite a while. As it supports fast charging through the USB-C port, we were able to bring it back up in no time!

Final Words

So how reliable is the Azeyou T10 Pro in terms of day-to-day usage? Honestly, it indeed is an amazing Android 11 Tablet. At this price point, there are plenty of tablets on amazon that fails to deliver what it promises. T10 Pro, however, did live up to its potential as a frequent-use tablet.

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